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China and Eugenic Genetic Engineering of Humans

by David Sims

I CAN’T SEE why eugenic genetic engineering of humans is a bad thing for scientists to be doing, provided that they don’t do harm. There were people opposed to the automobile, too, a century ago, and they probably had more reason behind their arguments than the anti-eugenics screamers do. China’s already begun work in this area.

The only problem with China going ahead with eugenic genetic engineering experiments is that they are getting ahead of us in that important field. While they are still going after the low-hanging fruit (e.g., removing the human susceptibility to HIV infection), their skills will improve steadily with experience. The Chinese will naturally want to give their own people an advantage over all other peoples; or, rather, as many advantages as they can think of, and, although they will undoubtedly make a few mistakes along the way, they will eventually succeed.

And then where will we be? We’ll be clutching our useless and invalid “moral superiority” while they kick our collective asses, intellectually, physically, financially, and in every other way.

You can’t ever put a technological genie back in the bottle. Never. It didn’t work with nuclear weapons. It won’t work with eugenic genetic engineering, either. Luddites always lose.

Oh, and it also won’t work with biologically engineered virus weapons. I believe the Chinese will, sooner or later, come up with a bio-bomb that will kill everyone who isn’t Chinese (or at least who isn’t Asian). They’ll send their secret agents through every other country to sow the delivery systems for these weapons. And, shortly afterward, all the Earth will belong to China because everybody else will be dead.

[It’s also possible that Israel will do something similar. We need to use our technology, our science, and our brains to get ahead in this field, and counter such threats. Since we as a race do not even control our own governments any more, it’s unlikely we will be able to do so anytime soon. Recapturing our governments, or instituting new ones answerable to us alone, is priority one. — Ed.]

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12 April, 2019 4:54 am

Oh, mortals and their tower of Babel. I am wondering if that includes the non-natives, that has been increasing in China. When they had the one child rule, most families had priorities for the male and killed off the female. Now, years later there are more males than females, and many bachelors unable to find a wife. There was a story about it not that long ago that there were 50 year old bachelors becoz they couldn’t find a wife, so most of them went to neighboring countries to find wives (places such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, etc.). Whether mixing is part of China’s plans, they did a good job.

13 April, 2019 9:16 am

Human life is cheap in China. They are not good to each other.