Farage Party Leader Quits Over ‘Racism’ — Despite Being Married to a Jamaican!

Here we see Catherine Blaiklock proving to an audience that she isn’t “racist” by brandishing a picture of the Black she married.

THE latest weird development in post-UKIP politics involves Catherine Blaiklock, a former UKIP economic spokesman who is the official registered leader of the ‘Brexit Party’.

It has been widely assumed that this party was created as a vehicle for Nigel Farage’s return to frontline politics, following Mr Farage’s resignation from UKIP and on the assumption that he might need a party of his own to contest European Parliamentary elections in the event of Brexit being postponed or cancelled.

Mark Collett speaking at the 2017 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston

In common with UKIP and its various splinter groups, Farage has always insisted that former BNP activists and other ‘racists’ would always be excluded from his movement.

Assisting this ‘anti-racist’ agenda, it was helpful that Ms Blaiklock was herself married to a Black Jamaican, and had previously been married to a Nepalese Sherpa!

’Yet today Ms Blaiklock has been forced to resign for ‘racism’. Her crime seems to have been to retweet messages by former BNP activist Mark Collett, who was a speaker at H&D’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in 2017.

What will be the next fake outrage? Have we really reached the stage where it is unacceptable for anyone in mainstream politics to address racial issues? If so then mainstream politicians are in for a few surprises.

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Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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Gail Raubal
Gail Raubal
26 March, 2019 12:27 am

She is a traitor of her race, reap what you sow. She can marry a black homo for all I care, politicians way to climb the ladder is to accuse one another for some fallacy imputation. And to prove they are not, they will marry, fags, blacks, browns until the line is blurred. They are all traitors and bow their heads to the golden calf. Our leaders have impunity as well as the rich who stand next to them. Mark my words, any white who stands along side blacks, browns, and mix breeds do not have loyalty to the pure white race. They will persecute us and we the white race must be prepared. We stand together, united and though, our clan is weak we will grow stronger when we… Read more »

Reply to  Gail Raubal
3 October, 2020 8:19 am

She is an absolutely normal post-war image of the cuckold English who have no smidgen of white awareness, save self-hate, like the utter weaklings they are-As for Tyndall, he was an Ulster Loyalist, which is Masonic, which is kosher which underlies NF and BNP failure.Basta.

26 March, 2019 6:12 pm

Was she being punished by anti-White racists?

26 March, 2019 9:00 pm

To find a good politician today is to find a needle in a haystack. Just trash them all and let God separate the good from the bad ones.

Gail Raubal
Gail Raubal
Reply to  Titus
27 March, 2019 12:05 am

Well, said. We will know who is righteous and who is evil.