Confirmed: Jack the Ripper was Jacob the Ripper

Aaron Kosminski, a Polish barber, has been revealed as notorious murderer Jack the Ripper, according to scientists.

JACK THE RIPPER has been confirmed as a Jew, although the news reports deceptively describe him as a Pole. A major clue was even left scrawled on a wall above one of the corpses, most likely by Jacob* the Ripper himself: “The Juwes are not the men that will be blamed for nothing.” The police, bizarrely, scrubbed it off the wall before anyone could see it, destroying a potentially vital piece of evidence. In recent years, as I wrote about in more detail earlier, the author Stephen Senise has gone about promoting the absurd hypothesis that the Ripper murders were “false flag attacks” carried out by a “far-right extremist” who wanted to stir up feeling against the Jews. But no. We now know the Ripper was an actual Jew.

The similarity with historic cases of “blood libel” is obvious.

*Credit to Sabrina Van Zant for this witticism.

* * *

Jack the Ripper has sensationally been revealed as a 23-year-old Polish barber after fresh DNA tests were taken from a blood-stained shawl.

Aaron Kosminski was the notorious serial killer who hunted on the streets of Victorian London, according to scientists.

New evidence finds that two sets of DNA traces on a blood-stained shawl owned by Russell Edwards matches that of both Kosminski and one of his murdered victims Catherine Eddowes

New evidence finds that two sets of DNA traces on the clothing matches that of both Kosminski and one of his murdered victims Catherine Eddowes.

The Polish immigrant lived with his two brothers and a sister in Greenfield Street, just 200 yards from where his third victim, Elizabeth Stride, was killed.

The identity was confirmed by researchers from Liverpool John Moores University who shared their findings in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

They wrote: ‘We describe for the first time systematic, molecular level analysis of the only surviving physical evidence linked to the Jack the Ripper murders.

‘Finding both matching profiles in the same piece of evidence enhances the statistical probability of its overall identification and reinforces the claim that the shawl is authentic.’

* * *

Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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24 March, 2019 10:26 pm

Does this mean there will be no films or documentaries about Jake the Ripper?

Gail Raubal
Gail Raubal
25 March, 2019 12:06 am

Not odd at all, during that era, ppl had a thing against Juwes. That same writing was even shown in the Johnny Depp movie he did about the Ripper. The word “Juwes” was even written the same way in the movie… It is not out of character of judens to be of immoral licentious. In a book by E.J.Burford, he wrote about wantons and wenches, he describes how the judens were right in the middle of the depravity.

Martin Kerr
Martin Kerr
25 March, 2019 5:29 pm

Police Superintendent Thomas Arnold had the said he had “Juwes” graffito washed off before reporters or curious civilians could see it, because he feared that it would cause an anti-Jewish riot. Nevertheless, the text of the message was included in the official police report – otherwise, it would have been lost to history, like so many other examples of Jewish crimes.


victor petrillo
victor petrillo
Reply to  Martin Kerr
30 March, 2019 4:20 pm

It was either this guy or another jew, jacob levy….both never faced justice….levy was handed over to his tribe members who shielded him from goyim justice…..

Jožef Tone
Jožef Tone
4 April, 2019 1:42 pm

It was the same socio-political game back then, minus the overt propaganda. Post-Weishaupt Freemasonry was a proxy battering ram for organized Jewry as they gained access to the institutions of power. I think that was why the wall was scrubbed.

Philo Clapp
Philo Clapp
22 April, 2019 7:09 am

FYI….the shawl alleged to have been in Catherine Eddowes’ possession at the time of her murder did not show up on the extensive inventory ( Over 50 items listed) taken by the City of London Police. The list included such trivialities as cotton strips which Mrs. Eddowes used for hygienic purposes…an empty match box, etc. This police force would have never given a Metropolitan Police constable ( which Amos Simpson, who was in possession of the shawl originally) an item from a crime scene. Simpson served in a district some distance from the crime scene and it is very unlikely that he would have asked for a souvenir of the crime scene in the first place…Numerous people have handled the shawl over the last 130 years…Kosminski’s guilt or innocence of… Read more »

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
Reply to  Philo Clapp
15 March, 2021 10:32 pm

First mistake – giving Jews the benefit of the doubt. Jews say the white race is inherently guilty of all sort of crimes and misdeeds solely due to their racial makeup. So why should we be any different in our approach towards Jews? Especially considering the well established, inherently murderous, psychopathic, nature of the Jewish race. Just look at the never-ending plethora of Jewish horror movies and ask yourself what kind of mind spends the day dreaming up such grisly bloodlust. Now tell me again, about how we really should give this matter more study. Look at how Jews gleefully murder Palestinian children with headshots. And what about the 66 million Russian citizens Judeocommunists Jews murdered in the most horrendously bloody ways imaginable – that’s the Jew mind to which you are… Read more »

Philo Clapp
Philo Clapp
22 April, 2019 7:23 am

Actually, in response to Mr. Kerr’s comment from March 25th… was the Commissioner of (Metropolitan) Police, Sir Charles Warren who made the final decision to erase the graffiti/message. It was probably removed ( and I believe the graffiti is legitimate) because of its proximity to the piece of Eddowes’ apron ; that locals were aware of the police presence at 118-119 Goulston Street that morning; and that had it been left there after the police ( two departments, as Eddowes was murdered in the City of London, not Whitechapel) left….someone or some people from the area ( reporters as well) would have seen the untouched graffiti and possibly made an issue out of it, even though it may not have had any relation to the apron piece in the first… Read more »