Police: Black “Nurse” Rapes, Impregnates Comatose Woman

The raping Black male was the woman’s “nurse” and “caregiver.” Though the victim was at least part Amerindian, this is nevertheless an ominous warning of the kind of “care” elderly and disabled Whites will receive in a future Third World America.

“Nurse” and devout Christian Nathan Sutherland

NATHAN SUTHERLAND, a 36-year-old Black male, described as a “devout Christian nurse,” was arrested for raping a 29-year-old quadriplegic patient when DNA linked him to her baby. He refused to enter a plea in first court appearance. Sutherland has been arrested after his DNA matched with the child’s. Sutherland was a nurse at Hacienda Healthcare facility in the Phoenix area, and “cared for” the victim. He is a “Haitian orphan” and “devout Christian” who regularly sings at local churches.

He has been placed on a $500,000 bond after appearing in court on today. The victim, 29, gave birth on December 29 having been raped at the facility.
She has been in a vegetative state at the hospice after nearly drowning in 1992. The apparently mixed-race child is ‘doing well’ according to police and has been released from the hospital. Police are now investigating whether any other resident have been abused.

The male nurse arrested in Arizona on suspicion of raping a quadriplegic woman who suddenly gave birth despite being in a vegetative state for 26 years, appeared in court on Wednesday.

Nathan Sutherland, 36, is facing one charge of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse after a DNA test identified him as the baby’s father.

The father of four did not enter a plea to the charges against him.

A Maricopa County Superior Court commissioner placed the recently divorced defendant on a $500,000 cash-only bail bond. He is being held in the Maricopa County Jail and his next court appearance will be January 30. If released, he would be placed on house arrest and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Sutherland tours local churches in Phoenix with his sister (right) under the group name, ‘SLEEPLESSSOULJAZ’

Wearing a T-shirt, athletic pants and a jacket, Sutherland was accompanied by defense attorney David Gregan, who said his client has no prior criminal record.

Gregan told the court there was ‘no direct evidence’ to suggest his client had committed the crime, but he acknowledged the DNA evidence obtained by police.

Sutherland — a Haitian orphan — has been a licensed practical nurse since 2011 and was directly responsible for caring for the victim at the Hacienda HealthCare Facility, according to police.

He divorced from his wife, Bridget Sutherland, last year. The motion was ordered on December 28, 24 hours before the birth of the victim’s child.

The defendant refused to answer investigator’s questions after his arrest.

Hacienda officials say Sutherland went through an ‘extensive background check’ before he was hired.

They added that he was terminated ‘the moment our leadership team learned of his arrest’.

‘Every member of the Hacienda organization is troubled beyond words to think that a licensed practical nurse could be capable of seriously harming a patient,’ the statement continued.

‘Once again, we offer an apology and send our deepest sympathies to the client and her family, to the community and to our agency partners at every level.’

Male staff working at the medical facility were asked, then ordered by police to submit DNA tests as part of their investigation into the sexual assault.

However, Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson say Sutherland’s DNA wasn’t volunteered and they had to file a court order which passed on Tuesday.

Sutherland was arrested the same day after the results came back as a match.

The defendant has worked at Hacienda for eight years.

State records show he first became a clinical nursing assistant in 2005, before becoming a licensed practical nurse.

The 36-year-old is a Haitian orphan and devout Christian who regularly tours local churches to perform Christian rap songs in the group ‘SLEEPLESSOULJAZ’, alongside his sister.

‘My parents split up in Haiti and I remember my mom couldn’t take care of us, so she took us to an orphanage’, Sutherland said in 2011.

‘Even though it was an orphanage you were blessed if you had one cup or bowl of rice or something a day,’ he added.

Esella Burr said on Wednesday that Sutherland was her neighbor for more than five years until he sold his Phoenix-area home in October.

Burr says he shared the home with his wife and four children, and she saw the couple leave for church every Sunday.

Caretakers reportedly did not know the victim was pregnant until she started moaning because she was in labor in late December. The 29-year-old woman is reportedly a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and the mixed-race child is now living with her extended family.

The percentage of Amerindian ancestry of the woman is not publicly available; many “tribe members” today are overwhelmingly of European ancestry,

The family’s attorney released a statement this week to clarify that the mother was not in a coma, which means that someone does not respond to light or sound. Patients in vegetative states, meanwhile, can have facial expressions and make sounds, though they are still unconscious.

“She has significant intellectual disabilities as a result of seizures very early in her childhood,” the statement read. “She does not speak but has some ability to move her limbs, head and neck. Their daughter responds to sound and is able to make facial gestures. The important thing is that she is a beloved daughter, albeit with significant intellectual disabilities. She has feelings, likes to be read to, enjoys soft music, and is capable of responding to people she is familiar with, especially family.”

