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A Century of Jewish Lies, part 2

This is how Leo Frank and his wife Lucille were portrayed in a recent production of the pro-Frank stage play, Parade.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 16, 2019

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY we return for part 2 of the most powerful chapter in a ground-breaking work — The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man –detailing the first large-scale Jewish fake news operation in the United States: the Jewish power structure’s attempt to prevent — and then to reverse — the murder conviction of Jewish sex killer Leo Frank.

This is the real Leo Frank, shown in a contemporary photograph taken while he was in custody.
This is the real Lucille Frank, in a photograph taken around the same time her husband Leo sexually assaulted and killed a 13-year-old White girl, Mary Phagan.

In order to do that, Jewish leaders and media figures and behind-the-scenes manipulators had to pay perjurers, plant false evidence, corrupt investigators, and bamboozle the public into believing that a despicable pervert and killer was really an innocent victim of supposed “anti-Semitism.” They hired an unscrupulous front man to pretend to be working for the good guys — sound familiar? And you’re also going to hear about the internal ADL report and its conclusion (never mentioned by them in their public pronouncements on the case) that the pro-Frank forces had indeed planted false evidence.

Here is Miss Vanessa Neubauer to tell us exactly how they operated — listen.

(Listen to the broadcast for the full text.)

* * *

You’ve been listening to Miss Vanessa Neubauer presenting part 2 of
“A Century of Jewish Lies,” just one of 29 audio segments of this ground-breaking work originally published on The American Mercury, which is based the Nation of Islam book series called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, vol. 3.

Volume three is entitled The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man. It will take you on a trip into the past — to the greatest American murder mystery of all time; a mystery that will reveal to you the hidden forces that shape our world even today.

Be with us again next week for part 3 of “A Century of Jewish Lies,” right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. The National Alliance is working to educate White men and women around the world as to the nature of the reality we must face — and organizing our people to ensure our survival and advancement. We need your help to continue. Please send the largest contribution you can afford to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. You can also help us by visiting Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to never give up.

Listen to the broadcast
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Lindsey Stracke
Lindsey Stracke
16 February, 2019 11:24 am

I just started listening to americanmercury’s podcast series on NI’s secret relationship between jews and blacks, showing how Jewish supremacist antidefamation league of bris (more like Anti-Gentile Defamation League) was born in the blood ritual like murder of a teen girl. She was undoubtedly killed by jewish supremacist Leo m. Frank and the history distortors are still trying to get his conviction over turned (sick monsters). His racist coreligionists tried to weasel him out of the rape murder back then and still today they’re trying to put the crime on a black guy. This idea Jews are an ethnic group of pathological liars, fits the current events as it did in 1913.

Richard Mamchese
Richard Mamchese
16 February, 2019 2:48 pm

You hairbrains, Leo Frank was exonerated 30 years ago in 1985, after a petition submitted by ADL, AJF and AJC to Georgia Governor and pardon board. Alonzo the Mann came forward 75 years after the murder to prove he saw Jermaine Conley carrying the lifeless body of Mary Phagan. This was the definite proof Frank was framed by anti-Semenites. Look at the Marietta Daily Journal December 23rd 1983, Mary Richards Phagan the namesake of Mary Phagan said she thought Leo Frank was innocent as an angel. You got bamboozled by the NOI, Frank aen’t guilty. Nice try but no score!

16 February, 2019 5:49 pm
Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
17 February, 2019 5:50 pm

The eternal Jews….along with their defenders….

21 February, 2019 3:28 am

The ADL wants us to believe Alonzo Mann was afraid of a black man in Georgia in 1913. There was a 14-foot ladder to the basement and there were no bruises to indicate she was dropped even part of the way.

Goylag Magnus
Goylag Magnus
21 February, 2019 2:10 pm

“Jermaine Conley” came forward lmao not true a made up lie by the jews….the bastard did it tried framing one black guy that failed then tried framing another changed his stories and had planted evidence after multiple searches all of this was admitted all the real witnesses proved his story(s) false…the worst part about it is the jews always post fact invent absurd lies to cover up their crimes, the talmudic ticks really wasn’t apeshit over this trying to frame 2 blacks first one wasn’t there at the time and the last admitted to helping the rapist and murderer Frank CAREFULLY hide the body. The Alonzo Mann lie and the Conley falsification have long been disproven…the first frame up attempt of course being Newt Lee….elevator shaft my ass took… Read more »