National-Socialism vs. Libertarian Darwinism

In Hitler’s Germany if you were an unemployed man, you could join the Reichsarbeitsdienst.

A response to Jean-François Gariépy

by Hadding Scott

THIS PIECE WAS originally a response to some comments hostile to National-Socialism, from a video by Jean-François Gariépy. I had not yet decided to republish2 it when YouTube made the decision for me by shadow-censoring it after the first thumbs-up. I am not categorically shadow-banned on YouTube; they only made this particular comment invisible. Why? Maybe some of YouTube’s moderators are bigoted libertarians.

Gariépy has many interesting things to say about many things, but when questions arise about economy and how a society should be ordered, he falls into the convenient ruts of simplistic libertarian omniscience.

For one thing, he suffers from the half-baked libertarian belief that the free market is eugenic, which in turn is based on the blatantly false belief that a market is “nature.” The market is not nature.

Regarding the comment at 1:20:09: It is not true that National-Socialism in Germany did not reward success. We are talking about a militaristic society surrounded with enemies. In that respect, National-Socialism was a continuation of the ancient German militaristic tradition. This is a tradition that rewards good performance of duties through promotion. You might notice that the job-creation programs in National-Socialist Germany had a quasi-military character, with the participants wearing uniforms. They did not pay people to sit around and do nothing. An army has its own evolutionary pressures, and Fascism and National-Socialism extended those pressures beyond the armed forces. 

Add to this the sterilization of 400,000 genetic defectives and there is nothing to criticize about National-Socialist Germany from an evolutionary standpoint.

The libertarian faith in the eugenic effect of the free market is only somewhat valid. Economic competition weeds out the least intelligent, but it does not select for good character. The free market rewards those who aggressively seek their own advantage even at the expense of the society. Sociopaths prevail. Ultimately the nation loses its viability due to the parasites at the top. Brooks Adams’ The Law of Civilization and Decay is about this. 

At the intersection of Libertarianism and Darwinism, Jewish hedge-fund managers appear as “the fittest.”

“Nature has its own mechanism,” says Gariépy at 1:39:10 — but we do not live in a state of nature! The selective pressures of a market are not natural pressures. The selective pressures of a militaristic society struggling to survive against hostile neighboring states are more natural — insofar as the gene pool is the unit of survival — than the pressures of a market, which reward sociopathy.

A militaristic society that systematically promotes the competently dutiful is much more eugenic, in terms of national survival, than a society that honors hucksters and speculators.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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5 February, 2019 7:02 am

The man who sells fruits and vegetables on the side of the road enjoys free market until the tax man walks up and ask to see his tax number. Molested by heavy taxes. That’s what super hyper-aggressive Jewish Democratic Capitalism does.

Straight cash business is good. You don’t have to operate like the Confederate James–Younger outfit who fought the railroad and robbed banks — the antithesis of Black republican money powers. Avoid criminal taxes as best you can. Get some spirit. It all begins on the local level.

Robert Speer
Robert Speer
18 April, 2020 12:51 pm

Unregulated markets are no more eugenic than unregulated reproduction. Profit as a single dimension is not enough to make markets eugenic any more than height alone makes an individual more fit. When profit is the only measure parasites prosper.