“Mass Immigration = Genocide” Banner Drop in Denmark

Danish Nest 2 conducted a banner drop from a highway bridge near the town of Farum yesterday.

A GROUP OF ACTIVISTS from Denmark’s Nest 2 carried out a spectacular banner drop from a highway bridge near the town of Farum on 9 July.

The message on the banner, “Mass Immigration = Genocide”, was read by hundreds of commuters on the busy highway. Behind the banner, green smoke from two smoke grenades filled the air while the freedom flags waved in the wind.

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Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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Michael R
Michael R

Is Denmark receiving mass immigration of non-Whites? I’ve heard good things about their new Prime Minister.


Copenhagen has had large scale Turkish and other muslim immigration since the late 1990’s, typical of most of the other Germanic countries.

Will W. Williams, National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams, National Alliance Chairman

Beautiful! An Alliance supporter generously sent our National Office three of NORDFRONT’s (Nordic Resistance Movement’s) nice, rare Tyr Rune flags. We’ll keep one and sell the other two for $50 each postpaid, stateside only. First come, first served. Proceeds go to Alliance-building. Contact me through this site if interested.comment image