Black Rapper: “I F—k France, I Burn France”; Violates and Kills a White Woman in Music Video

This video and its summary contain disturbing content and should not be viewed by children or sensitive persons.

LAST YEAR, “French” rapper Nick Conrad published a song called “Hang the Whites.” In the accompanying video,  he killed a White man and uttered the words “I go to the nurseries. I kill white babies.”

Surprisingly, this provoked a reaction from the French ruling class. He was denounced by politicians and charged with incitement to violence.

Last month, the French justice system cracked down hard on this uppity Negro.

He was sentenced to pay a €5000 fine, suspended. In effect, then, he walked free.

In France, if you talk back to a Muslim, a Jew or an African, you will be carted off to prison by a squad of Macron’s goons. If you belong to the victimhood aristocracy, however, you have carte blanche to commit all the crimes you want. It’s just like before the French revolution, in fact, when the law, in practice, didn’t apply to the nobility. But now nobility has been redefined to mean anyone other than a White male.

Conrad, his aristocratic status having been confirmed, is now back at it again.

His new video is called “Doux pays” [Sweet country].

In it, he characterises France as a White woman whom he sexually violates and then kills.

Here is the full video, with the lyrics shown in English subtitles.

In his videos, he likes to portray himself as a high-rolling “gangsta” with gold chains, fast cars and “hos.” In reality, Nick Conrad was a hotel receptionist till he lost his job after his “Hang the whites” video became known.

Despite the overt anti-White hatred expressed in his songs and videos, Conrad’s work is still available on Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Twitter. Big Tech is against “race hate” but only when it involves White people defending their own interests.

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Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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  1. Arvin N. Prebost
    23 May, 2019 at 11:01 am — Reply

    I have been to France about 3 times. The first time I went, I was greatly impressed, but that was because of the things that were from the Middle Ages–Notre Dame, St. Chappele—or by paintings and sculpture from la Belle Epoque.

    Sadly, France, especially Paris, is verging on being third-world now.

  2. Jeff
    25 May, 2019 at 8:17 am — Reply

    It’s complete madness now when dealing with ” muh people of colored”. So many whites have become such disgusting cowards. Look at America putting Obama in with 43 and then 40 percent of the white vote. Waaay too much. All for what? A utopia that will never exist?
    As far as this fake French savage goes, this is what rap is…pure savagery. No different than the long list of anti white lyrics Democrat politicians and jewish media say nothing about or give out some kosher awards to. Look at the freak show on American Tv. It is all homosexual perversion, black super hero nonsense and now 110 pound women taking over the police force making arrests of mostly white males. Ahh jewlywood, your stench is on thee.

    • People of Color???

      You are aware scientifically and in photography, that black is not a color but is the absence of color… Atom / Adam particles that create all life in the universe are white, and no such thing as black or rainbow multcolored particles… Everything in the universe is white at its base root whether it be rock, sand, trees, grass, leaves etc – etc – etc… Black is the ass – end of the color spectrum and void of any discernible and distinguishable color features… Which is why only we Germaine European Cromagnoids have white, blonde, red, orange, brown, brunette, black hair etc., and platinum, hazel, blue, green, brown eyes… Color is defined by intensity of light / brightness, the darker it becomes the less colorful it is and more absent of light spectrum is shown until it reaches midnight and nothingness… White (Hue / Hu) solid is the color after clear opaque (white clear) and which all colors, including black, artificially are created = engineered and mutated in dark pigment from… White (Span) is all / every color(s) and the only color on the spectrum that can show color with distinguishable festures and highlights, black cannot as is void of the ability to show color as it is dark… This is why writing paper is white or yellow and not brown or black etc… The color spectrum goes from white and its off shades of white then to grey, with grey being neutral (equal) / semadic (semitic nomad) / albino (cryptid) and indistinguishable in that imitates both black and white into one color but cannot belong to either one color individually etc… Then grey goes into black with all the other colors after white but before black… Black is not a color, which is why video cameras have extreme difficulty in recognizing all things black or dark, especially black / dark people and in many cases the video camera fails to recognize (ghost effect) black or dark objects at all period unlike white and other colors.

      People need to seriously do their scientific biological and photographic visual research, and then they can better fight back against the medieval British Juwess Freemason Byzantine evil – empire world socioeconmic order and their colonial Tale ‘ mud – Kali ‘ kaballah Rainbow Marxist Neo – Leftist Philaesemitic conspiracy and Nonwhite pseudo occultist lunatics like Yaweh ben Yaweh, Judah ben Zion etc., schooled from phony English / London and Norman / Parisian French and US Fabian 1960s liberal – arts and monkey – race anthropology academics from Berkeley, Columbia etc., and their revisionist reversal via psychops black – propaganda that white is not a color and absence of color etc., when it is the other way around… Making “Redneck / Wanker” satyrical comments harms those like me who are actually educated when battling our enemies who want to destroy education for indoctrination and trying to school other young whites to countertrend the dogma against us with facts and not jokes when they have to attend such schools under such professors.

