Scotland: Man Imprisoned for Painting “Islam Is Questionable” on His House

A man has been arrested and imprisoned in Scotland for painting the words “Islam is questionable” on his house, in what police officers claimed was a “breach of the peace”.

GRAHAM EVANS, who lives in Edinburgh, has just been released after five weeks in prison for painting the statement on his house, after he was found not guilty in court.

Mr Evans had over ten police officers visit his home last month, who arrested him on the spot for “breaching the peace” by writing “Islam is questionable”, “Brexit” and “Leave Means Leave” on his house.

The officers confirmed to Evans that the offending statement in particular was the phrase “Islam is questionable”, because it had ‘alarmed’ and ‘distressed’ the community.

He was then remanded in prison for five weeks until his trial, where the judge agreed that his painted statement was allowed as free speech and that Owens had broken no laws.

Speaking exclusively to Kipper Central, Evans said: “If I had picked any other word [besides Islam] I believe the police would never have been called. [We think Mr. Evans is definitely wrong on that point: If he had said Jews or Judaism are questionable, the state’s reaction would have been even more severe. — Ed.]

“Everything is questionable in my view but for some reason the minute anyone mentions Islam all laws and standards and freedom of speech is out the window.

“I was completely shocked when police car after police car pulled up. They had a big meeting in the street then marched over to arrest me.

“There was no option given for me to paint over my words. They had been sent by the Inspector in charge at Dunfermline police station with orders to arrest me and bring me in.”

In a post on Facebook (which you can see below) — with a video of the arrest in full attached — Evans wrote: “I painted Islam is questionable on my own property. Over ten police turned up.

“I was then remanded in prison for five weeks until trial. The judge agreed I had no case to answer to it was freedom of speech and found me not guilty.”

“I feel freedom of speech is being eroded in our country”, Evans told Kipper Central, “and everybody should not be afraid to talk about or question anything.

“The whole experience left me shocked and even more worried about the state our once great democratic nation is getting in.”

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Source: Kipper Central

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  1. Χωρίς Όνομα
    25 July, 2019 at 8:00 pm — Reply

    Five weeks in prison while waiting trial for an alleged infringement of the law (which law, btw?) is what Scotland now calls …”democracy”? How can a statement like that be ruled as “breech of peace?”. I guess we’ve come to a point where the true meaning of words mean nothing, anymore? Apparently it’s up to (((those))) who rule upon us to interpret -according to (((their))) agenda- what is OK and what’s not? Is that why the Scots fought for centuries to free themselves from the English yoke? I wonder if this poor fellow can now sue the authorities, the state, whomever for wrongfully and forcefully depriving him of his freedom for 35 days!!! He was finally cleared of any charges right, or perhaps some (((crypto-organization))) is frantically working on an appeal. On one hand this is the ridiculously low level so called “western democracy” has been degraded to by the known (((subverters))) of our societies, on the other hand every and each one of similar incidents qualifies as the straw that will eventually break the …camel’s back. And then it will be showdown time.

  2. Truthweed
    25 July, 2019 at 9:56 pm — Reply

    Identify his accusers!

  3. Truthweed
    25 July, 2019 at 10:07 pm — Reply

    After this court ruling anyone in Britain can write “Isam is questionable” and Brexit: Leave means leave” on their house! Use it or lose it“

  4. Truthweed
    25 July, 2019 at 10:56 pm — Reply

    The fiend, the devil! How dare he express the view of the majority of the British people rather than the views of those nice people in the mainstream media?

    Also, what did those nice people in the mainstream media do to defend his right to express his opinion? Where were they?

  5. Howard
    29 July, 2019 at 12:33 am — Reply

    This is the reason, and it is the ONLY reason that you never ever under any circumstances ever, ever allow any Jews and/or nonwhites into your country and culture!

    You do not have to give any other reason whatsoever as to why you do not want this riffraff to live among you, and in any way influence you! You don’t have to justify yourself, you don’t have to defend whether or not you are supposedly some kind of racist, you don’t even have to say that you love all of humanity and therefore I’ll gladly surrender every aspect of my life to a flood of ungrateful parasitic, s hit Lords who demand that you cater to their every whim. And additionally, if there are leftists whites who actually believe all this crap they too are to be exported and allowed to live in their own multicultural .
    s hit holes with their kindred spirits who they claim to be affiliated with.

    The moment you allow these parasites and/or Jews to set your agenda and decide what you may or may not want for your culture and our people; the moment you do that you are irrevocably doomed !! These invaders MUST be deported and they must be deported along with any of their mixed-race brethern that have had the misfortune to be created – send all of them from your nations and do so in posthaste!

    • Uncle Cracker
      29 July, 2019 at 7:40 am — Reply

      Well, there are more reasons but of course, i agree with you.
      The UK is a seriously twisted nation these days, the treatment of Tommy Robinson is a splendid example, and this guy Robinson, he is not even a white nationalist.
      It´s strange that the british system even imprison sex offenders and child abusers from a certain “minority” in the british society, i think about people who confess them selves to a certain religion…

      It´s sad, and i remember a disgusting loud mouth scum during a debate on Russia Today who said he wan´t people like him to come to Europé in hundreds of millions until Europé would be literally black, and that creep is living in the UK and he is definitelly supported by british traitors and i don´t think Johnson is an exception after all.

      The only thing i think could save the UK right now is an underground organisation of loyal people ready to fight for the cause, a state within the state. They need their own version or fraction of the Nordic Resistance Movement.
      I think it´s possible.

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