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The Church Has Been The Great Enemy Of Life

by Willian Gayley Simpson
from Which Way Western Man?

AND THIS IS the worst of the matter. The worst is not that the Church has perpetrated upon mankind a pious hoax, and turned the life and teaching of Jesus into a piece of hocus-pocus, an imaginary transaction to counteract imaginary sin to get people into an imaginary heaven. (For there is no such heaven as people picture, and the sins people labor under are mostly of man’s making, and the transaction never took place.) Neither is the worst that the Church has made promises that are utterly impossible to fulfill and that thereby people are lulled into a false sense of security.

It is rather that they are thus led to trifle with the only real Life, with their spiritual potentialities, with the comprehension, the instinct, the sensitiveness, intuition and living impulse, which alone can lift them to heights and hang rainbows over them, and give them stars — in short, give their days on Earth some meaning, some value, some significance. 

It is the crime of the Church against Life not only that it promises a life it does not and cannot give, but that it takes away from men the real life they did have, and which might have gone no one knows how far. In the beginning they saw, but led by the Church to believe that doing is not necessary, that Jesus will “fix it up” with God, it comes about that they “see and do not” — as Jesus said of the Pharisees. (Matt. 23:3) 

And presently they are not able any longer even to see. They “see and do not” and are not aware that they do not do. They are false and do not know that they are false. They are stone-blind, and it never enters their heads that they are blind. All sense of reality in their moral and spiritual existence has vanished. They live in an artificial world, a world of imaginary values, which cuts them off from all actuality, so that their organic spiritual existence slowly starves to death. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t eat. It doesn’t digest, assimilate, or excrete. Shut off from food and light and air, it languishes and dies. Dies because it never exerted itself, never kicked, or used its fists, or raised its voice, or got up and went anywhere.

It allowed itself slowly to be wound about with grave-cloths, over its eyes, and ears, and mouth, and around its arms and hands, and legs and feet. And now it’s a mummy. People walk around, talk and laugh, but within their breasts all the while is a mummy, a dead thing, a corpse. And presently it rots, and stinks, and infects, and poisons everyone who comes near. 

Until today almost our whole society is poisoned — poisoned above all with false values, which make our whole direction false, and the sickness is so prevalent that it escapes notice and is looked upon as health, while the truly healthy man, instead of being recognized as the norm and held up for admiration, is regarded with suspicion and pressed to become sick like the rest. 

And it is the Church, with its paralyzing conception “Christ,” that has done this thing. The Church has been the great enemy of the Life of man. In the parable, the sower sowed seed in his field, hoping that it would grow each according to its kind, in fulfillment of the shape and color and strength it bore within itself. But in the night an enemy came and sowed tares in the field. But the tares were not so bad as what the Church has done to the field. With the tares the seed could at least struggle. Some of it might come to be what it was meant to be. But the Church has sterilized the soil, so that nothing would grow at all — so that even the weeds grow sickly. 

The Church has taken away man’s belief in his innermost self, which is his belief in Life. It has taken away his struggle, without which there is no growth, no fulfillment.

It has not, as it were, told the seed that it was a life- and-death necessity to struggle — to get its own roots deep down into the soil, to food and drink, and to force its tender shoots up towards the sky, to sun and air. On the contrary, it has told the seed that all this costly and painful labor has been done for it, by another, and that if only the seed would accept this as fact and rest in it, eventually it would be transplanted to another garden and be miraculously transformed into full-grown and perfect flowers. But there isn’t any other garden. Regardless of locale, all life is one. So that the net result is that the garden remains barren and bare. The seed, which might have come to every sort of flower and fruit, comes to nothing. It rots in the ground. And it was this that made Nietzsche to declare that the two greatest stupefiers of the Western world have been alcohol and Christianity.

* * *

Source: Volkish

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
18 January, 2019 10:06 am

It is in the economic realm that most of the struggle takes place. A young person must find out what lies within him so that he can use it to make a living, or to find something that will support him while he pursues his real calling. It is socialism that is frequently the great stupefier. It is socialism that tells a young person that struggle will not improve their situation and that their grimy and dingy apartment is the best that they can hope for. It is socialism that tells people that this profession is closed to them, that the authorities do not consider them to be a good match there; or that his particular idea for a new product or service, or even a different way of painting… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
24 January, 2019 1:55 am

Willian Gayley Simpson! In my opinion, one of the
greatest thinkers of the previous century.

