Aryan Invasion of India: Myth or Reality?

by Survive the Jive

DNA evidence has shed new light on the origins of the Indian people, the Hindu religion, and the Sanskrit language. Pastoralists of the Andronovo culture from the Bronze age steppe invaded India from the northwest and brought Indo-European languages to the Indian subcontinent. These pastoralists were ethnically White people, and they mixed with [the aboriginal] Indians to create the modern genetic diversity of India. This theory has been developed over 200 years, and has often been attacked as a colonial fable or even as “Nazi propaganda,” but now genetic science has vindicated the Victorian scholars who said the roots of the Aryans lay in the Corded Ware culture of Europe.

Saying that these people were central Asians because they entered India from central Asia is like saying British people were fish because they entered India from the sea.

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Source: Survive the Jive

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The famous Racial Scientist Hans F. K. GÜNTHER has written an entire book on this very interesting subject: “Die Nordische Rasse bei den Indo-germanen Asiens”. I do not know if it has been translated in english, but I believe the original german book can be easily found and downloaded on the Internet. A few books by GÜNTHER can be downloaded for free on the web site:


I believe, however, that it is quite possible that White populations may have existed in India and South-East Asia since time immemorial… The same could certainly be said about all of the ancient Americas!

Art Thief
Art Thief

Doesn’t this sort of vindicate the females in the phenomenon of the stereotypical air headed White girl being drawn to “Eastern” religions of Vedic/Dharmic religions as, in essence, being drawn to our original Aryan religion(s)? I wonder if what we’re really seeing in them is an instinctual “homecoming”. They feel those faiths are “more spiritual” because they speak to our ancestral spirituality, perhaps? I am not discounting the fact that many join those faiths from the point of view of a rebellious race-treason, rejecting the “western” faith of Christianity in favor of “eastern” religions…but if that were the sole motivator, why not more instances of something just plain make believe, or maybe more white girls converting to obscure African animist faiths? Why go back home like this? Their motivations may… Read more »