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Democrat Shooter Connor Betts and the Death of the American Family

White family, 2019 vintage: Mother Moira, sister Megan, father Steve, and Connor Betts.

by Andrew Hamilton

THE 24-year-old Dayton, Ohio mass shooter who was living with his parents when he murdered nine people and injured 27 on August 4, 2019, was a product of the fever swamps of the “respectable” Left.

The Betts family is more representative of the shattered remnants of White America than are the legions of nonexistent right-wing gun-toting racists and anti-Semites who populate the diseased imaginations of New York, Washington, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and academic elites.

Steve and Moira Betts are Democrats who had more children than most Whites do, (though still below replacement rate), are Politically Correct, and whose offspring were unable to form normal sexual identities.

The truth is that, ideologically and behaviorally speaking, rank and file Trump voters aren’t much different.

In 2011 father Steve proclaimed on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook:

Our car is Japanese. Your vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together! Copy if you’re against racism.

And mom Moira, also on Facebook, used crude racist propaganda to implicitly express her violent distaste for healthy-minded Whites:

Son Connor Betts was anti-White, a member of Antifa, and a Satanist. (Jessica McBride, “Connor Betts: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” August 4, 2019; “Dayton Shooter Reportedly Another Antifa Terrorist, NOT “White Supremacist,” VDare, August 4, 2019; “Report: Dayton Shooter Was Armed Antifa Counterprotester At Tiny KKK Rally,” VDare, August 7, 2019.)

An FBI spokesman said, “we have uncovered evidence throughout the course of our investigation that the shooter looked into violent ideologies.” The agent refused to identify the ideologies because, logically, they had to be the same violent, bigoted beliefs aired daily in the press and academia and implemented by government. Connor Betts was an Elizabeth Warren supporter.

Though Brian Roberts’ NBC and federal authorities formally designated El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius a “domestic terrorist,” they gave Connor Betts a free pass: “investigators still have no evidence that Connor Betts targeted African Americans” (six of his nine victims were Black). Thus, according to the government, a shooter is a “domestic terrorist” because of his Politically Incorrect beliefs (opposition to White genocide), while another isn’t because of his Left-wing Politically Correct beliefs. That’s the legal distinction between a domestic terrorist and a run of the mill criminal.

Cross Dresser

“Kill Every Fascist”

The Sex Establishment has been instrumental in destroying normal sexual behavior and the family. In one form this policy manifests itself in widespread homosexuality and its offshoots, such as transgenderism and the state-enforced adult or child abuse that accompanies it (brainwashing, hormone injections, major surgery).

Severely limiting reproduction is a key component of government policy aimed at eradicating White people from the face of the earth.

On Twitter, Betts referred to himself as “he/him.”

I saw two photographs of the killer wearing women’s dresses. More were probably posted, or available to the media, but they have been discreetly ignored. Instead, photographs of Betts portray a more or less normal-looking if somewhat unmasculine young White man.

The shooter was a member of an Antifascist metal band called the Menstrual Munchies. Antifa metal teaches hatred of and violence toward Whites.

For a brief, useful account of this Establishment trend, see Robert de Sandford, “Dayton Shooter Was Failed Goregrind Vocalist, Antfa Member,” Death Metal Underground, August 5, 2019. Death Metal Underground describes itself as “the oldest and longest-running metal site on the internet with content dating back to 1988.”

Menstrual Munchies’ music, classified as “pornogrind,” was characterized by gore, sexual violence, and necrophilia. According to one Establishment report,

The band’s song titles are explicitly sexually violent, such as “Preteen Daughter Pu$$y Slaughter” [note it says preteen] and “Cunt Stuffed With Medical Waste – Sexual Abuse Of A Teenage Corpse.” The album art is equally explicit. One album cover shows a woman consuming feces, while another shows an illustration of a young woman’s headless body chained to a bed, covered in blood, as a man puts his pants back on.

In other words, the music is useful propaganda not condemned or censored by the ADL, SPLC, or Silicon Valley billionaires. It sows discord between men and women and harms Whites. As power elites know perfectly well, music is an influential medium that powerfully shapes young minds.