The woman gave birth to a baby boy on December 29 as staff at Hacienda HealthCare frantically called 911 for assistance, telling an operator that they had not known the 112-pound patient was pregnant.

The baby has since been released from the hospital and the victim’s family have said they will take care of the boy.

‘We owed this arrest to the victim. We owed this arrest to the newest member of our community — that innocent baby,’ Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thomson said. ‘The baby I am told is doing good,’ he added. ‘We can’t always choose how we come into this life, but we can choose as a community how we will love this child — and that’s what we need to do.’

A lawyer for the woman’s family has said the infant ‘has been born into a loving family and will be well cared for,’ according to The New York Times.

Today the television program CBS This Morning laid blame for the tragedy largely on a “lack of cameras” at the facility.

* * *

Source: Daily Mail, Arizona Family, and National Vanguard correspondents

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Axis Sally
Axis Sally
24 January, 2019 10:52 pm

“…reportedly a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe,” eh? There was a time when Apaches would have known how to deal with such an example of alien inferiority. Perhaps bury him alive out in the desert with only his head exposed as a treat for accommodating fire ants…? As for the disposition of the “apparently mixed-race” result of the crime, too bad they cannot consult the wishes of the victim; she would probably direct them to flush it away with the rest of her excreta. As for the unfortunate community, it will have no choice, contrary to the opinion of the illiterate police sergeant, but to submit to involuntary support of the wretch for the rest of its life, and to endure its antisocial behavior. This is America? Christianity?… Read more »

Reply to  Axis Sally
1 February, 2019 12:16 am

Boo- you were going well when you mentioned burying him and the fire ants then I you went south boooooo

Emilio M Sanzano
Emilio M Sanzano
27 January, 2019 3:44 am

Note that in the last paragraph CBS tried to blame the facility for the rape because of a lack of cameras. How sick are these leftists? They can’t even bring themselves to blame the rapist for his actions because he’s black, so they’ll blame his employers, who are probably white. They’ll try to turn every story into an anti-white hit piece. When will whites wake up?

Hans s. Bauer
Hans s. Bauer
31 January, 2019 5:43 pm

Stop playing this sick game

Stop playing this sick game! Crime is everywhere all around us. What about the 21 year old white man who shot 5 women in a Florida bank?
This is how the police chief described the killings:
“Zephen Allen Xaver knowingly and intentionally took the lives of five of our fellow community members,” Sebring police Chief Karl Hoglund said at a Thursday news conference. Fighting back tears, he said the town was mourning the loss of “our sisters, our mothers, our daughters and our coworkers.”
White people commit horrible crimes too… you already know.


Reply to  Hans s. Bauer
1 February, 2019 11:07 am

Crimes committed by whites are fully exploited by the national media, often for days. Far more numerous violent crimes in total numbers, by non-whites, involving only one or two victims at a time, are virtually ignored by it. The NV provides a modicum of balance. The reason why the headlined crime was reported nationally is because of its unusual circumstances, result, and the state of the victim. There was still a forcible rape because the victim could not provide consent. However, whenever an armed negroid forcibly rapes a normal white woman and that leads to pregnancy, it’s local news – if that, in a city the size of Phoenix – and “CBS This Morning” won’t ask why there were no cameras at the crime scene, since it wouldn’t be reporting… Read more »

Hans Bauer
Hans Bauer
Reply to  Sethmoto101
1 February, 2019 5:08 pm

All crime must be denounced!!!
Could we please get your thoughts on the young white man who murdered his own mother and father and a young white woman who befriended him and her father and her brother in Louisiana? Then he fled to Richmond County Virginia in his dead father’s pickup ? White on White crime?
Lets not get into this race to the bottom. Let’s not sling crime stories at each other, but criminals come in all colors and from all classes!!! The crimes of the poor are easy to find. The rich can and do hide theirs!!

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
Reply to  Hans Bauer
8 August, 2019 7:00 am

1 in 50 east Asian males in a criminal, 1 in 25 white males is a criminal, 1 in 10 Mestizos is a criminal, and 1 in 4 black males is a criminal. Through the process of elimination, I suppose that we can find hardened Asian criminals who have victimized docile law-abiding blacks. However, it also must be acknowledged that blacks are the only race whom collectively has shown relatively significant support or apathy in regard to its criminal class.

1 February, 2019 8:29 am

The work is grueling and the pay is low in these facilities. Who will work there?

1 February, 2019 8:32 am

Twenty-two years keeping a vegetable alive. Whose brain child was this?

Catherine Bye
Catherine Bye
3 October, 2021 6:17 am

What year was this?