Silenced: Billionaire Jewish Sex Ring Operator Epstein Found Dead in Cell, Suicide Is Claimed

According to the Daily Mail, whose article is excerpted below: Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, 66, allegedly kills himself in his Manhattan jail cell, 24 hours after files in his case were unsealed and two weeks after he was placed on suicide watch ahead of his sex trafficking trial; Kevin Alfred Strom of the National Alliance says: “Now that Epstein has been silenced, he will not be able to take down the powerful figures he likely had on video abusing underage White girls — control of whom through blackmail by the Jewish power structure was the apparent main purpose of his entire operation.”

  • Jeffrey Epstein has been found dead inside his New York City jail cell 
  • His body was found early Saturday morning, with three law enforcement sources saying his cause of death was suicide by hanging
  • Epstein was arrested on July 6 on charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking, and was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center without bail
  • He was placed on suicide watch following after a first attempt to take his own life inside his jail cell on July 24

JEFFREY Epstein has committed suicide inside his New York City jail cell. 

The billionaire pedophile was found dead around 7.30 am on Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan.

The 66-year-old hanged himself, according to law enforcement sources. 

Epstein was awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking and was being held at the high-security complex without bail. 

The financier – who once boasted high-profile friends including Prince Andrew and President Bill Clinton – was arrested on July 6, accused of arranging to have sex with dozens of underage girls at his residences in New York City and Florida between 2002 and 2005.  

He had plead not guilty to the charges. 

The shocking news of Epstein’s death comes just two weeks after he was hospitalized following a first suicide attempt inside his prison cell. 

On July 24, Epstein was rushed to hospital under police guard after he was discovered semi-conscious on the floor of his prison cell in the fetal position. 

He spent several hours receiving medical attention before he was transported back to the Metropolitan Correctional Center.     

Epstein was said to be on suicide watch, although The New York Times reports that it is unclear whether additional measures had been put in place to ensure the pedophile did not try to take his own life for a second time.   

One observer opined: “I doubt anyone believes it’s by his own hand if he was on suicide watch. Too many powerful people wanted him silenced. They ought to interrogate Ghislaine Maxwell now before she too mysteriously disappears.”

Interrogate? After arrest and charges, yes. Will this happen? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: We are watching the bloody, murderous, and partly secret Jewish government of the United States in action.

* * *

Vanity Fair: The first round of unsealed Epstein documents occurred just before Epstein’s alleged suicide which has crowded the names of those implicated out of the headlines

(Published just before Epstein’s death) Jeffrey Epstein scandal has so far unfolded like a horror movie played on a broken projector: The gruesomeness is clear, but many details remain obscured by sealed court records and confidential settlements Epstein signed with several alleged victims. In the elite worlds of Manhattan, Washington, Palm Beach, and Silicon Valley in which Epstein operated, his former friends and business associates have been left to nervously wait to see who among them might be named as participants in his alleged sex ring.

Today, the resolution is considerably sharper. Following a judge’s order, a federal court released the first batch of thousands of pages of sealed records related to a defamation lawsuit Epstein’s self-described “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed against Epstein’s alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. And the documents, for the first time, reveal the names of powerful men who Giuffre alleges Maxwell and Epstein forced her to have sex with, as well as new details about Epstein’s relationships with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump. “A lot of important people are going to have a really bad weekend,” one person involved in the litigation told me. (Attorneys for Maxwell and Epstein did not respond to a request for comment.)

Perhaps the most eye-opening of the names is hedge-fund billionaire Glenn Dubin, who Giuffre alleges was the first powerful man Epstein and Maxwell directed her to first have sex with, sometime in 2001. Dubin and Epstein’s friendship has been well documented ever since it was revealed last month that Epstein had invested millions in Dubin’s hedge fund Highbridge Capital and helped engineer JPMorgan’s acquisition of Dubin’s firm. (Epstein had previously dated Dubin’s wife, the former model turned physician Eva Andersson.) After Epstein’s release from a Florida prison in 2010, Andersson reportedly wrote a letter to his probation officer asserting it was okay for Epstein to be around their children. Dubin couldn’t be reached for comment.

