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They Want to Stop Our Evolution

Life itself is the Divine Spirit entering our world from the quantum level of existence to animate so-called lifeless minerals — and to have them evolve ever higher in a never-ending struggle to be the best type of carrier for Life itself.

by H. Millard

EVIL-DOERS WANT to stop the evolution of Whites. The smartest of the evil-doers consciously know — and the less smart instinctively know — that we are the early models of a new humanity, and they also know that if we remain pure White, and increase our separation from other kinds, and increase our numbers, that we will continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid rate until we leave the present type of humanity in the dust and mud and replace them.

As we become more and more the new humanity, older versions will gradually start fading away and will eventually go extinct. There is no animus in this.

This is a natural process and we’ve seen it in operation from the time the first molecule of DNA came into existence and also as earlier human forms have been replaced by so-called modern man. Evolution is part of Nature’s or the Creator’s plan and we are part of that plan whether we know it or not. But knowing it gives us help in being in tune with both the general plan as well as the specific plan for us so that we can play an intelligent, informed, and intentional part to help with our evolution — and reap many benefits such as living long, healthy, happy lives as we evolve ever more.

We must understand, however, that what we have as the unique, selected people we are is the raw potential to evolve along the right path upward, but that this is not guaranteed. We are at the door, but we must push it open and walk through it to ensure we evolve correctly. If we do not do this, our evolution will continue haphazardly and more slowly and not always along the narrow path that is best for us — and many more of our family lines will experience brown-outs and some will go extinct instead of becoming the White kind that we are meant to be.

Each of us, no matter our circumstances, must take individual and personal responsibility to help ourselves and our families evolve along the correct path. We can join together with like-minded individuals — and this is good, but if we do not know any like-minded individuals, or if we prefer to work alone, the responsibility is still upon us as individuals. Personal responsibility and self-reliance are two values that are important to us. We, each one of us individually when awake and feeling the spirit within, strive to do it ourselves and not wait for someone else to do it for us. We, each one of us, is in charge of ourselves and our destiny. We do not go timid when our existence and our destiny are threatened. We do not whimper in the corner and hope that the rest of humanity will stop beating us down until we simply want to die and go extinct.

Our homes are our principle religious/spiritual temples and it is there that we can continue our practices to help perfect and strengthen our minds and our bodies to be more perfect vessels for the inward-dwelling spark of Divinity.

The Teachings tell us that we have been selected and that we are born with elements in our DNA code that give us survival advantages — certain DNA code changes — mutations from the rest of humanity — that we alone possess and which are evidenced in part by our external White skin and White features. Do you doubt that we have such advantages and that we are different from other kinds? If so, just look in a mirror. Only White people have white skin and White features and these come from our DNA code. Isn’t that enough to tell you that we are different? Don’t deny your eyes or true science. Do not fall into the mental trap of thinking that all humans are the same. This is a Big Lie and it is used to try to get you to devalue yourself and your people and, to trick you into mixing and mating with those unlike you — so that you will miscegenate yourself out of existence and stop your evolution along the narrow, sacred path that leads upward.

After all, if you believe the Big Lie that all humans are really the same except for different paint jobs you’d also believe there is no reason not to mate with those with different paint jobs. Right? That’s what they want you to believe. It is a Big Lie. Trust your eyes: If they do not look like you, they are not like you. They have their destiny and you have yours. Do not mix with them. Your white skin is more than just a different color. It is not like paint being applied over identical automobiles coming off the assembly line. Your white skin comes from those special mutations you possess in your DNA code and it is key to evolving higher. If you lose your white skin in your family line as a result of miscegenation, it shows that you are no longer on the right evolutionary path for our kind. You will also be missing some of the “parts” that you would have had if you were not the product of miscegenation. Try pulling a few parts out of your radio and you’ll get the point of why you need all the right parts found in a White DNA code.

The Creator, or Nature, has made it very easy for us to see the differences in different peoples. Trust your eyes, they’re not lying. Stay White in all ways. It is necessary for your highest possible destiny. It is essential even if you do not understand why. Your Whiteness is not a trifle. It is foundational.

The Teachings say that we actually have many genetic survival advantages in addition to our white skin and White features. Some are active now while others will only become active when conditions change — and change is constant. Some Whites have more of these genetic survival advantages than others as a result of the mating choices made by their ancestors, but all Whites have some of them.