      • Jeff
        27 May, 2019 at 3:58 pm — Reply

        Lol..Welp I was mocking the people of colaaaaa and all the white suck ups that use it. I guess ya missed it with my reference above to “muh people of colored.” Kind of mocky, ya know. Of course whites have color and all that. I don’t think I would be commenting on this site if I were not woke which in truth is rather easy.

        Check out the four absurdities that happened in New York last week – Homeboy was literally riding outside the trains and when the conductor would leave for a moment, blackula would come in and shut the train down during rush hour. He was finally caught.

        Then 4 or 5 enrichers in another part of NYC were harassing an old white couple. A white fireman comes to help only to be sucker punched by one of the young savages tko style. Homey was arrested. Yawn. He was already arrested four previous times this year and yet out of course.

        Another story was a teen afro babbler shown on video muttering to himself. He punches, right in the face, a 71 year old black bus driver spreading the guys nose like cheese and distorting his face. The young savage was arrested but ok how long will he get in a cesspool like NY?

        Finally this was a beauty. A large black guy is shown on video walking. The savage literally punches a white female subway conductor in the face. You know, as the jews’ news calls it, “random”. Ya. There is no hope in this America. Clearly this is true. Heck, that witch Stacey Abrams is more honest than most white people knowing the massive demographic change is favoring destroyers like herself while flag-waving whitey speaks of “well, the real racists are…. and, well, Mexicans are hard workers” ignoring their anti-white vote and crime rates. It just seems good to whitey because Mexicans have lower crime rates than blacks. Outside of something very surprising, the future belongs to the Ocasio Cortez and Abrams types… meaning Adios America as Ann Coulter’s book says.

    • My Biology 101 book right here… This is what it says about color,


      “All creatures, whether they be Marine or Mammal, Insect or Arachnid etc., develop initially in the female womb from the male sack as a clear opaque translucent substance material… As they develop further in the female womb and take their physical biological form, the clear translucency (also known as clear – white) takes on a solid white color and skin base known in the photographic spectrum as Hue or Hu, and which is required for all other colors in the skin and visual color spectrum to exist… Upon birth, all creatures, all organisms, even plant life, have this white solid color and Hue / Hu skin base coating at the root of their skin over their bodies, while those with darkened pigments rapidly loose it after birth in their infancy or young childhood at the latest… While the white color of the Hue / Hu skin base is void of dark color pigments and cannot get darker naturally, it is required as the root source that all darker colors must mutate from and develop into their latter dark complexions… These darker colors, known in biological and visual sciences as “Artificially Specialized Colors”, are caused either from artificial engineering or from a abnatural mutation caused by hereditary diseases that effects the cellular white pigment chromosomes and darkens the dermal (middle and outer) layers of the skin over the white skin Hue / Hu base… These mutations to the white skin that causes dark color pigment to appear can be caused from a variety of factors as such but not limited too that of crossbreeding, but also other biological genetic or chemical contamination into the body producing cellular white skin pigment damage and mutation that causes an abundance of red blood cells to form and change color under outer layers of the skin base… All colors, regardless, including white and the bright vibrant colors that evolve from it, fall under what is called in biological science as “Chromatophores”… Only clear opaque translucent living organisms in nature, such as Jellyfish etc., lack such Chromatophores (solid color pigment and contrast tones)… All colors, even white, are due to their unique distinct set of pigment cells and structure that are individually separate from one another on a collective level and can never be the same… The color of every living creature depends on three distinct types of Chromatophores present for them to exist… These three Chromatophorian cellular skin pigment groups that give us all our own unique racial collective and individual DNA makeup are classified as and under Melanophores (ab. Milanos), Xanthophores (ab. Chicanos), and Iridophores (ab. Sians)… Melanophores and Xanthophores are the specialized cellular skin pigment mutations to the white Hue / Hu skin base that all lifeforms are initially born with but only the Iridophores keep throughout their entire lives… Melanophores is what causes the white skin pigment to become black, purple, and or blue etc… Xanthophores cause the white skin pigment to become brown, red, or yellow etc… And Iridophores are what the white color pigment and Hue / Hu skin base is made out of… These white Iridophores, reflect back everything that is both white or light in color and bright in contrast, often producing a lucid glimmering shine under the rays of the sun that produces lucidity of vibrance and intensity and colorful beauty… While Iridophores (Whites) can never become Melanophores and Xanthophores and are forever absent of such Melanophores and Xanthophores chromosomes, both Melanophores (Blacks) and Xanthophores (Browns, Yellows) need the white Iridophores to exist and cannot develop on their own without the white Hue / Hu skin base and cellular color pigment as its source to mutate from… Thus the Melanophores (Blacks) and Xanthophores (Browns, Yellows) have traces of Iridophores (White) in their DNA at their root, but not Iridophores (Whites) who have nothing in common trait with the darkness of Melanophores (Blacks) and Xanthophores (Browns, Yellows)!” – Gregor Skömalle

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