The New Authority

by Broadhat

We need:
The new authority.
Renew authority.

High trust
Self disciplined
Loyal to the Folk

Kings above,
Folk below,
Same blood, same soul, 
same destiny.

They compromised their loyalty,
They compromised their blood.

Neither fish nor fowl;
nor folk or fully foe.
Pity them, if pity have you left,
when war is done,
and time is come,
for them to die the traitors’ death.

Spiral of the HakenKreuz,
Spiral of the Sun,
Spiral of the DNA,
Nature’s Order done.

Yggdrasil’s wells,
the upward path,
will to power,
will to wrath.

By taking bring the new
which is the old and true,
Authority renewed.

* * *

Source: Broadhat via Volkish; copyright 2019 all rights reserved

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