Some Whites are weak-minded and become self and group haters. They should be shunned. Do not be as they are, for this is evil and neurotic. The primary instinct is self-preservation. And, for self-preservation to work in the long view of existence there is a second part of self-preservation: group preservation. And, what is meant by self and group preservation? It is the preservation of more than the person or people we are in our everyday level of existence — it is the preservation of our DNA code that makes us us. Our bodies will die, but if we have bred properly, our DNA code will carry on into the future and we will continue to exist and evolve as the selected kind we are. This is true self and group preservation. This is as close to eternal life as is possible. This is necessary. Breed White or you die when your body dies — and your life has no meaning or purpose.

Whites are, even as you read this, undergoing rapid evolution — and this will continue among Whites who refuse to miscegenate and who breed pure White and who separate themselves from other kinds so that there is no gene transfer from other kinds. It is these Whites who will be the progenitors of the new mankind.

Basic Practices that You Can Do in the Privacy of Your Home

Get pictures from the Internet or elsewhere of what ideal Aryans look like. You may not look completely like them, but that’s okay as long as you are White. They are ideals and few of us meet the ideals. As you look at them, pray to the Creator with words like these: “Please Lord help me to improve. Please guide me in your correct and right ways. Please help me to avoid temptation. Please help me to be strong and to continue evolving.” Even if you do not believe in the Creator or any notion about a god, pray anyway. This helps you psychologically and focuses your mind.

Live intentionally. Method live. This means you do what method actors do — which is to do everything reasonable and possible to become a character. In our case, this means becoming as much like the ideal Aryan type as possible. You want to look like them, eat like them, think like them, dress like them, cut your hair like them, wear the same socks and shoes and shirts and on and on. By doing these things, you use your brain to change your mind — and your mind then starts changing the chemicals in your body to help you evolve right now in your lifetime, as well as passing on changes to your children not yet born. As most of us know, our bodies are chemical factories and our mind can direct our bodies to produce, or not produce, various amounts of hormones and other chemicals which in turn help the brain and body.

Strive to be a good person, harming no one who means you no harm. Be polite always. Respect everyone and everything in Nature. Let the Golden Rule guide you. Use your common sense. Strive to live as long as possible and to breed White always and as often as possible to bring more of the selected White DNA code into existence in the children you bring forth. Harm no other living things for sport, but only when necessary for food, for your safety, for your existence, and to increase the amount of the White DNA code in existence.

Have a small box or shelf with three photos as described above that you can focus on. Have a six-armed fylfot image. Have nine small stones in a circle. Pray for guidance in the morning and at night and whenever you need to make an important decision. (Again, this helps focus your mind even if you don’t believe in a god. Our view is that the Creator cares less about whether you believe in It and more about what you do and how you live.)

Our DNA code is essential to our religious beliefs and how we live. Ask of everything: Is this good for White people? If it is good for White people then it is good for our DNA code, for we and it are one.

©2022 H. Millard

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Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
6 February, 2019 10:15 pm

“Let the Golden Rule guide you”. Didn’t Dr. Pierce warn about the dangers of equivalent morality? The writer sounds like he has been poisoned with Christianity.

26 September, 2020 6:59 pm

Absolutely, they want to prevent our evolution. I am currently writing a short article on how we would guarantee racial progress after a possible fall of the system. You will read it.

Auden nom de guerre
Auden nom de guerre
20 December, 2020 7:32 pm

Trippy article, but please, again, we are Aryan white a colour only serves our enemy’s propaganda! At least you use Aryan too. There is also spiritual evolution, I believe both are connected reincarnation is the key to what you’re saying. Our Folk who are loyal will go to a paradise. Another world Aldebaran, while traitors will be reborn in this ‘ hell’ , (as mongrels) well, maybe it works like that? As above so below. Who to pray to? Your higher self? The Cosmos as a conscious Goddess? Wotan ? Zeus? The secret is to have devotion to a higher principal. Pray to a deified Fylfot Goddess or God Esu-hesti-on-us/ā ( – us male/ -ā female)? Why not. Although the older Aryo- Deities have a stronger thought form energy….how ever… Read more »