Dear Boomers and Christians: Stop Worshiping Jews

compiled by Steven L. Akins and John Smith

HOW DO the Jews (who American Evangelical Christians/Boomers love so much) really behave?

American Jews are more than 80% leftist or centrist (and the few who identify as “conservative” usually define conservatism mainly in terms of supporting foreign wars for Israel, and often directly oppose conservatives on the right to bear arms, closing the border, and free speech):

Jews unite in condemnation of Trump’s ban on refugees:

Jews support open borders:

Over 75% of Jews vote Democrat:

Half of the Democrat Party’s campaign contributions come from the 2% of the American population who are Jews:

76% of Jews support “gay marriage”:

97% of Jews supported desegregation:

76% of Jews support abortion:

91% of Jewish women support a woman’s right to abortion on demand:

So? How do you feel about Jews now?

Jews are also leading the push for unlimited mass immigration to White countries. Immigration into the US was exclusively European until 1965 when the Immigration and Nationalization Act was passed.

Jewish congressmen played an outsized role in the Act becoming law:

Current European immigration policy is very clearly and blatantly anti-White:

The very first immigration act by US congress only allowed Whites to enter:

Prominent Jews openly admit to advocating and enacting White genocide through mass migration. Jews freely admit to their central role in the mass migration of military age African and Middle Eastern men:

Prominent Jews state that the goal is to create a global race of brown people with lower IQ and who are easier to control:

Rabbi Haviv at the World Jewish Conference reiterating that the goal of mass immigration is the end of the White race:

Again, Jews openly admit they are behind the immigration of Africans and South Americans into Western nations with the purpose of genociding Whites:

More pervasive proof Jews are behind the immigration push and genocide of Whites:

Itemized list of Jewish pro immigration organizations advocating for mass migration into the West:

Compilation of Jews advocating and implementing migration policies to genocide Whites:

US Jews demand Israel export unwanted African migrants to White nations:

Jews advocating and enacting mass migration into White nations to genocide whites, mega compilation:

More extremely prominent Jewish figureheads openly advocating for genociding Whites:

Subtle Anti-white Propaganda:

Climate change propaganda in the Jewish-controlled media often portrays White children and how “detrimental” they are to the environment:

Israel can protect their borders but not the U.S.:

Multiculturalism is bad for Israel but good for everyone else:

U.S. Immigration Impact: More than $50 billion annually leaves the U.S. due to economic migrants sending money home:

More evidence of Jews and Israel running global White genocide:

* * *

Source: Authors

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5 April, 2019 12:55 pm

It’s popular for one White generation to insult another in this Age of unstable modern racism. Why not say — Christians stop worshiping Jews. Are we to pretend that Boomers are the first generation to subscribe to Christianity? Example: Modern racism constantly criticizes what came before them including quarreling among each other in this disgraceful Age. In contrast, 1960s teenage Boomer racists and their elders were in perfect sync. We didn’t argue among each other, nor did we criticize what came before us because it serves no purpose. There was no time to be lost. We contended for White separation, because that’s all nature requires. Don’t worry about the Time-Servers. There may come a day when you are surrounded by Federal forces. Federals occupy OLE MISS in the name of… Read more »

7 April, 2019 7:07 am

how can a christian support israel if they know the truth?2 million dollar bribe created israel,its wasnt God was a greedy goyim…..truman..and he didnt even like them…they called him an anti semite even after taking the wasnt a prochecy being was a wallet

pj dooner
pj dooner
7 April, 2019 10:00 am

The jew-worshipping Christians are religious fanatics, there’s no reasoning with them. They lie to themselves and to others to support their delusions, they are sick people. They will tell you that Karl Marx was German, that the Rothschilds are German, that the Frankfurt School was German and that other evil jews aren’t the real jews (whatever that means). When you tell them that their pro-jew supremacist Scofield Reference Bible was funded and probably written by the jew supremacists themselves you get either smirks or denials or you may be called an “anti-Semite”. I read some research that identified a particular gene that predisposes some people to religious fanaticism. Cat scans showed a part of the brain that becomes extremely active when these people think about their religious beliefs. I certainly… Read more »

Reply to  pj dooner
7 April, 2019 11:33 am

theyre pretty much a war cult..thinking they can bring about armageden and christs return…..nope..only the father knows the time of his return..not mere men trying to manipulate the nonthinkers and bible ignorant..christian zionism is the worship of israel [idol] …zionists dont care if youre a believer just praise and worship israel even though they kill steal and destroy since 1948

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  ephs511
2 July, 2020 3:57 pm

…christs return…..nope..only the father knows the time of his return. — The imaginary Jewish father in the sky, Yahweh, does not exist. “He” doesn’t know beans about when his imaginary son will “return” to Earth because neither are real. The burden is on the believer in such fantastic, otherworldly Jewish Bible stories to prove Yahweh’s son ever walked here on Earth (or on water) in the first place before speculating about any “return” to Earth. Where’s the proof? cc says: Why not say — Christians stop worshiping Jews. Are we to pretend that Boomers are the first generation to subscribe to Christianity? — Yeah, why not? Really bad headline. White Christians need to jettison their suicidal Jewish creed and embrace a belief system that is geared for the long-term survival… Read more »

Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
11 April, 2019 9:13 am

There are no Communist Jews, or Capitalist Jews. No Democratic Jews, or Republican Jews. Or Feminist, Anarchist, or Conservative Jews. These are hats they wear. The individual Jew ALWAYS works for the tribal/racial interest. That is the secret of their power.