Giuffre also alleges Epstein and Maxwell told her to have sex with former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson; former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell; the late MIT computer scientist Marvin Minsky; and MC2 model agency cofounder Jean Luc Brunel, as well as an unnamed “prince,” “foreign president,” and owner of “a French hotel chain.” Giuffre previously alleged she had been forced by Epstein and Maxwell to have sex with lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Britain’s Prince Andrew.

A spokesperson for Richardson said in a statement: “These allegations and inferences are completely false…To be clear, in Governor Richardson’s limited interactions with Mr. Epstein, he never saw him in the presence of young or underage girls. Governor Richardson has never been to Mr. Epstein’s residence in the Virgin Islands. Governor Richardson has never met Ms. Giuffre.” [Notice the lack of denial that the governor had visited Epstein’s other ultra-private and camera-equipped residences. — Ed.]

Mitchell said in a statement: “The allegation contained in the released documents is false. I have never met, spoken with or had any contact with Ms. Giuffre. In my contacts with Mr. Epstein I never observed or suspected any inappropriate conduct with underage girls. I only learned of his actions when they were reported in the media related to his prosecution in Florida. We have had no further contact.”

Brunel’s attorney Andrew Frisch did not respond to a request for comment. Both Dershowitz and Prince Andrew have in the past denied Giuffre’s allegations.

While the contours of Giuffre’s account have been known—she was a 16-year-old who says she was recruited into the massage ring by Maxwell in the summer of 2000 from the spa at Mar-a-Lago—the specificity in which Giuffre and others describe Epstein’s alleged sex-trafficking operation add a grisly new dimension to the scandal. There are chilling photographs of Giuffre at Epstein’s Zorro ranch in New Mexico and posing with Prince Andrew and Maxwell at Maxwell’s London flat, and copies of handwritten message pads from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. (One message about an alleged victim reads: “She is wondering if 2:30 is o.k. She needs to stay in school.”)

Epstein accuser Johanna Sjoberg said under oath that Maxwell approached her on her college campus with the promise of a job answering Epstein’s phones, but within a day she was coerced into having sex with Epstein. Epstein once told her “he needed to have three orgasms a day. It was biological, like eating,” she recalled.

In a sworn deposition, Rinaldo Rizzo, the former house manager at the Dubins’ Palm Beach mansion, described a harrowing incident in which a 15-year-old Swedish girl showed up at the house and said Epstein and Maxwell had tried to force her to have sex at Epstein’s private Caribbean island. When she refused, Maxwell took her passport.

“Was she in fear?” a lawyer asked.

“Yes,” Rizzo recalled.

“You could tell?”

“Yes. She was shaking uncontrollably.”

For those in Epstein’s world who haven’t been named, they’re far from in the clear. The documents today are only the first tranche of many more to come, not to mention evidence produced in Epstein’s criminal trial. “It’s all going to come out,” Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies told me.

* * *

Source: Daily Mail, Vanity Fair, and National Vanguard correspondents

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Ratso Rizzo
Ratso Rizzo
10 August, 2019 11:07 am

“Suicide Watch” in New York’s city jail now means “being paid off to watch some rat commit suicide”.

Bancroft Hall
Bancroft Hall
10 August, 2019 1:07 pm

Epstein might have taken down the entire Rothschild Empire if he had been allowed to “sing”. The high-and-mighty that played with Jeffy might still get comeuppance, many folks won’t be happy with this obvious silencing

James Clayton
James Clayton
10 August, 2019 3:54 pm

THE FIRESIGN THEATER ridiculing the Jewsmedia NATIONAL ENQUIRER advertisement: “I know it; I read it in THE TOILET.”
“Jeffrey Epstein Dead in Suicide at Manhattan Jail, Officials say”
1 hr ago 8.10.2019 at 12:50 PDT

