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Deal Already Being Made: Jewish Child Rapist Jeffrey Epstein Could Walk Free in Less Than Five Years

Rapist and trafficker in White teenagers Jeffrey Epstein

by David Sims

POLICE JUST raided Jeffrey Epstein’s apartment in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan and found, inside a locked safe, CDs containing images of nude or partially nude girls who appear to be underaged.

Bingo! I got it right. Except I figured that this safe would be on Little St. James Island instead of in New York City. Otherwise, I was bang on the money. [There were even some similar pictures right on his walls — talk about chutzpah!]

Now, the next question is who appears with those girls. Bill Clinton, perhaps? Other US politicians, maybe?

Jeffrey Epstein is probably an integral part of a broader Zionist control apparatus that also involves Jewish ownership and oversight of the mainstream media, of the banks, and of Zionist political lobbies. The White nationalists were on to this fifty years ago, and were ignored and derided for speaking then what is becoming generally known only now. If only their warnings had been heeded.

Did you know that when Jews are convicted of serious crimes, such as raping children, they often go to a special federal prison that is reserved almost exclusively for them? (Specially favored — that is, very rich or elite — non-Jews might occasionally be allowed to spend their sentences there also.) It isn’t the kind of place that the average person is locked up in. It isn’t the kind of place you or I would go, were we to commit the same crimes that the Jews commit. Oh no. It’s one of those country club prisons.

Instead of the madhouse created by scary Mestizo killers and gang leaders and dangerous Black prisoners, it’s calm and serene. It’s more like a summer camp for grown-ups. The cells are like college dorm rooms. They get catered to — the government even makes sure that all their food is kosher and of high quality.

Already, the prosecutor in the case against Jeffrey Epstein (which deals with the systematic, long-term rape of many, many children, almost all of them White children) is considering a deal proposing to limit the maximum sentence to Epstein, if he is convicted, to a maximum of five years in Otisville, the hereinabove described federal country club prison for Jews, in New York.

In exchange, the prosecutor would get a list of names of people who, with Jeffrey Epstein’s help, also raped some of the children who had fallen into Epstein’s clutches. If Epstein agrees to breach the confidentiality of his former clients, associates, and friends who were also child rapists, the federal prosecutor might decide to let Epstein, himself, off very easy. A very easy thing to do, since he’d be an Otisville-bound Jew. [And if this “deal” is accepted, remember, the maximum sentence would be five years — and good prison behavior and top-rank lawyers often cut sentences effectively by half or more. So this raper of White children on a massive scale could literally walk free to enjoy his ill-gotten billions after a little over a year’s vacation in Otisville.]

His five years [or much less] would be full of serenity, and good food, and playing tennis on the prison’s tennis courts, and whatever other fun things he might be able to do there. We hope that the warden and the guards and the Jews who have so much influence in that prison don’t let Epstein rape any more little White girls while he’s in there — but you never know.

* * *

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Josef Tone
Josef Tone
10 July, 2019 12:16 pm

Jewish actor Corey Feldman has been very candid about the substantial pederast networks operating in Hollywood. They even go after their own, as in the case with child actors Feldman and fellow Jew Corey Haim.

Clarence Spangle
Clarence Spangle
10 July, 2019 1:13 pm

“Was there any form of filth or shamelessness, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abcess, you found—like a maggot in a rotting body often dazzled by the sudden light—a little Jew.”—Mein Kampf

Clarence Spangle
Clarence Spangle
10 July, 2019 1:17 pm

Los Angeles, CA- Los Angeles Times reporter and assistant managing editor, Kristina Bellatori dropped another bombshell in what can only be described as the ongoing US Congressional and political sex and domestic violence scandal this afternoon. . “The Rob Porter domestic violence fiasco seems to have turned more than just the White House upside down,” Bellatori told The Net Spies via Skype. “Not only has everything been turned upside down, but it seems that abuse victims are literally falling from the sky.” . Bellatori was contacted by Will Bottom, who claims to be the gay lover of California Congressman, Adam Schiff. “Will contacted me and told me that he had been a victim for too long and wanted to speak out,” Bellatori told us. “Mr. Bottom stated that he has… Read more »

Clarence Spangle
Clarence Spangle
10 July, 2019 1:19 pm

Meet #JeffreyEpstein ’s defense attorney . . . #ReidWeingarten . . .
“ . . . The conflicts of interest and cronyism at Holder’s Department of Justice are so many that it took a 27-page report by the Government Accountability Institute to catalog them all.
And lest one forget: Holder’s best friend Reid Weingarten–who previously represented child rapist Roman Polanski–is also the lawyer for former MF Global treasurer Edith O’Brien. On Thursday, the New York Times reported that Holder’s Justice Department will not be criminally charging Jon Corzine or any MF Global executives in that case either . . .”
http://dailybail.com/home/cronyism-revealed-goldman-ceo-lloyd-blankfeins-criminal-defe.html #news #bolshevism #mammonism #holychosenationrobbers #chosenparasites

Clarence Spangle
Clarence Spangle
10 July, 2019 1:26 pm

Harvey Weinstein was carrying a biography of controversial Hollywood director Elia Kazan as he turned himself in to police in New York City, could he be sending a message? What’s the purpose of the names for Comet Ping Pong and Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express???? Watch the movie “Lolita” on YouTube (Stanley Kubrick). Ping Pong is featured in the movie… Peter Sellers is also a movie producer in the movie, which is about a snuff film/pedophile blackmail/extortion racket… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhbk23rqKsY For years the BBC repeatedly failed to stop “monstrous” abuse by DJ Jimmy Savile and broadcaster Stuart Hall because of a “culture of fear,” an inquiry had said… You can thank pro-EU Conservatives Theresa May, Amber Rudd, and David Cameron for the cover up of such scandals in England… Jewish May was… Read more »

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
10 July, 2019 3:25 pm

We need a list of these vile perpetrators, a list of people to be purged from a sick and dying society, in order to regain our moral and physical health. As long as they are free to lord over us, immune to prosecution, they will weaken us and destroy us from within. Purge or die a slow painful death.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
11 July, 2019 2:33 pm

He could possibly be ‘offed’ by his fellow tribesmen.

Recall a few years back when Jewess personality
Joan Rivers mysteriously died while undergoing
routine surgery. Countless Usenet participants
had known for years that Michelle Obama was
really “Michael” in drag. The cause? Jewess
Joan let the cat out of the bag by just saying so in
a public statement.

Jeffery no doubt has a lot of dirt on figures in
the Trump administration, and dead men tell
no tales.