The Collective Racial Immune System

by Racial Consciousness


YOU, individually, are the product of your parents.

Everything, collectively, is the product of Nature.

In the same way that you inherit the qualities of your parents, so too do you inherit the qualities of Nature, of the natural order.


The microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and the macrocosm reflects the microcosm.

Since everything is the product of Nature, everything contains similar qualities.

Thus there are some rules and laws which are universal and eternal. One such rule/law is that if any given faculty of a living being isn’t put to use — if it isn’t sufficiently exercised — it atrophies, it grows weak, it breaks down, and it fails to function properly.


The immune system is one such faculty. It, just like the body and the brain, needs to be exercised in order to stay strong and healthy and to maintain peak performance.

If the immune system doesn’t engage hostile infections from time to time, it won’t be sufficiently exercised. It will grow weak. It will break down. And it will malfunction.


Just as the individual person has an immune system, so too does the race as a whole have a collective racial immune system.

The purpose of the collective racial immune system is to protect the greater racial body from sickness. Those sicknesses from which our racial immune system is supposed to protect us are primarily the influences of races different from — and potentially hostile to — our own.


For too many thousands of years the White race sat on the world-throne. Militarily speaking, not one single non-White race posed any real threat. Whites had conquered virtually all of the known world and found no real military challenges in any non-White races of foreign lands.

But Whites are a warrior people, so battle must continue. And battle did continue.

Because there were no non-White racial threats from the outside, Whites slowly stopped seeing each other as a collective racial entity. Nations formed, and the White race ceased to be a collective entity: it became different empires, nations, and cultures.

And with this more relaxed sense of racial consciousness, the White race began seeing it worthy to go to war with itself: empire against empire, nation against nation, culture against culture. White man against White man.


After too many thousands of years of having no one posing any real threat to our race from the outside — and after too many thousands of years of Whites going to war against other Whites — our collective racial immune system has grown weak. It has broken down. And it is malfunctioning.

Today, our race is deeply infected by the influences of races that are not only not our own, but races that are outright hostile to our own race. Especially one race in particular which has managed to pass itself off as one of our race…all while maintaining its own sense of racial consciousness.

The White race, as a whole, is suffering from a collective racial immune deficiency syndrome. It’s simply too weak to repel the viruses and germs of foreign and hostile non-White influence. And as a result, the White race has seemingly grown terminally ill.


And beyond there being an immune deficiency syndrome, there also seems to be an autoimmune condition taking place: Our own people simply cannot get enough of fighting each other.

Our own people turn on each other more often than they fight any hostile non-White threat. Even the most healthy and properly functioning cells of the White race, the pro-White individuals, are afflicted by this collective racial autoimmune condition. They simply cannot figure out how to stop attacking each other, when they really ought to be uniting by any means necessary.


Pro-Whites are our race’s last hope for the future. Be they White separatist, White nationalist, National Socialist, or anything in between. Pro-Whites have to start seeing the reality that there is infinitely more that unites us than divides us. We have to stop dividing based on stupid little trivial differences. Because if we don’t, we won’t have anything at all to bicker about, because we’ll all be extinct.

Time is limited, White people. Don’t waste it by letting your ego and your emotions get in the way of uniting and serving the greater good.

White people, you decide whether our race lives or dies. You alone decide whether or not our race goes into eternal slavery, eternal extinction. Or whether it takes back its collective freedom and its collective racial destiny.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race

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30 August, 2019 1:32 pm

Only one thing to say . . .

Harrison Mullendore
Harrison Mullendore
2 June, 2020 6:43 pm

Great material! Thank you!