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Diversity and Elitism: How Noblesse Oblige Devolved Into Noblesse Malice

Diversity and Elitism

I read (I think over at Sailer’s) an astute observation about diversity: the more diversity you have, the more elitism you get, because the shrinking pool of native stock Whites will create more barriers to entry for every American pastime and institution and recreational park and neighborhood just to keep out the “gifts of love” and the damaging impact they bring on their arrival.

A swelling population of behaviorally and culturally alien invaders tramples on carefully managed public spaces that natives responsibly enjoy and sustain in the manner that suits their own preference and temperament, provoking an elitist backlash that locks out not just the invader horde but also downscale native Whites who can no longer afford the price of entry. [A great example of this are beaches which used to be accessible to the hoi polloi. See Steve Sailer’s “Surfer Privilege” — Ed.]

Diversity is anti-egalitarian. Rapid and overwhelming and multiracial population growth exacerbates class divisions and widens the gulf between the haves and have-nots, both between Whites and non-Whites and between White classes.

Diversity + Proximity = Emergent Caste Systems.

Possibly this explains why well-off Whites support the Invasion of the Nation Snatchers; the ravages of Diversity provide an additional avenue to high SES Whites to flaunt their higher social and economic status over lower class Whites. The capability of fencing oneself off from the invited vibrancy is itself tacit proof of one’s high status, but first the vibrancy has to be brought physically close enough to trigger the escalating status contest among Whites proving they can buy safe haven from it.

That this lethal intra-White status whoring game will mean the destruction of the nation which has provided the means to accumulate that status matters not to these reckless, virtue aggrandizing Whites. The dopamine hit from flexing their elevated station in America — and sneering at “flyover rubes” — is worth more to them than bequeathing a livable homeland to their own posterity, never mind to racial cousins from less morally sophisticated towns in the countryside who are currently dying by the thousands in an auto-genocide of opioid-induced suicides of alienated despair.

The evil motivating this elitist White compulsion to leave less fortunate Whites at the mercy of a forced repopulation project and of a totally unnecessary and preventable imposition of hardships and miseries is almost too great to comprehend.

Wars have been fought to bitter, disputed ends for lesser crimes.


I picked this quote up from another source, and thought it was too good not to share:

Your greatest loyalty should be to your family and your folk, not to the needs of a stranger. It is more heartless to abandon those who place faith in you than it is to neglect the needs of an outsider.

This describes the corrupted relationship between elite and non-elite Whites. Noblesse oblige has devolved into noblesse malice.

* * *

Source: Chateau Heartiste

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13 March, 2019 1:16 am

Having an excess of self-aggrandizement while simultaneously being severely lacking the character traits to create/sustain/defend a great race as was once ours doesn’t make that class of ‘elites’ noble at all.

Quite the opposite, it exposes them for the second-tier Whites they are who simply have talents in areas useful to the Jews to afford their egoism. Some might even say they’re sociopaths and a danger to the rest of us.

We can breed better than this and should do so.