The Education Before Matriculation

I WAS TALKING the other night with a man who has a son entering college in the fall. The father is a nice guy and generous with his collection of rare whiskeys though, like most people who glance off the side of our lives, he is an acquaintance rather than friend. I had always taken him to be liberal, albeit one rare in his reluctance to not spray spittle in your face about it. We have never discussed politics though, and my suspicion was based largely on intuition along with his son’s occasional regurgitation of programmed leftist pablum.

I expected this evening would proceed along its typical polite contours until the father began expressing visible contempt when the conversation turned to his son’s college application process. His son is a very bright boy with a pristine high school transcript and SAT scores in the top one percentile. Being conscientious parents in a way that tends to confer White privilege, they had made significant financial sacrifices to subsidize his many interests and academic pursuits. All told they had given up much of their own for him — as investor societies tend to do.

But being a meticulous investor in an age of extreme extraction preference can sometimes be a bitter pill. Because, as the father began to recount through nearly gritted teeth, his son’s rejection notices from elite universities had already begun to congest their mail box. The father found that grating enough, though understood Ivy League level dismissals are simply a thing to accept with equanimity. What possibly sent him into commenting at the Kakistocracy, however, was his son’s rejection from a large state university. Granted this was a fairly prestigious institution, though one with an incoming class featuring literally thousands of POCs with resumes inferior to his son’s. With alcohol’s gentle urging, he was livid about it. With one hand he rubbed the skin of his forearm and spat out, “apparently this wasn’t the right color.” He was correct, it was not.

I understand his frustration. Sane creatures don’t build nests for someone else’s chicks. But sane men long ago evacuated university admissions offices. These are now places to pronounce your pigment or abandon hope. So I nodded blandly and agreed that being a White heterosexual man was a huge impediment to reaching the power-funnel of elite education. Yet would a constitutional convention full of White, Christian, Englishmen really have wanted it any other way? He smiled ruefully at the premise.

Again, I don’t know his politics — pre or post college admissions. But I do know anti-White preening always has an invoice, and White liberals aren’t excused from payment. Diversity is a tribal sham. But it’s delicious to praise from high perches. Whites who get in the door never feel the pain of having their face slammed in it.

Well, I know one father and son who just got their noses broke. Did they think having the luxury of living in a country with millions of people who hate you was just going to be cost free? No, diversity is a luxury. Just not for any of the people actually paying for it. So their son will glumly take his 1500 SAT to a mid-tier state college, where he will promptly be regaled with encomiums to diversity. Perhaps he will email a list of its benefits back to his father.

It really is funny how myopia seems to be culturally communicable. Haitians didn’t massacre just right-wing Whites in 1804; they massacred all Whites. Mugabe didn’t kill or confiscate just from right-wing Whites; he killed Whites because they were Whites, and he confiscated property from all of them. Affirmative action and diversity aren’t programs against Bad Whites, they’re programs against all of them. Yet White liberals only comprehend what cuts their own forearm. Ahh well, at least Harvard admitted David Hogg.

* * *

Source: The Kakistocracy

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24 January, 2019 10:36 am

Colleges are doing away with exit exams because so many of the students do poorly. The Democrats will invent SJW lawyer jobs so they can persecute white people.

26 January, 2019 4:20 pm

Real Justice is really brutal. Oh, and educational– for those who survive. It’s well our “liberal” White relatives are being given as ample notice of what our enemies plan for us in equal measures as are given to the rest of us. May the fittest of us all survive and breed and to the rest their just desserts- elimination from our gene pool

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
23 January, 2020 1:55 pm

Why waste time on a phony ed-jewed-macation? Why not learn a trade instead, so you can stand in the unemployment line with those college graduates. If one cannot be accepted into the universities, what makes one think they will be accepted into a rapidly diminishing job market, where once again minority preferences assures white they will never get on that bus.

Smoke On The Horizon
Smoke On The Horizon
Reply to  Arch Stanton
23 January, 2020 5:14 pm

Although I see your point, keep in mind that people who “work at trades” don’t run things. Instead, they’re told what to do by those with college degrees. So if pro-whites ever hope to gain power, they must have a college degree. Otherwise, they’ll need a gun and a willingness for civil war.

Art Thief
Art Thief
3 March, 2021 5:24 pm

Imagine thinking David Hogg is White… I smell a small hat on him.