During the shooting Betts wore a hoodie with the logo of a band called Acacia Strain, including a quote from its song “Ramirez” glorifying 1980s California Mestizo serial killer Richard Ramirez (Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez), a Satanist who murdered his victims with handguns, knives, a machete, a tire iron, and a hammer.

Twisted Sister

Dead sister Megan Betts as depicted by the mass media.

One of Connor Betts’ victims was his own sister, identified in the media as “Megan Betts” (her birth name). Photographs plastered across the Internet and TV were misleadingly chosen to make her look normal.

However, I happened to see a photo in which the sister had a decidedly butch appearance. I immediately thought, “lesbian.”

Megan Betts, too, is representative of her generation, which has been ruthlessly and contemptuously molded like putty. The college student “identified” as a “trans” (transgender) “man” who went by the name Jordan Cofer.

Jordan Cofer: “He identified with he/him pronouns.”

As one Sex Establishment report expressed it, “Today Jordan is incorrectly memorialized in countless news stories [emphasis added] featuring high school prom photos taken from his mother’s Facebook page. Jordan, who was studying earth and environmental sciences and sang in the school chorus, had come out as transgender to just a handful of people.” (“His Name is Jordan Cofer. Not Megan Betts,” Daily Kos, August 8, 2019.)

Muddled Girlfriend

Adelia Johnson “bonded with Betts over their struggles with mental illness.”

Some news reports mentioned Betts’ “former girlfriend.”

Photographs of this young White woman exhibit the universal sex role confusion that has now reached critical mass. Like Betts’ sister she sports a mannish, lesbian appearance. Presumably she swings, or is willing to swing, both ways.

* * *

Congratulations Jews.

Congratulations Democrats.

Congratulations Republicans.

You’ve really done a number on us, that’s for sure.

* * *

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23 August, 2019 6:46 pm

I bet that family watched The Simpsons on TV and thought they were a cool family. Their souls were slowly poisoned while laughing at their own debasement.

23 August, 2019 6:55 pm

You can’t possibly study the environment without years of biology, geology and chemistry first. These classes are nothing but indoctrination courses.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
24 August, 2019 4:18 am

Sadly, NV is buying this “shooting” as real, but the jews lie about everything else, right ?! Is that the way it works ? The pictures may be of real people, and the commentary here regarding the jew gender & culture destroying are valid. But I guarantee the only thing not hoaxed was the pile of shoes. It actually does appear to be a photo of their hoax calling card. I guess like all the other oh so authentic shootings, people were just so panicked they literally ran out of their shoes, and like other mass shooting venues, they all ended up piled together. So tell me – how the hell does that happen ?! Again and again. And why can other sites and other people deconstruct so easily what… Read more »

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
Reply to  Rommel 41
27 August, 2019 10:01 pm

ROMMEL 41: Sadly, NV is buying this “shooting” as real…

Huh? Go away.

Another excellent analysis, Mr. Hamilton, as usual. I’d heard this sick punk was a supporter of Pocahontas and that he’d murdered his sister, but that was about the extent of what I knew about him until now. Thanks.

24 August, 2019 4:25 pm

Absolutely amazing how the Jews have got a great percent of the White race to support its own genocide. I find that incredibly crafty. These poor slobs have no idea what is truly going on with respect to the real agenda at hand. They do not see that there is guillotine blade over their heads, and fools that they have become, they willingly lay their necks on the damn contraption and give the Jews permission to drop the thick blade of death. I’ll tell you one thing ; just like in “Cool Hand Luke” when that prison guard says “What we have here is failure to communicate. Some people you just cannot reach,” I am unreachable and I see the lies, the deceit, the burning eyes full of greed, hate,… Read more »

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
29 August, 2019 12:49 am

Amazing how the MSM conceals pertinent information while allowing only sanitized, kosher news to bubble to the surface. The fix is in, but unless we have access to ‘the rest of the story’ we will never see the whole, very disturbing, big picture.

11 February, 2020 8:52 pm

I remember the initial reports about this case…The shooter was a WHITE SUPREMACIST…
I also remember seeing that the balding tranny daughter (look at the top photo) had a negro boyfriend….
In addition to the 6 groids he murdered, his sister and 2 whites? I can’t imagine these supposed 2 whites were anything but filth…