The Jewishness of “White Apology Prayer” Candidate Marianne Williamson

by Chris Rossetti

IN AN INTERVIEW with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), Marianne Williamson says that, if she’d had a “better Jewish education,” she “might have become a rabbi.”

Williamson is a somewhat White-looking Jewess who vends New Age and vaguely Bible-tinged self-help books and seminars at a hefty price. As the best-selling Course in Miracles fronted by Williamson proved thirty years ago, there is a spiritual hunger among our people, and Williamson (who has kept her Jewishness largely under wraps until recently) is ready and eager to market expensive strychnine to people already suffering from Jewish cyanide.

Now she’s running for US President and has made a big impression at the Democratic Party debates. One of her latest promotions involves teaching Whites that they are collectively guilty and must prayerfully and publicly apologize for Black slavery (in which trade her own Jewish ancestors were far more involved than most Whites’!) and pay massive reparations and receive nothing in return.

She is invited to speak regularly at Christian churches, and at one of these recently led a “White apology prayer” which was reported by National Vanguard.

Williamson claims she quickly raised nearly $300,000 in the first few days of her campaign.

She just re-released her 20-year-old book Healing the Soul of America. One focus of the book is said to be “racial reconciliation.”

Her talks regularly invoke “God and Jesus and Buddha,” but Williamson has also been called a “post-religion spiritual leader.” Marketing, marketing, marketing! Jews are good at it.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency states:

Many of those filling the pews of Marble Collegiate every other week and the seats of Los Angeles’ Saban Theater for her monthly talks there are young adults. Those who get Williamson’s attention during the Q&A session following her Marble Collegiate talks typically gush, and sometimes break into tears, at the chance to share a personal problem with her. Williamson at times will pray aloud for the young person who has just shared a deeply personal challenge, making the gathering feel a bit like a Christian healer’s tent revival.

Williamson is selling her blather to sincere but naïve folks who call themselves “spiritual but not religious.”

God moves in mysterious ways: Jesus apparently chose this person (if you can believe what she says), Helen Cohn Schucman, to “channel” him and write “his” book, the Course in Miracles, which later made Marianne Williamson famous and got her a guest spot on Oprah.

She keeps a Jewish religious symbol, a mezuzah, on the outside door frame of her home “with a large golden Buddha inside.”

Williamson attended Houston synagogue Congregation Beth Yeshurun while a child and adolescent.

Williamson didn’t write her best-known work, however. Another Jew, Helen Schucman, did. Williamson merely was its biggest promoter, organizing study groups and lessons and creating “workbooks” based on it. The JTA calls the Course in Miracles:

an overtly Christian, God-focused self-improvement book authored by Helen Schucman and first published in 1976. Despite the author’s Jewish name (each of her parents had a Jewish parent), Schucman was baptized into Christianity at age 13, and her book blends Christian religious teaching and psychology. Schucman claimed that Jesus dictated it to her. Still, Williamson insists that “Miracles” is “not a religious text, but rather a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy.”

Williamson states that her 28-year-old daughter, India, “is very involved in her synagogue.”

Williamson has made many pilgrimages to the Jewish state, and recently said “It is very emotional to be in Israel.”

Williamson is a self-declared admirer of Zionist leader Theodore Herzl.

While promoting her candidacy, Williamson opined about America: “The problem is that we have a tyranny by the minority.”

Look in the mirror, Marianne.

* * *

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5 August, 2019 8:32 pm

Ms. Williamson’s (aka Vishnevetsky) New Age kool-aid works on weak and/or dull minds because she skillfully presents herself as a true believer in it herself. White guilt nostrums induce a racial-suicide feeling in those Whites so inclined to swallow what she’s feeding them, and by publicizing it, seeks to infect others with it to destroy White national feelings. Hidden is the fact that she serves Jewish interests as noted by her Jewish nationalist advocacy, precisely that which Jews seek to deny to Whites, along with a glaring omission regarding Jewish involvement in the slave-trading and -ownership ventures over centuries upon centuries throughout the world. How convenient for Jews she does so! Coincidence? Judge for yourself. I believe the antidote is simply educating our own people, and letting Whites decide for… Read more »

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
Reply to  JM/Iowa
8 August, 2019 2:16 pm

Indeed, education is the key. The coral snake can be very deadly. There is a common snake which has the same coloring as the coral snake and it takes knowledge to determine which is which. Williamson is the deadly version and we need to educate our fellow kinfolk on how to decipher her distinctive markings.

6 August, 2019 6:20 pm

“While promoting her candidacy, Williamson opined about America: ‘The problem is that we have a tyranny by the minority.’ ”

This is priceless, coming from a member of the tribe. You can’t make this stuff up. In any case, Ms Williamson is just another fast-talking, self-promoting hebe trying to confuse White gentiles, and making a nice living while doing it. It’s in their DNA.

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
Reply to  Duke
8 August, 2019 2:09 pm

Yes, indeed. Chutzpah is in her DNA.

6 August, 2019 10:09 pm

While promoting her candidacy, Williamson opined about America: “The problem is that we have a tyranny by the minority.”

Yeah, a tyranny by a JEWISH minority!

7 August, 2019 8:58 am

This woman is pure venom, totally toxic, full of hatred, and follows the agenda of Bolshevism. Understand that all her intentions are to CAUSE YOU PAIN.

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
Reply to  Jason
8 August, 2019 2:11 pm

Pure venom, distilled from thousands of years of hatred against Gentiles.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
7 August, 2019 11:51 pm

Ants have no language. Huge numbers of a tribal-like group of them receive their finite instructions though a type of chemical-communication. No matter what happens, we probably will never know how these people do it. Apparently they’re Homo Sapiens; they shouldn’t really have a “hive-mind.”

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
8 August, 2019 2:27 pm

“Schucman claimed that Jesus dictated it to her.”

Dictated in modern Hebrew, no doubt. A blatant scam right up there with the magical Mormon spectacles and Pastor John Hagees’ Blood Moons.

These goyim-herding con artists need to be rounded up.

9 August, 2019 1:08 pm

Evil, rotten, subversive, poisonous, and foul this wretched creature is. Just another member of the twisted TRIBE, the wasp’s nest, the HIVE, the BORG.
Watching these self-hating misanthropes go down will be the supreme joy of every American.
We can only hope to enlighten our already polluted Millennial population, get them to wake up to the vile intent of this bloodthirsty mass-murderous race of genocidal psychopaths.
” . . . thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven . . .”

Reply to  Gary
10 August, 2019 2:41 am

Why simply “hope” to enlighten and awaken those within the so-called “Millennial” population? By all of us here who are knowledgeable taking outreach action in our individual communities or making a contribution to our writers here at NV through the National Alliance with something more substantial (and by that I mean cash) than just our opinions, we can accomplish more than just hope.

Better yet, put your boots on the street AND make funding the NA a monthly occurrence.