The Teachings, part 1

Spinning storm system; such sunwheel-like shapes and motions are everywhere in Nature, from galaxies to atoms.

by H. Millard

THESE ARE The Teachings given to us alone through The Teacher and these are some of our most deeply held religious beliefs. If you also sincerely hold these or similar deeply held religious beliefs or other explicitly White religious beliefs do not let anyone discriminate against you based on what you sincerely believe. You do not have to belong to a government-approved religious body or any religious body at all. You just must sincerely believe in your religious beliefs,

We are believers in goodness, in beauty, in Nature, in love, in our people, in our sacred DNA code, in positive thinking, in kindness, and in making the Earth a better place through us.

Find inner peace and your purpose in life by being who you were born to be and by becoming what you are destined to be. Our highest destiny is to become Homo novum (new human) and this is what the Creator wants us to become by following Its commands for us.

Follow the Golden Rule and try to be a good, a moral, and a righteous person. Honor all life, for the life force in one form of life is the same in all forms of life. Do not harm yourself or others and try to be a good example for others. Be peaceful and law-abiding and try to live as long as possible to expand your Code by having as many children with your Code as possible. Try to be courteous to everyone and be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

None of us is perfect, but that does not mean we can’t try to be better than we are.

You have a right to exist as you were born to be. You were not born in sin and no other humans are born more righteous or more full of goodness than you. Do not look for trouble, and avoid trouble if you can. Do not try to be a hero. Graveyards are full of heroes who failed to expand their kind. There is no middleman between you and the ultimate, however you conceive of the ultimate.

Have hope in the future and in a better world.

* * *

HERE are three of the most important quotations for White survival and our selection for a special destiny, if correctly understood and acted upon:


“[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera.” — Charles Darwin


“Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection.” — Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA)


“Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman — a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

* * *


SOME of us are called “White supremacists” (and not in a good way) by the usual anti-White name callers who apparently don’t understand that words have meanings.

Most of us don’t usually bother with bigots, but maybe this is a good opportunity to discuss what we believe; since it may also be of some minor interest to others who may also have similar beliefs and who have been called names by anti-White bigots and haters, including by some unawakened or self-hating Whites.

A “White supremacist” is one who believes in “White supremacy.” This is defined by Wikipedia as: the belief, and promotion of the belief, that White people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds.

We checked many definitions of the term and the above is fairly representative. None of the definitions we’ve seen, including the one above, fit what we believe.

Thus, by definition, we can’t be “White supremacists.”

Truth be told, many of us know too much about evolution to believe that one type of organism, including one type of human, is across the board “superior” to other organisms. This just isn’t the way life adapts and evolves. Superior? At what? In what environment? No organisms are superior or inferior across the board, they are just different.

But this begs the question: What do we believe about human beings and human races?

Unfortunately, for those who don’t like reading a lot of words, we have to start way upstream from human beings, and work down to them, in order to explain how we’ve arrived at our views on human beings. Nevertheless, we’ll try to keep this as mercifully short as we can. Naturally, this will entail leaving out a lot of details. If you want the details, you can find the Teachings all over the Internet.

GENERALLY: We believe in the ways of existence. [You can stop right here if you want. What follows just explains what this means to us.]

THIS MEANS (in part): We believe in cosmic evolution (continual change throughout existence). We also believe that existence started from absolute nothing and began with a single point — a First Cause (aka Creator, God, the Ineffable Divine). We believe that change is the only constant in the universe, including on Earth. This includes changes in organisms, including humans. We further believe that every organism in existence or which ever was in existence or which will ever come into existence is also its own single point that may, or may not, cause a branching off in new directions. Thus, you and us and every other organism are single points. If we reproduce, we have started branching off. If we don’t reproduce, we are dead ends.

ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH: We believe that DNA (and the genes that are part of DNA) is the major determinant of the way life “IS,” on Earth and that all life on Earth evolved from the forces started by the First Cause that started everything and which eventually led to the evolution of the first molecules of RNA and DNA. These first molecules of RNA and DNA were “single points” between so-called non-living matter and living matter. These first molecules of RNA and DNA — these spiraling, code carrying, miniature cornucopias and life forces — then started expanding, like the universe itself. From out of those first molecules of RNA and DNA started pouring forth an endless supply and variety of life constantly being modified so that life would survive and fill all niches where life is possible. The process of the expansion of the RNA and DNA continues as new forms of life mutate, branch off, and evolve out of earlier forms. Hereafter, we will speak of DNA since RNA which is the messenger molecule is now secondary to DNA.

This march of the DNA is a natural process and is never-ending as life automatically and endlessly “tries” to fill all of existence with itself and constantly tinkers with DNA in order to survive under all possible conditions. As it branched off, this first molecule of DNA retained its basic core code that reads “life.” All other parts of the code were remarkably changeable so that living organisms carrying the DNA code would be able to come into existence and not only survive, but be comfortable and able to “make a living” in every possible environment.

If you’ve ever scratched your head when you’ve seen science articles about humans being this or that percentage the same as apes, or rats, or flies, or even bananas, you needn’t wonder about it.
The reason we share so much with all other living organisms is because we all came from that first molecule of DNA that crossed the threshold from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life. It is not the similarities that are most important to us, but the differences. And, in the world of DNA, very “minor” changes can have major effects.

DNA is DNA no matter what organism it is in. The only difference is in the shuffle of the billions of combinations of the four chemicals that make up DNA.

AS FAR AS HUMANS GO: We believe that humans are just one of the countless billions of life forms that came from and which continue to come from the descendants of that first molecule of DNA. Just as there was a single point — the First Cause — that has been expanding and evolving ever since it began, so too was there a single point of every type of organism including humans. This first true human — a single point — then became, largely through natural selection, the first cause of all humans.

WHITE PEOPLE: A sub-species (perhaps even a full species) of Homo sapiens; a branching off from other human types. We believe that there was a single point White person who was one of the descendants of people who probably arrived in Europe from other places. This single point White person; or, to be more precise, the mutated genetic code he or she carried, then expanded via natural selection and eventually became the norm for Europe as the individuals produced from this particular genetic code proved to be the most fit for the European environment with its reduced sunlight and other environmental realities.

We believe that Whites not only evolved the outward characteristics that we can easily see — skin color, hair color and texture, eye color, bone structure, head shapes, etc. — but that we also evolved internally, including in the way our brains work.

Now, to be clear, when we speak of a “single point” as with a single point White person, it’s not really as clear-cut as it sounds. We believe that a person was born with a genetic mutation that made him or her Whiter than others at that time. And, as science tells us, whiter skin allows for the production of more Vitamin D in less sunny climes and thus helps prevent rickets. This person thus had a survival advantage over others. This let him or her live longer to produce more children. Some of those children carried the white skin gene mutation and passed it on to even more children. Over the centuries, due to natural selection, the gene(s) for white skin won the battle with the darker skin genes in Europe and replaced them. It was the same with our other common white characteristics.

OUR PRESENT SITUATION: We believe that today, as never before, White people are an endangered sub-species and that we face extinction largely due to the modern lack of isolation and the attendant gene transfer called miscegenation, and also because of abortions, birth control, and by purposely having fewer children than we can have who share our genetic code with our mutations that make us, us.

OUR DESTINY: We believe that destiny is not predetermined and that our highest destiny can only be achieved by avoiding the things that hold down our numbers and keep us from teeming. In this regard, we believe that we need a certain critical mass of our kind of human for us to progress. We further believe that we must follow a certain path in life commanded of us by the Creator. Suffice it to say, here, that the path requires right thinking and the right actions that follow that right thinking — and that the most important part is to have as many children in our image as possible.

CONTROLLING OUR DESTINY: We believe that the changes we see that constitute evolution are nature’s default settings. We believe that we can change those settings to our advantage and that we can control our evolution so that we not only do not go extinct, but so that we expand just as we once did when we started as a single point in Europe when we branched off from the rest of mankind.

