The Face of God

by H. Millard

SCHOLARS OVER THE years have given various opinions as to the meaning of the Swastika. Some hold that it is a sun symbol and represents the sun travelling across the heavens each day. Other say it is a good luck symbol (there’s that sympathetic magic again). A growing number of European-Americans believe the Swastika is a representation of the power of the universe and is in effect the “face of God”, and the engine of creation and destruction. They explain the Swastika can be seen everyplace we look. It’s in the skies in the form of spiral galaxies, it’s in our kitchen sinks as the water drains out, it’s in the way trees grow, it’s in our DNA, it’s in every hurricane and tornado. To these people, the Swastika is the most active form of the Spiral that is the orderer of the universe. It is the mechanism of self-sorting and self-segregating. It is what makes everything work in the entire universe form the tiniest unseen things to the largest things.

They further believe that the Swastika can help them “receive” various “God waves” the way the parts of a radio help us pick up ever present radio waves, and it activates something they call “essence” which they apparently believe they received as part of their genetic heritage.

These people also believe that there really is a battle going on in the universe between good and evil, light and dark, and that they represent all that is good and light and those who oppose the Swastika are evil. Although this sounds a little like certain Christian theology, these people are not Christian and believe that Christianity is a force of the dark. They explain that in their belief system the universe was all dark at the beginning and that God awoke and fed off the darkness to come into our universe.

They see this as being a tiny point of light starting in the darkness which began to vibrate and jump up and down and spin on a central axis. As the tiny point of light spun it put out arms as it gathered matter to itself and appeared as a Swastika (with more rounded arms than the Swastika we normally see). In this belief system, the center of the Swastika is something like a black hole pulling all that is near it into itself and using what is pulled in to create new reality. In this regard, they see the Swastika as something like a Cornucopia (or horn of plenty), the mythical horn from which anything and everything flowed forth into the universe.

These people believe that God, although He is not the light itself, is present in the light. They sometimes say that the light is God’s steed. They also believe that one can never see God directly, but that He can be seen in the Swastika as He wishes to be seen. They also believe that God wants believers to use the Swastika as a sacred symbol and that this serves the additional purpose of helping to identify those who hate God when such people express their hatred of the Swastika.

Another peculiar aspect of this belief system is that believers sometimes refer to God as the Wind Out of the Far Places, and apparently this is the reason that they practice their religious rites outside and especially during storms which they also consider holy. In a way, it appears that this belief system is something of a nature religion, but with some additional elements, including a belief that genes are important to knowing God, and if you don’t have the right genes, you can never know God, just as if you don’t have the right parts in you radio you’ll never be able to pick up the radio waves.

* * *

Source: Volkish

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
4 July, 2019 12:05 pm

I prefer arcs to right-angles—I think that arcs are more in the pattern of nature. The constant right-angling and squaring-off of things seems to be a modern industrial innovation. Everything in cities is right-angles, constriction and regimentation.

So let’s “frenchify” or “greek-up” the modern swastika by making those right-angles into arcs–makes it much more graceful and in tune with the geometry of life!