10 August, 2019 4:28 pm

Does anyone actually believe this newest story behind the death of Jeffrey Epstein? Did anyone actually see the body that was supposedly transported to the morgue for autopsy? Was any DNA collected of this so-called Jeffrey Epstein that was transported to the morgue ? And if the DNA was collected was it left in the hands of so-called government and law enforcement agencies which (conveniently) will end up resulting in its accidental disappearance? Is there plans (I’d say almost certainly there will be) to CREMATE the body so that no further inquiry will be able to be conducted into this individual’s death. At this time in America’s history where everything that we’re told is open to suspicion and questioning as to the official narrative, I imagine that probably more people… Read more »

Reply to  Howard
10 August, 2019 6:18 pm

Howard, you’re very perspicacious! His victims’ lawyers should demand the right for and independent verification.

Robert Ferrara
Robert Ferrara
10 August, 2019 4:37 pm

Gee, alot of Hebraic names mentioned in this article…

Cheryl D. Uzamere
Cheryl D. Uzamere
Reply to  Robert Ferrara
10 August, 2019 5:53 pm

Please listen to the message that I left with the New York City’s medical examiner regarding the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein: I do not believe that he is dead. I’ll believe it when I see the autopsy itself. Each ethnic group has qualities that make it unique and beautiful. I am African American. I also believe that Europeans have beautiful features and cultures that must be preserved. Both people of African descent and European descent are plagued by Babylonian Talmud-adherent Ashkenazi Jewish leaders’ attempts to force homosexuality down our throats. Homosexuality is the end result of the rape of boys. Europeans bring perhaps the most civility to the world. They are more than likely the last barrier before the entire world is swept up under the barrage of filth… Read more »

James Clayton
James Clayton
Reply to  Cheryl D. Uzamere
10 August, 2019 8:04 pm

Avoid the rush while there’s still stock: purchase Black Nationalist Nation of Islam’s The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews– the best source of the truth about the Leo Frank activists attempting to frame a Black man for the rape & murder of Little Mary Phagan:

john smith
john smith
Reply to  Cheryl D. Uzamere
10 August, 2019 9:52 pm

I won’t believe it even after an autopsy
you would have to be utterly retarded to believe this guy didn’t have a dead mans switch
i am sure he had several of them as redundancies
no way they would take that chance ,anyone who would be thinking of killing him would have to take that possibility into heavy consideration
you would have to be pretty stupid not to assume he had a dead mans switch set up to spam the blackmail videos all over the net should he not be there to keep deactivating it and resetting the timer
he is on a beach in Tel Aviv

10 August, 2019 7:45 pm

Epstein did the convenient thing for everyone by committing suicide. We should wait for the official cause of death to be announced by the ME before jumping to conspiratorial conclusions. Regardless, it would’ve been nice if he had emailed written details only he could provide to the Miami Herald or NY Mag on the goings-on of Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, et al., at his Lolita Island, and apologies to his victims, beforehand. Jews should ask themselves why God’s “chosen people” would produce so many creatures such as Epstein, Franken, Weinstein, (Eric) Schneiderman, Allen Ginsburg, etc., and so few Einsteins.

11 August, 2019 1:06 am

You can now do this joke instead:
“If you were shocked about his suicide, so was he!”

Cheryl D. Uzamere
Cheryl D. Uzamere
11 August, 2019 2:27 am

Dear Seth: You exposed your cover. Your reference to “We should wait for the official cause of death be announced by the ME before jumping to conspiratorial conclusions” establishes proof of who you are. Additionally, have you even checked to see who runs this office? That suggestion is laughable on its face ( Barbara A. Sampson, MD, PhD , Chief Medical Examiner. $236,088. Appointed December 2014. (212) 447-2335 First Deputy Chief Medical Examiner – Jason Graham, MD (212) 447-2321 Executive Deputy Commissioner – Dina Maniotis (646) 612-0866 Deputy Chief Medical Examiner – Michele Slone, MD (212) 447-2403 Deputy Chief Medical Examiner – Michael J. Greenberg, MD (718) 557-8747 Deputy Chief Medical Examiner – Melissa Pasquale-Styles, MD (718) 804-8055 Chief Information Officer – Naeem Ullah (212) 323-1836 Chief of Laboratories –… Read more »