ISOLATION NEEDED: We believe that because White people are a later evolutionary development, our White genes are not as fixed as those of other peoples. In other words, most of our unique genes are recessive. In the past, and with our European isolation and healthy social taboos about miscegenation and abortion– and without modern birth control measures — we were able to reproduce as Nature (read the Creator) intended us to. Those days are gone, and we must adapt to a new reality and we must now make conscious decisions to continue our evolution. Remember, it takes two White parents to make a new White child — always.

CONCLUSION: There you have it; some of our basic beliefs. But there is much more that flows from these basic beliefs. For us, these beliefs answer many of the big questions about existence. We see in true science many of the laws of the Creator and one of our goals is correctly read and understand those laws.

The difference between humans and other organisms is that we can study and understand the automatic ways of Nature and we can act to change the course of evolutionary history — if we have a proper understanding of what it’s all about, and if we so desire.

As we indicated above, we believe that we can change the default settings of Nature so that we evolve in the best direction for us, and we can leave blind hit and miss evolution to organisms that have a lower consciousness. And, no, this does not involve false eugenic ideas about breeding the few and the best. We believe that is counterproductive. In fact, we believe that to change the default settings of Nature, we have to breed willy nilly with our own kind without being overly picky about our own people with whom we produce children.

Nature screams out: Make more like yourself or you will be replaced. We have to start listening and we have to start acting.

©2022 H. Millard

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Roaming the Wastelands by H. Millard — The groundbreaking novel of post-American America and of a life-affirming philosophy that is beyond left and right. From Chapter 1: “There are some among us who can’t help but listen to a different drummer. The drumming they hear is from their DNA. Some try to block it out, but it is heard in the blood which has no ears that can be covered to stop the sound that is not a sound. It is a call of the wild from centuries past to the wild in some humans. Those who try to deny the drummer are doomed to unhappy lives, for they are denying what they were born to be.” ISBN-10: 0-595-22811-9

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ted truewil
ted truewil
6 August, 2019 8:49 pm

Why are you allowing people contaminated with Christian beliefs to post articles here?

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  ted truewil
7 August, 2019 8:46 pm

I don’t see anything significantly Christian in Mr. Millard’s ideas. He does make one mild mention of Sand Religion #2 (in one out of many, many essays), but never identifies with it.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
8 August, 2019 10:05 pm

SOME of us are called “White supremacists” (and not in a good way) by the usual anti-White name callers who apparently don’t understand that words have meanings. Most of us don’t usually bother with bigots, but maybe this is a good opportunity to discuss what we believe; since it may also be of some minor interest to others who may also have similar beliefs and who have been called names by anti-White bigots and haters, including by some unawakened or self-hating Whites. A “White supremacist” is one who believes in “White supremacy.” This is defined by Wikipedia as: the belief, and promotion of the belief, that White people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds. We checked many definitions of the term and the above is fairly representative. None… Read more »

Bob in DC
Bob in DC
8 August, 2019 10:15 pm

Reality negates this belief:

“We also believe that existence started from absolute nothing and began with a single point — a First Cause (aka Creator, God, the Ineffable Divine).”

Existence is a continuum.
We are one iteration.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
Reply to  Bob in DC
10 August, 2019 12:06 am

Scientists believing in the Big Bang of creation have to acknowledge that it was at a single point and before that, time itself didn’t exist as well as the laws of nature that framed life’s arrival and evolution. Intelligent Design is unprovable but an inescapable reality, as under its laws of nature a small number of elements combine to form ever more complex molecules, and sparked with energy, ultimately lead to life. This begins with hydrogen and oxygen and an electrical charge (likely from lightning) forming water. Why those two elements form the most common substance in living tissue; it likely relates to water’s temperature stability and ability to form mild solutions and suspensions; but who/what defined water’s properties when its gaseous components act so differently? A Christian or other… Read more »

Bob in DC
Bob in DC
Reply to  Travon Martinberg
10 August, 2019 8:44 am

“Intelligent Design is unprovable but an inescapable reality…”

Existence as Infinite Continuum is simple to comprehend once magic and religion are overcome.

As the highest sentient form in this iteration, being determined now is whether Mankind is worthy of the Stars — or the Abyss.