Trump Deserves a Serious Comeuppance

by Val Koinen

May 27, 2019
(An open letter to President Trump)
Dear Mr. President:

Re: Mixed signals but increasing potential for future hostilities with Iran (here).

I want you to know…

If you keep on escalating this Israel-driven anti-Iran nonsense  – and if it looks to be heading toward an unnecessary war of aggression instigated by you acting as the attack dog for your Jewish masters and manipulators – then I want you to know that I will no longer be able to support you and will do my part to help vote you out of office.

If that should happen – if you and your Neocon warmongers Bolton and Pompeo, who you empowered, should persist in steering us toward a disastrous war with Iran for no better reason than Israeli lies, propaganda, and connivance – I will not vote for you in 2020 no matter what disgusting, traitorous Democrat you end up running against; and I will do my best to convince as many other real Americans as I possibly can to join me in that corrective effort.  (I would have said who you ‘inexplicably empowered,’ but sadly, that shameless action on your part is easily explained and totally understandable considering the degree to which you seem to be controlled by Israeli and American Jews.) (A mere token pledge to be sure, considering the minuscule effect I could possibly have, but nevertheless reflective of what, you are presumably smart enough to realize, will be forthcoming from millions of your other prior supporters.)

I’m sure that when you think about it you have at least a faint, distant awareness of the truth and logic implicit in the position I (and countless others) have taken in this matter.  Why do you suppose that is?  Could it be your guilty conscience?  Because you know full well that you are betraying your base and your country, and deserve a serious comeuppance, and fully deserve to be deterred in these completely unwarranted and wrongheaded endeavors which could very well turn out to be the spark that ignites World War III?

Anyway, I hope you receive this message, and that it comes across loud and clear and sinks into your Jew-perverted thought process.  And that you act accordingly, and start doing what is in America’s best interest, not what is in the supposed best interest of Israel and the ever-malevolent, warmongering Jews!

You’re welcome, Mr. President

* * *

Source: Koinen’s Corner

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  1. Jeff
    31 May, 2019 at 8:08 am — Reply

    Starting to truly think America has reached the point of no return or civil war 2.0 or heck, how about 1 state seceding…or several? I look at the American version of Camp of the Saints and in reality the set up has been there for ages. Now Trump is doing tariffs on Mexico as punishment for the invasion. So sick of hearing the stupid word, “migrant. ” Invader!

    Obama and Clinton judges stop Trump at every turn. I often look up what these judges look like and so often they are black or brown or some soy boy white male. It is truly incredible what has happened to this country.

    Asylum laws have killed us. Every invader knows how to get over thanks to Soros and other jews bankrolling it. Communist lawyers hanging at the border help the never ending bean invasion. Women with their crying bambinos simply never ends. We are truly in Camp of the Saints as most majority white nations are.

    As far as ” the greatest ally like ever, ever, ever, Israel, Trump is doing the bidding of those insanely wealthy jews who will give President Ego tens of millions for reelection. It does not go too deep with him. Plus he has the two greatest cucks breathing in his ears- Javanka. This must show Trump is at least a little senile..or he owes.

  2. JM/Iowa
    31 May, 2019 at 7:38 pm — Reply

    “Because you know full well that you are betraying your base and your country…”

    Trump’s base are the people easily fooled time and again by the bait and switch technique once used by penny-ante con men but then co-opted by politicians in a system where the votes of the masses are used to obtain and secure election victories. So long as there’s enough cheap beer and football on TV, easy prescriptions to numb the mind and “reality” shows, and of course, social media to deliver the controlled narrative where slogans like “Diversity is our strength” are endlessly pushed uncannily like the 1984 “Ignorance is strength”—it won’t be just history that keeps on going down the memory hole, it’ll be us.

    That said, isn’t it our (everyone reading NV) job to interrupt their program and offer a better, National Alliance program?

  3. Reggie
    2 June, 2019 at 5:15 pm — Reply

    I am black man who see,s what’s going on, you need to know that we built this nation and served under harsh conditions for 400 years you and your kind are going down and don’t even know so keep up the hate against us know when you need us you will be found wanting.

  4. Jeff
    6 June, 2019 at 7:06 pm — Reply

    You still riding that slavery gravy train? There are about 40 million slaves in the world today nearly all owned by non whites and probably jews. Awfully quiet on that one, Reggie?

    What did blacks build? The buildings people live in now? The museums and schools? No. Whatever you so called built has been totally destroyed by too many blacks you so easily gloss over. Anyway any “debt” that was owed has been paid for a million times over.

    You say we are going “down.” Well, then, you will see hordes of blacks go down. Who is going to help Africa? Blacks? Asians? Don’t make me laugh. Whites have given trillions to that dumpfest and yet guys like you blow it off. But it does show a disgusting attitude of ” take” that is prevalent in too many blacks. Without whites, blacks are done. Maybe that is what you hate in reality….the help.

    Blacks in America and in Africa have been given trillions with no end in sight and yet you look to parasite more. In fact there should be a t shirt that says, ” I’ve given blacks in America and Africa trillions and all I got was this lousy T shirt.”

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