Reply to  Cheryl D. Uzamere
12 August, 2019 1:25 am

You obviously put in a lot of work compiling these references mostly to jewish run/allied media (incl. YouTube), many of which are useful to their own topic, if not to the Jeffrey Epstein case. The conspiracy talk I meant was evidenced by the trending of #ClintonBodyCount promoted by the Tweeter-in-Chief, . I did not follow your Talmud references, since individuals stand or fall by their actions or lack of, not their people’s supposed holy books and related writings, which I forget at times.

11 August, 2019 12:55 pm

I know this is slightly off topic, but I find it disturbing that documents sealed by a court order or agreement between parties in a civil suit, are routinely being ordered unsealed, at prosecutors’ requests. Both parties have to agree to seal, whether a criminal or civil case. Why should one or a 3rd party be allowed to unseal without consent?
If they can do it to people like Cosby and Maxwell, what chance do we have?
Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt Cosby, Epstein and Maxwell have dirty hands. I just believe that the hi-jinx of unsealing is as disreputable as the hi-jinx surrounding Epstein’s original plea deal. Neither is good for justice.

Cheryl D. Uzamere
Cheryl D. Uzamere
Reply to  Curmudgeon
11 August, 2019 6:45 pm

Dear Curmudgeon: If the goal is to reach a destination, the manner that one gets there is not as important as getting there. The purpose of a court is to enforce laws that lead to justice. While the procedure is important, it is not as important as ensuring the true administration of justice. Your statement is not only off-topic; it is unjust. While it may be procedurally improper to unseal documents concerning Jeffrey Epstein, it is just because the children who Jeffrey Epstein and other pedophiles forced into sexual slavery have an absolute right to publicly confirm their allegations. These poor, budding European princesses were defamed as being willing prostitutes. They have a right to clear their names and regain the greatness associated with being proud European ladies. I am… Read more »

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
11 August, 2019 4:14 pm

Yawn … some guy named Epstein is dead you say. Hmmm … I hadn’t noticed. The sun is all bright and shiny up in the sky today, and I understand it is due on scene tomorrow as well. I can smell the coffee roasting shop up the street and I bet if I walk up there, I can have a cup. “I read the news today oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade …” And the hebes will still claim we owe them ‘interest’ on “money” they conjured into existence out of nothing but then supposedly loaned to us due to their oh so very ‘lawful’ arrangement. All the while proclaiming through their solid edifice of print, radiowave, and paid television subscription that any who might object… Read more »

11 August, 2019 9:44 pm

If it wasn’t so funny it would be serious.

Have just heard radio interviewer state several times that “conspiracy theories are already appearing on the Internet (implying that these are spread by deplorable crazies)”.

At the end of the interview the lawyer being interviewed stated that many of Epstein’s associates would be charged with CONSPIRACY.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
12 August, 2019 6:53 am

Epstein is high-fiving it somewhere grinning like
a Cheshire cat and if you believe otherwise, I have
some nice real estate located in the Okefenokee
I will sell to you.

Gerald Goldberg
Gerald Goldberg
12 August, 2019 7:14 am


Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
12 August, 2019 10:52 am

We will never know exactly what happened; they will make sure of that. But we do know that our government did not do its job; that if it had been one of us in jail, this would not have been allowed to happen to us–whether it was a real death or a fake death. Halloween will soon be here, so take solace in that fact. Halloween expresses the true and bizarre nature of the world we live in and that it is what it is. All I can do is live my little life with integrity, and when the time comes, take appropriate action. In the meantime, I will pursue what I am interested in (art, wyrd and the occult), and try to not be influenced by the good or… Read more »

James Clayton
James Clayton
4 November, 2019 5:29 pm

October 30, 2019 Surprise!

Famed forensic pathologist, former New York [state] Medical Examiner Says Epstein’s Body Had Signs of Homicide