An American Journalist’s Color Film of Germany in 1938

IN 1938, American journalist Theodore Andrica visited Germany. During this visit he made this astonishing color film, which shows not only the “official” Third Reich, but candid (though silent) footage that makes you almost feel like you are walking the streets in the National Socialist state.

This film includes scenes from the annual National Socialist Party Congress in Nuremberg, Hitler’s Berchtesgaden home, and even some shots of Hitler himself, but also remarkable footage of ordinary, daily life in rural and urban Germany.

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22 March, 2019 5:08 pm

Ordinary, happy people with gradually- improving and peaceful and productive lives living in beautiful towns and cities, who are not fearful of their leader and his troops and his bodyguard wearing black uniforms, to whom the people are related.

In other countries during 1938 German civilians were being persecuted and murdered by the thousands. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans fled into Germany whilst Germany itself was a friendly safe tourist destination and Germany’s NSDAP had not attacked any other country.

Germany was a target of hate-speech media propaganda and in October 1938 USA’s Life magazine presented an article ‘America prepares for war against Germany, Italy and Japan’, countries that had never been aggressors against the USA.

If only they had been left alone in peace as they wished.

22 March, 2019 7:34 pm

Did anyone spot the shop window painted with the word “Juden”?

Those evil terrifying Narzies didn’t want their people to buy from that shop. The film makers did not mention the international Jewish boycotts against German firms and people that began in 1933 and sabotaged about 10% of Germany’s trade. That interesting material fact would have provided the correct context. Is there any other country that would ignore such a restriction of its trade?

brian boru
brian boru
17 June, 2019 8:52 am

It’s always heart breaking to watch film like this. It shows what was destroyed and what might have been. It was an almost unimaginably different and better world. The British and Americans were rewarded by the jew by having their own countries subsequently destroyed. Few of that ‘great generation’ ever woke up to the lie even as they watched everything they supposedly fought for destroyed. One might say it was karma but hardly something to exult over.

Reply to  brian boru
28 April, 2020 2:06 pm

Think Tommy Rubinsohn…they still don’t get it and still sport Ulster Masonry flags

28 April, 2020 2:43 pm

Judenfrei Deutschland und schamlos-such selfish happiness angers the proud and greedy outsiders who still hate us all even now…but an imagemap for all of us,nonetheless.