Florida: Jewish Billionaire Robert Kraft Caught Frequenting Chinese Sex Slave Brothel

Robert Kraft

Billionaire New England Patriots owner allegedly paid for sex hours before flying off to see his team play in a championship game.

JEWISH BILLIONAIRE Robert Kraft (Kraft Group; New England Patriots; among others; net worth over $6 billion) was charged on Monday with soliciting prostitution in Florida after hidden cameras allegedly showed him paying for sex inside a massage parlor.

Kraft is one of 25 people charged with misdemeanors, State’s Attorney for Palm Beach County Dave Aronberg said at a press conference. Kraft, 77, is charged with two counts of of soliciting a person to commit prostitution and was issued a summons to appear in court in April. A low-level arrest warrant was also issued for Kraft, who does not reside in Florida. (A spokesperson for Kraft previously denied he committed any “illegal activity.”)

Police witnessed Kraft inside the “Orchids of Asia” massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida on two separate occasions, thanks to a “sneak and peek” warrant that allowed them to plant recording devices. In one instance, cameras recorded a woman hugging Kraft before he took off all his clothing and “laid face up on the massage table,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

The woman “hugged him again” and began “manipulating [his genitals]” with her hands, police said. Then the woman put “her head down by his [genitals]” for “several minutes” before she “wiped Kraft in the area of his genitals with a white towel.” After she helped him get dressed and hugged him again, he slipped her two bills, one of them $100.

The encounter lasted approximately ten minutes.

In another encounter, prosecutors allege, Kraft arrived at the spa in a blue Bentley, dressed casually in a dark shirt, blue baseball cap, and blue shorts. Once inside the room, Kraft allegedly “turned over onto his back” before “the lights in the room go out,” though a [manual sex act] can still be seen.

One of the alleged visits occurred on Jan. 20, hours before the Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game in Missouri.

The billionaire and the dozens of other alleged johns were snared in a law enforcement operation that shuttered 10 massage parlors across central Florida. The misdemeanors carry a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $500 fine.

“I [can] assure you our office treats everyone the same, whether you have a lot of money or [you’re] indigent” Aronberg said. “This is not about lonely old men.”

Authorities say women working at the parlors were little more than sex slaves to owners, though law enforcement has not charged anybody for human trafficking.

“There’s no allegation that any defendant engaged in human trafficking,” Aronberg said.

The charges against Kraft stem from an investigation into the spa that began in October 2018. Over 100 men have been identified in the sting operation, including John Havens, the former chief operation officer for Citigroup. Police also arrested the spa’s owner, Hua Zhang, and its manager, Lei Wang. The women working at the spa, many of them from China, lived in squalid conditions inside and were not allowed to leave, authorities allege.

“This is not about lonely old men and victimless crimes, this is about forcing women into our country for forced labor and sex,” Aronberg said.

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Source: Daily Beast

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26 February, 2019 8:36 pm

” this is about forcing women into our country for forced labor and sex,” tells you about US immigration policy.

“a white male later identified as Robert Kraft” tells you who law enforcement statisticians (incorrectly) consider white.

“Police also arrested the spa’s owner, Hua Zhang, and its manager, Lei Wang” kind of weakens that “ideal minority” myth.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
27 February, 2019 11:12 am

First initial response: Geez, you can’t even get a hand job anymore
w/o “big brother” looking in. This police surveillance state has just
gone too far. Actually, I really do mean that – it is just too much.
But second response is that: There are many more important
and concerning things that jewish billionaires are doing with
and buying with their money than this, i.e. owning lock, stock
and barrel entire swaths of politicians who will never touch
their genitals, but comply with the ongoing screw job we all
receive with our American “citizenship” and White privilege.
Or paying for revolutions wherever they please … etc.

Reply to  Rommel 41
1 March, 2019 6:23 am

Absolutely right. Take downs like this provide a false image that these billionaires are treated just like average people. The prosecutor Aronberg is likely a jew, which can be coincidence (in Florida) or read other ways depending on the aggressiveness of his prosecution. Looks like Kraft was serviced by the operators of the massage parlor though, which weakens the case that he furthered human trafficking of illegal aliens from China, per . But as to owning politicians, pro-non-white identity politics and its media support system are more dangerous in who they put and keep in office. Look at Maxine Waters, Charles Shumer, John Conyers, Charles Rangel as examples of idiots who became powerful committee chairmen from seniority due to electorates voting along racial lines over decades. These politicians steered… Read more »