How Jewish We Have Become

IT MUST BE MANIFEST, I think, that the claims of Mr. Ravage back in 1928 were hardly exaggerated. In fact, even fifteen years before that, Werner Sombart asserted, as already quoted, that the United States had become the distilled essence of Judaism. It is all too plain that the Jew has not only subjugated us as the British, French and Dutch never subjugated Africa and parts of Asia — so subjugated us that most of us are afraid to say aloud what we think of him even in what was once our own land, but worse than that, and far worse, he has made us over in his own image.

A vast number of us have become as Jewish as he is — thoroughly Jewified in our values, our standards, our aims, our ideas, and our conduct. Our whole country stinks of Money, of desire for money and for what money can buy. We even rate the size and worth of a man by the amount of his income. To get money, there are few of us left who would not, in one way or another, sell their integrity and their souls. 

We have become so used to our Jewishness that it would almost require the clear eyes of a creature from Mars to perceive how Jewish we are. The Jew has taken our very land from under us and ruined it. He has taken our civilization and our whole intellectual and spiritual world and perverted it, soiled it, corrupted it, and all but destroyed it. And he means also to destroy us as a people, utterly, beyond recovery, in body as well as in mind and soul. And he has done it in wanton betrayal of our trust, after he had sworn allegiance to the country of his adoption, after we had taken him in and given him harborage and opportunity and protection, as if he were one of our own kind. He has done it in every country of the White man’s world, but worst of all in the heartland of our world, in Europe and Britain. He has always done it, wherever he went. He will always go on doing it, unless he is stopped.

A friend of mine in New York, years ago, observed — in my judgment, quite justly — that the Jew has us by the throat and will see us dead before he relaxes his hold. Since the Jew has never yet, anywhere, built a great State or civilization, it is safe to assume that he cannot: it isn’t in him. But he is the most fearful destroyer in the history of man.

— William Gayley Simpson, excerpted from Which Way Western Man?

* * *

Source: Volkish

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  1. D.F. Hoch
    9 March, 2019 at 5:21 pm — Reply

    Christian Identity comes to mind.

  2. Mr. Hilter
    11 March, 2019 at 9:56 am — Reply

    Hitler tried to show us the way,but the jew power in The UK,US and Russia killed it.

  3. Axis Sally
    11 March, 2019 at 5:38 pm — Reply

    These words of unser Simpson are so pertinent to the plight of Aryans today, they ought to be engraved on a granite stele and placed somewhere our people cannot avoid seeing it. Heed these searing words and let them smolder on your conscience!: “To get money, there are few of us left who would not, in one way or another, sell their integrity and their souls,” and “The Jew has taken our very land from under us and ruined it. He has taken our civilization and our whole intellectual and spiritual world and perverted it, soiled it, corrupted it, and all but destroyed it…” and, I would add, has done so with our blessing and cooperation. Here in the U.S., at each election cycle, our people shamefully bleat for “jobs” and “social services”–the chains and trappings of slavery! Disgraceful!

    However, by weaponizing our vices, the Enemy has paradoxically provided the means and apparently, the privilege, of our opting out. The Enemy’s primary instrument of control is his fractional reserve, fiat virtual currency system, known as the Federal Reserve Bank. Would you like to frighten an Enemy banker to the very base of his fundament? Proceed as follows: walk up to the target, extract a $100 bill from a pocket, and hold it up where he can see it. Extract a Zippo lighter from another pocket and set the bill on fire, while carefully observing the barely suppressed expression of abject terror that steals over his face. “Oh no! Another one GETS IT!”

    Today we are privileged to live in a pivotal epoch of human history: the ongoing collapse of the Enemy’s global plantation under the weight of its own internal contradictions, of Third World overpopulation, and defiance of the laws of thermodynamics. The Great Debacle (WWII) proved that a slave lord having milliards of subjects in his thrall can overcome a free and self-determinant people in an economic war of attrition. Direct opposition is, at this point, futile. We must not try to re-fight the last war.

    If we are to survive the onslaught, we must utilize the weapon least understood by the Enemy: Aryan asceticism. Smash your “smart” phone. Ditto the television set and Internet modem. Quit your comfortable but spirit-killing slave job. Sell the overpriced, cracker box, “home.” If possible, buy arable or huntable acreage; if not, squat clandestinely. Go within and discover the Will by which to survive and thrive independently. Take pride in living efficiently, i.e., without “needs.” Produce only according to you own Will, and freely exchange your produce, not trade mind you, but exchange, without expectation of remuneration, with like-minded Ayans in your own community. In short, practice National-Socialism. Together we shall defeat the Enemy by depriving him of that which he most needs to succeed: our cooperation.

  4. Kyle
    12 March, 2019 at 12:57 pm — Reply

    These scumbags are easy to defeat. They are so afraid of death, it paralyzes their souls. All we MUST do is unite, something THEY work so hard to prevent. Start talking to your neighbor again, throw your TV out the window, grow a pair and slough off that emasculated fairy brat veneer. It’s time to put these sons of bitches alive in their own excrement ! They’re not used to the challenge, and THAT is our means to trounce them and obliterate everything about them.
    Remember this . . . you deserve what you tolerate. So how much are you willing to tolerate ? Think of your kids and think of their kids. Now get the hell up and do what’s right !

  5. cc
    12 March, 2019 at 4:15 pm — Reply

    Horrible, monstrosity government on the Potomac. What’s to like? A severe natural disaster will uncover the Jews along with the weak and all lackeys thereof. The artificial lift provided by income tax slavery will bring the engine of central despotism to a halt. Natural Selection decides who stays and who goes.

  6. Sethmoto101
    13 March, 2019 at 11:15 am — Reply

    We’ve become so jewish we don’t care about national borders now, just deference to peoples who must’ve been oppressed (determined by looking at them) and who therefore must be given the same rights, benefits and care as those once called American whites but who really are just “documented” and “privileged” to those who are ‘woke’ (I’ve learned a new word! [kvell here]) to the new realities. Situations like the following are to have no effect on them, or it will be interpreted as racism and presented to the SPLC for classification and dissemination for further action:

  7. cc
    13 March, 2019 at 12:17 pm — Reply

    I care nothing of National security because it’s exclusive to the Federal government. Those people destroyed safety on the local, county and state level. Consolidated despotism.

  8. Tucker
    5 April, 2019 at 6:21 am — Reply

    Tom Metzger once observed that Whites who spend too much time rubbing elbows with jews will almost always ‘catch’ their infection, which he referred to as ‘jew think’ – and eventually, they will become almost indistinguishable from real jews.

    This is what has happened to nearly 100 percent of our White politicians. They are infected with the jew think virus, and since the #1 priority for jews – is White race replacement, followed by permanent subjugation to non-white rule, followed by certain racial extinction – either by miscegenation, or outright ethnic cleansing – our ‘White’ leaders have now adopted the jewish White Genocide agenda as their #1 priority, as well.

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