According to the ADL, This is What a “Right-Wing Extremist” Looks Like

THE ADL has always had an intimate relationship with murder. The organisation was founded, in part, to honour the memory of Jewish rapist and murderer Leo Frank, who was brought to justice by a mob of ordinary Americans, outraged that Frank’s powerful friends had secured commutation of the death sentence that had been passed upon him.

The ADL continues tracking murder and extremism even today but its judgement about these proves to be no more sound than it was in the time of Leo Frank, whose innocence the ADL continues to maintain.

I already exposed the ADL’s hate map as a fraud, incorporating data about bogus incidents of anti-Semitism for which Israeli teen Michael Kadar was responsible. (And wouldn’t it be interesting to know if Kadar was paid to make these hoax calls and, if so, by whom?)

Today I thought I’d take a look at the ADL’s list of extremist murders in 2018.

According to the ADL:

2018 was a particularly active year for right-wing extremist murders: Every single extremist killing — from Pittsburgh to Parkland — had a link to right-wing extremism.

Unhinged blogger Luke O’Brien repeated this claim on his blogging platform of choice, the HuffPo, while warning that a few Europeans who advocate for their right to go on existing haven’t yet been banned from Twitter.

In 2018, every one of the 50 extremist killings in the United States tracked by the Anti-Defamation League was committed by a perpetrator with ties to a right-wing extremist group.

“Every single extremist killing” was linked to “right-wing extremism”.

To check out this claim, I started scrolling down the list and googling the names.

It wasn’t long before I came across the glorious visage of Demetrius Alexander Brown, “Moorish Sovereign Citizen”.

Sumter, South Carolina, August 11, 2018. Demetrius Alexander Brown, a self-proclaimed Moorish sovereign citizen, was arrested for the fatal shooting of Sharmine Pack following a dispute about a vehicle sale at an auto repair shop.

Here’s another one just so you can be clear in your mind what these dangerous right-wing extremists look like.

Here is a news report on this guy’s “right-wing” rampage.

Another “Moorish Sovereign Citizen”, Tierre Guthrie, also appears on the ADL’s list of “right-wing extremist murderers”.

What about the “Moorish Sovereign Citizens”? Who exactly are they? Affiliates of the KKK, perhaps?

Our friends at the SPLC are ready to help.

So this is a literal Afro-supremacist organisation which the ADL and unstable Luke O’Brien cast as a “right-wing extremist group”.

The mendacity of these people beggars belief!

Through sly presentation and artful use of language, they insinuate that Europeans who simply want to go on existing have some moral connection to crazed African criminals!

And I only googled a few names on the ADL’s list. There are probably others like that in there. I note Nikolas Kruz is there, too. He admitted his mother was a Jewess which, according to the Halacha (Jewish religious law), makes him Jewish too. But no! According to the ADL (who surely ought to know all about the Halacha), he is a right-wing extremist and White supremacist!

The ADL, it is clear, cannot be trusted as a purveyor of information. Far from combating anti-Semitism, it is stirring it up further. Its systematic inaccuracy, in the minds of some, will inevitably be seen as confirmation of old stereotypes about lying, scheming Jews. And its systematic targeting of any organised expression of European identity will be interpreted as a validation of the claim that Jews wish to extinguish the existence of the White race.

The rich old Jews who donate to the ADL to avert the “next” Holocaust should ask for their money back. If a future Holocaust ever occurs, the ADL will probably have played a not insignificant role in bringing it about.

* * *

Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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10 June, 2019 2:56 am

African Americans are an intact subculture originating in America’s Founding Stock. They have been duped by Marxists.