The Aryan Way: Perception Is Reality

by Racial Consciousness


Prepare for war with peace in your soul. Be not moved in pleasure or in pain, in gain or in loss, in victory or in the loss of battle.”

ANYONE WHO QUIETLY examines the world in which we live will discover that there are some very universal truths. One such truth is that one’s perception is one’s reality. Our reality is only what we make of it. If we decide that life is difficult or painful, then every endeavor which we undertake will be difficult or painful. If we decide that life is frightening and hopeless, then everything we do will only reinforce a sense of fear and hopelessness within us. Our lives are exactly what we make of them.

Our very own frame of mind will determine how we interpret life in this world. It will also determine how we respond to conditions and circumstances in which we will all be exposed to at one point or another. We are not beings locked in a vacuum: we are living beings within this living world; we are constantly exposed to elements and experiences. But how you see the world will determine just how you are affected by the circumstances and elements of this world.

The strong man who is calm, relaxed, and humble will not find the world frightening or painful. Even in hardship the strong man will always see the peacefulness of this life. For there is peace even in the most violent nooks and crannies of this world. Even in warfare there can be peace within every warrior. But this is all a matter of how those warriors see the world and their part in it.

An angry warrior who feels hatred and rage for his enemies is a pained warrior; his whole life is a life of suffering from within. He sees pain and suffering around every corner and he swells up with pain and suffering himself. He rages at the sight of those whom he hates. His anger disturbs his peace and robs him of his joy. He thinks only of violence and of vengeance. His happiness drifts away in the current of his unrested soul. He may think that those who see it differently than he does are weak people who are unwilling to fight; but he himself is merely blinded by his own will for vengeance. He is afraid, so he wants to fight. He suffers so he lashes out. I wish inner peace for these tortured souls.


The plight of the White-Aryan race is total: it encompasses the entire global White-Aryan population. We are all facing the end of our existence. How we see this situation will determine how we respond to it: our perception will dictate what our actions are from here on forward.

The progression of action begins in the mind: what we think will greatly influence what we say and how we act. If we think negative thoughts then it only stands to reason that we will commit negative actions — and this will do us no good. Our future depends upon us acting correctly, and our actions depend on us thinking correctly. If we let our emotions fill our mind with the wrong thoughts, then we will be doomed to commit the wrong actions. We have to find inner calm and clarity in order to determine just what we should be doing about the decline of our race.

Herein lays one of the primary problems facing the struggle of our race: the failure of people to understand the depth of National Socialism. For National Socialism to champion here in this era, those representing it need to embody it and express it correctly. For National Socialism is no mere social endeavor, it is not simply a political excursion, and it is not just an economic theory; it is a complete life-philosophy. It is an entire world-view: a new view of the world itself. National Socialism is a new understanding of life in this world: an entirely new system based upon an entirely new perception of reality. But it is first a revelation from within: a personal journey into the depth of one’s own heart and soul. It is an internal metamorphosis which changes ordinary Aryan people into extraordinary beings of heart and will.

In many ways National Socialism is a revolutionary movement — and I would have to agree, but I would say that the first step of the revolution is not out on the streets: it begins in the hearts and minds of individual Aryans. The first revolution which we must undertake is the revolution of ourselves from within. I was once taught that “We must build the Thousand-Year Reich within our hearts before we can build it outside.” Is this not the truth? How can we expect to assemble the greatest era in human history if we are not the greatest Aryans that we can be within our hearts first?


The manner in which you conduct yourself will determine the types of people you attract, and the types you repel.”

Two-fold is the reason why our race chooses not to accept National Socialism. The first reason is because of what they have all been taught in school and by the mainstream media: the boundless lies about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, the Third Reich, and about the modern Aryan-Racialist movement. The second reason is because throughout the years there have been countless people who have chosen to tell the world that they were National Socialist, and yet they behaved like nothing other than racial Bolsheviks — essentially behaving like violent, vulgar, beasts: these type of people misunderstand National Socialism so they misrepresent it, and that misrepresentation drives away the wholesome families and brings in only the violent and anti-social loners.

Our expressions — our words and actions — determine what kind of people we attract to us — and what kind of people we repel from us.

I do understand, however, the frustration that leads to the misrepresentation of National Socialism. There is so much in this world which is simply out of order, and our young people are very sensitive to it: they feel it deep within themselves, and they yearn to do something about it. But without the proper guidance these otherwise enthusiastic young Aryans will behave like bratty children or thugs, drive away the masses, and will eventually burn out and become disenchanted. They will be rendered inert by the correctional system or by the depletion of spiritual drive from within. However, just because it is understandable does not mean that it is excusable.

National Socialism isn’t a joke: it is a very real subject, a subject of very real importance. Our people are being punished for things they haven’t done, being forced to suffer because they have to suppress who they are, and they are dying off in massive numbers: all of this because emotions were not held in check — because people let their emotions interfere with their thoughts, and those negative thoughts that build up and cultivate negative words and actions. And our opposition just loves to assist in this generation of false perception pertaining to National Socialism.