Reply to  Walt Hampton
24 January, 2019 7:50 am

His book Which Way Western Man? is well worth the time for a man who wants to see this and so many other topics addressed thoughtfully and with excellent scholarship. Many many thanks to Dr. Pierce and the Alliance’s National Vanguard Books for having first published this valuable tome.

As I understand it, Cosmotheist Books now offers it to all who want the education it offers. Take them up and get a copy, while you can. Our self appointed enemies want to shut down those who dare to think and learn by denying us these books through repressive governments they control.

26 January, 2019 2:34 am

The church in and of itself is not the problem. The problem it that it has been largely hijacked like every other institution out there. The ministers are public figures, much like politicians, and there are limits on what they’re willing to publicly preach and what their people are willing to tolerate. When I once discussed with a minister about how one of our church’s practices was contrary to the testimony of scripture and the historic practices of our denomination, he told me that it wasn’t “a hill he was willing to die on”. Long gone are the bold souls of men like John Knox or Martin Luther, who were ready to preach the truth of God before men who might actually have killed them. Ministers today strangely believe that… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Chris
27 January, 2019 5:57 pm

Sorry, Chris, that Middle-eastern spookcraft doesn’t sell well around here. W.G. Simpson was a Cosmotheist thinker. Cosmotheist Books is currently the only source where one can purchase his opus Which Way Western Man?

Maybe you didn’t grasp the harsh criticism of your creed in last line in this chapter of WWWM?

[I]t was this that made Nietzsche to declare that the two greatest stupefiers of the Western world have been alcohol and Christianity.

That is the kind of stuff from great White thinkers that sells best around Thanks.

Bancroft Hall
Bancroft Hall
Reply to  Chris
29 January, 2019 7:23 pm

I invite Chris, and all other readers of National Vanguard, to read the magnificent tome “Might Is Right”

PDF online version:

Hard copy version [please purchase and support this site! — Ed.]:

If one is a “Convinced Christian” or a “Cradle Catholic” or a “Saved Evangelical” or otherwise life-long Jesus worshiper, it will be a hard read. I did it. After forty years of wasting my time on the Greatest Fraud Ever perpetrated, I’ve been liberated.

Go for it.

Bancroft Hall
Bancroft Hall
Reply to  Bancroft Hall
30 January, 2019 8:56 am

One more required reading for any Christian who is still swimming in the Judeo-Christian lap pool, and who might have dipped his toe into White Nationalism (or Aryans first or Cosmotheism … you know what I mean — Answering the call to combat to save our Race). It’s been preserved as a “.pdf” such that it’s manifestly available — NO EXCUSE not to read it:'sBible.pdf A major classic of White Patriotism, and it stands Christianity (and all other Levantine “religions”) on their heads. Would be on a Vatican list of forbidden books — and forbidden in any American Public School. Read It! If you dare! Along with Might Is Right and a few others, it re-directed my mis-directed energies from Levantine merde religion to Fighting for Our Race. And… Read more »

Bancroft Hall
Bancroft Hall
29 January, 2019 7:35 pm

Excerpt from Ragnar Redbeard, pp. 2-3 of online version: “How is it that ‘men of light and leading’ hardly ever call in question the manufactured ‘moral codes,’ under which our once vigorous Northern race is slowly and surely eating out its heart in peaceful inaction and laborious dry-rot? Standard ‘moral principles’ are arbitrarily assumed by their orthodox apologist to be a fixed and unalterable quantity, and that to doubt the divine-rightness of these ‘principles’ is treason and sacrilege. When the greatest thinkers of a race are incapable, or afraid to perform their manifest and logical function, it is scarcely to be wondered that average citizens are, also, somewhat unwilling to ‘risk life, fortune, and sacred honor’ for the overthrow of popularized ‘right and wrong’ concepts, that they know from bitter… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
31 January, 2019 10:56 pm

Excellent! Thank you, Bancroft Hall.

29 July, 2019 1:15 pm

The “church” ended in AD70. What we have today are pretenders, nay, wannabee Israelites whohave been brainwashed to believe they’re sinners under a law that’s passed away, looking for a savior who said he came for someone else to save them from a sin that’s already been removed and a judgement that already happened and allow them into a covenant that was made with someone else. The truth is, no one alive today were never and are not part of (ancient) Israel’s redemptive narrative.~michael bradley