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Sandmann and Phillips: Mocking, Smirking, Lying

Nick Sandmann

by David Sims

THE WHITE STUDENTS accused of mocking a descendant of North American aboriginals [is “mocking” illegal now? — Ed.] at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC are innocent of this charge. What really happened is this: A group of students were waiting for a bus when one of these aboriginals, beating a drum, led a group of leftists to the bus stop and began harassing the White students, some of whom were wearing MAGA hats. The aboriginal began beating his drum right next to the head of one of the students, intimidating him with the drum sticks, while saying “Go back to Europe,” among other snide comments. When the Jew-run “mainstream” media arrived, they created a false narrative in which the students were said to have mocked the aboriginal. They did no such thing. CNN has put out fake news, once again.

And consider this: The Black man from the “Black Hebrew Israelites” who was doing the preaching at the event, at the scene of the confrontation, is heard on video saying:

The Lord said he shall send us against a hypocritical nation. You make us swear on the Bible. You got on the back of the court system ‘In God We Trust.’ On the back of your dollar bill it says ‘In God We Trust.’ But you give faggots rights?! The Bible condemns homosexuality!

He’s right, of course. The Torah (Leviticus) condemns homosexuality to the extent of prescribing the death penalty. The Apostle Paul said that homosexuals will never enter Heaven. But if this Black preacher had been White, then the news media’s big story that day would have been about him, and not about the students — not the false news story we got about a confrontation between a teenage White boy and an Amerindian.

There are many lies from and about Nathan Phillips, the Amerindian. First, he isn’t a Vietnam veteran, although he did serve in the Armed Forces after the war was over. He wasn’t stationed in Vietnam.

Nathan Phillips

Second, Phillips claimed that Nick Sandmann, the teenage boy who stood in front of him, had placed himself in Phillips’ way, as Phillips was walking to the Lincoln Memorial.That’s a lie. It was Phillips who chose to walk through the middle of the crowd of high school boys. It was Phillips who positioned himself in front of that boy. And stayed there.

Third, Phillips said that he tried to get around the boy, but the boy kept moving to get in his way again. That’s another lie. The boy simply stood where he had been all along. It was Phillips who moved to get in the boy’s face. He didn’t attempt to proceed past the boy to the Lincoln Memorial.

Fourth, Phillips said that the boys chanted “Build the Wall,” but they did not. [As if that is a crime! — Ed.]

Fifth, Phillips said that the boys and the Black Hebrew Israelites hurled “racist” comments at each other. But according to the video evidence, only the Black Hebrew Israelites made such comments; the White Catholic school boys did not.

Phillips is a genteel, soft-spoken liar. Although he appears earnest, he is not. He’s lying.

Other people are lying for Nathan Phillips, also. There’s a video showing a woman complaining that some of the media are now suggesting that Nathan Phillips was the aggressor. How clever she is to say that! Because Nathan Phillips indeed was the aggressor.

If you listen to Phillips talk about it, he’ll try to convince you that he was being a peacemaker between the Catholic boys and the Black Hebrew Israelites. But the only way that marching into someone else’s gathering, and then beating your drum a few inches from the face of a member of that gathering, can be interpreted is as a provocation.

A drumstick can be a weapon, especially at close range and most especially if the target of attack isn’t expecting it. Before the victim can move, the wielder of the drumstick can destroy either or both of the victim’s eyes, for example. The idea that an adult, marching up to a teenager and getting into the teenager’s face while beating a drum, is on some kind of peace-making expedition is laughable. It cannot be any such thing.

Phillips was trying to get his victim, 16-year-old Nick Sandmann, to lash out and thereby provide the media with a firmer pretext for blaming and attacking White people who were wearing MAGA hats.

The set-up is pat enough to make you wonder whether the media arranged it ahead of time.

A wise man once said:

We must study this vile Jewish technique of emptying garbage pails full of the vilest slanders and defamations from hundreds and hundreds of sources at once, suddenly and as if by magic, on the clean garments of honorable men, if we are fully to appreciate the entire menace represented by these scoundrels of the press. There is absolutely nothing one of these spiritual robber barons will not do to achieve his unsavory aims. He will poke into the most secret family affairs and not rest until his truffe-searching instinct digs up some miserable incident which is calculated to finish off the unfortunate victim. But if, after the most careful sniffing, absolutely nothing is found, either in the man’s public or private life, one of these scoundrels simply seizes on slander, in the firm conviction that despite a thousand refutations something always sticks and, moreover, through the immediate and hundredfold repetition of his defamations by all his accomplices, any resistance on the part of the victim is in most cases utterly impossible… These scum manufacture more than three quarters of the so-called ‘public opinion…’ To give an accurate description of this process and depict it in all its falsehood and improbability, one would have to write volumes. But even if we disregard all this and examine only the given product along with its activity, this seems to me enough to make the objective lunacy of this institution dawn on even the naïvest mind. (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 3)

He was right. Obviously. Since they’re still doing it.

* * *

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B. Smith
B. Smith
24 January, 2019 9:52 pm

Does this feel for others as well…
As if this particular incident marks a point of no return?

There have been so many other smite-the-white incidents but this one gives me a chill.
Like something is moving now that cannot be stopped.

Reply to  B. Smith
24 January, 2019 11:20 pm

Yes, I figured people would be smart enough and realize this was propaganda and would actually watch the real video and see for themselves, but no, I have friends and family on Facebook saying these kids are evil and deserve what they are getting, and overheard people out in public talking about how the white kids were in the wrong…everyone seems to be buying this crap, hook line and sinker. It’s scary for sure. On top of that, the same people outraged over the Maga hat kids don’t bat an eye at the fact New York just made nine month abortions legal

B. Smith
B. Smith
Reply to  Lisa.M
25 January, 2019 12:09 am

Lisa. M, So true!

And those Catholic so called “leaders” rushed to condemn good young men while making no real effort to fight full term “abortion” (i.e. murder).

I am no Christian but my pagan Cosmotheist blood burns with learned Saxon hate at this betrayel of our Catholic kin.