For our race to survive healthily and happily, and for National Socialism to victor over the current state of affairs, people are going to have to start taking National Socialism seriously. And to do this they are going to have to change their perspective: they are going to have to drastically change the way in which they see the world.

Every major attempt at National Socialism has failed in the past, so the methods of past times need to be let go of. The mindset of those days needs to also be let go and be replaced by one that will bring about victory. Hatred toward non-Whites cannot be the platform from which we launch our campaign; all of that which is of negative heart and mind needs to be put to rest and be replaced by new thoughts, words, and actions of a positive nature. That which fills our Aryan brothers and sisters of the world with pride, honor, and joy is that which will inspire our people to bring about the victory of the Aryan race.

We must become men and women of positive minds, of calm, relaxed, and calculating demeanor. There are countless reasons to be a racialist, and they don’t have to be negative reasons such as the hatred of non-Whites or of communists. Let the positive forces drive your sense of Aryan racialism: such as the love and pride you feel for yourself and your people. Let the joy of being the most culture-bearing race on Earth motivate your thoughts, your words, and your actions: spread that joy, spread that pride, and spread that sense of positivity, that perception of a world which is good and worth living in and fighting for.

The world is beautiful, if only we can see it for what it truly is. We don’t even have to lie to ourselves; if we just open ourselves up to the idea of a brighter and more beautiful world, then we will see the beauty in all things: including the struggle in which we are currently in together. Even in the midst of our greatest struggle and suffering we can understand that this is a beautiful world filled with beautiful possibilities — but only if we see it that way. However, if we close ourselves off and create a perception of negativity, unhappiness, hatred, rage, and hopelessness, then this world will become the most miserable place in the universe. We cannot let this sort of negative worldview take us over, we have to keep our hearts and minds in the right place — and we can do this if we believe that we can.


The hour quickly approaches: that hour when the Aryan people will be asked by Nature to either fight for the privilege to exist in this world, or to step down from the pantheon of existence. We are all going to respond to this fact differently: some people are going to cringe with fear, while others are going to behave like wild animals, and yet some are going to calmly clear their mind and remember that they are human beings and that they are Aryan human beings — that they are Noble Ones. Every person will act based upon their own perception of the situation: they will act based upon how they see the world. A negative person will respond negatively, and thus cause our race more harm than good. While those who are capable of remaining positive, calm, collective, and remain noble — remain Aryan — will respond like human beings should, and do what is right for our people.

We all have the choice in this world to see the world how we want to. This world can be a prison cell of hopelessness, hatred, rage, and anger, a world of unhappiness and violence — or this world can be a world of infinite possibilities: a world of hope and faith, a world of joy and happiness, a world of strength and courage, a world of Aryan nobility. We all have the choice to remain human no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what situation we may find ourselves in. And even in the midst of war we can still find the peace within ourselves necessary to see that we pull through that war un-scarred. We alone have this possibility: we have the choice of perception.


If you want to change the world, you must first become the change you wish to see in others.”

Our perception is our reality. The world is only what we make of it. To me, this is a world of hope for our race. This is a world where the Aryan peoples still have a very real chance at discovering and obtaining their freedom. This is a world where nothing is hopeless unless you believe that it is.

We are not dead yet, and so long as there is a beat in our heart and breath in our lungs we have what it takes to keep on living. We do not have to surrender ourselves to extinction just yet — or ever. We can not only pull through this, but we can also become greater than our people has ever been before: more honest, proud, courageous, loving, compassionate, honorable, graceful, and dignified — we can yet become even more Noble. But it is that way because I refuse to see it any other way. It is this way because I swear to be what a real National Socialist is supposed to be — and not some angry, hate-filled, racist thug that the media and school systems tell the world we are.

If you want the victory of our race and the victory of National Socialism, then you are going to have to embody your identity as an Aryan, and you are going to have to take that very seriously. There is no more showing off in front of other people, no more show-boating for attention in crowds, and no more vulgar expressions which might drive our people away. We have to become solemn and humble, and project real National Socialism for the entire world to see.

We must become the change we wish to see in the rest of our White-Aryan brothers and sisters.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race

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Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
12 May, 2019 4:02 pm

If racial pan-Aryanism had been accepted in the late 1800s, the horrors of WWI and WWII could have been avoided, but there was a collision of Aryan values of honor and duty with the colonial and nationalist realities that motivated politicians and monarchs, old men who cared little for their young racial kinsmen, in retrospect. Reading about the Battle of Verdun in WWI is made more disturbing because Germany’s motivation was to exhaust France of its men, not occupy the farmland there. WWI was a collection of score-settling conflicts between political alliances sparked by an assassination of one power’s leader and wife (the JQ to this is on NV). With their deaths, all pan-Aryanism dissolved until the rise of the 3rd Reich, which ended up not being pan-Aryan at all,… Read more »