Greed Is Intelligence Failure

FREE ENTERPRISE is a most valuable aspect of Western (White) Civilization; however, its Capitalism offshoot has become a Gordon Gecko “Greed is Good” albatross. Case in point:

White South African miners a century ago were being replaced en masse by Black scab labor brought down from African countries farther north by their own ‘White’ elite and Jewish oligarchs.

Without the communication ability of an Internet, or even an objective media, many of these miners were cajoled into communism, which promised to fight for them. Good people in dire straits too often are easily enticed into enemy arms.

Here, the Biological Jew is in its element: 1. Ally with capital against the miners. 2. Ally with the miners against capital. 3. Take it all, by force if necessary!

If the last vestige of significant White power in South Africa is destroyed by its Black communist government, the Jews, either directly or through sycophants, e.g. the Chinese, will gain near total control of the massive southern Africa resource belt.

Jews make good things bad, and bad things evil.

* * *

Source: BoardManLand

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
19 June, 2019 2:21 pm

Of course. Jews will ALWAYS be Jews!