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Forward Momentum: An Interview with Will Williams, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 12, 2019

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK we bring you the first part of my interview with the Chairman of the National Alliance, Mr. William White Williams. In this program we talk about our efforts to cross the thresholds of long-term survival, economic self-sufficiency, and ability to shape the future for our people — we talk about areas where we are making progress, and others where we’re lacking. We also discuss the new lawsuit against the SPLC — a well-funded Jewish group which attempts to disrupt and destroy pro-White organizations and ruin the lives of the individuals that comprise them.

Some of the topics we cover are:

• Keeping the intellectual and spiritual legacy of William Pierce alive — and helping to advance his plan to rescue our race from the brink of disaster — is a necessary — and supremely worthy — way to spend our lives.

• You’ll hear about the time — just a few days ago — when a journalist was interviewing Chairman Williams, who took the opportunity to ask the man point blank if he thought that our race was worth preserving, yes or no.

• The simple fact is that once-dominant Christian conservatism failed to preserve our race, failed to preserve our values, failed to preserve our control of our own society, and failed even to preserve itself.

• The popularity of an ideology or value system appears, at least in today’s America, to be inversely proportional to its validity and utility.

• The National Alliance will not compromise its truth for money or popularity. The National Alliance will not compromise its goal of sustainable White living space under racially-conscious Cosmotheist control for any reason whatsoever. This has made us a target of well-funded Jewish lawfare groups like the SPLC, despite our relatively small size.

• There is a new lawsuit against the SPLC brought by one of that group’s victims, Mr. Glen Allen of Baltimore, who lost his job as an attorney with the city after accusations of “racism” were made against him by the Jewish group. The National Alliance is involved because the SPLC, in trying to ruin Mr. Allen’s life, obtained and used documents that had been stolen from the Alliance. This suit has a very good chance of success, as 1) Mr. Allen is known as a top-flight attorney, 2) his complaint — read it here — is irrefutable and perfectly crafted, and 3) the SPLC’s immoral, unethical, damaging, and illegal acts are completely indefensible. Chairman Williams encourages all of us to help Mr. Allen’s efforts.

• Everyone should download and print out hundreds — or thousands — of copies of our excellent exposé of Martin Luther King, entitled “No King Over Us.” Each flier fits on a single piece of 8.5 x 11 paper. Make sure that this truth-telling work blankets your neighborhood next weekend. It can be distributed at “MLK” events too. The truth is a powerful weapon — use it!

Be with us again next week when we’ll continue this wide-ranging interview, right here on American Dissident Voices.

If you’d like to be a part of what we’re doing — and receive our monthly printed BULLETIN which will keep you updated on our progress and the activism of our members, simply visit or write to Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. The National Alliance is working to educate White men and women around the world as to the nature of the reality we must face — and organizing our people to ensure our survival and advancement. We need your help to continue. Please send the largest contribution you can afford to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. You can also help us by visiting Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to never give up.

Listen to the broadcast
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  1. 21st Century WN
    12 January, 2019 at 12:03 pm — Reply

    Extract from plaintiff Glen Allen’s legal complaint against the SPLC: “The reality is that Beirich, Potok, and the SPLC have perfected what the scholar Laird Wilcox, speaking of the SPLC, called “ritual defamation”: “a way of harming and isolating people by
    denying their humanity and trying to convert them into something that deserves to be hated and eliminated.”

    Lest we forget, this is war, and Mr. Allen’s accusation against the SPLC (admittedly a despicable group) for doing what it does in regard to “harming and isolating people by denying their humanity” (which is exactly what I do against Jews and negroes and mestizos all the time) in order that I can “convert them into something that deserves to be hated and eliminated” (by white Americans) is simply exercising the strategies and tactics necessary to win a Race War.

    As I see it, the plaintiff Glen Allen is like a soldier who sues the enemy in court because the enemy dared to use machine guns and hand grenades against him during warfare. Again, this is war. Of course the enemy is going to do everything possible to destroy you, Mr. Allen – including getting you fired. Is is fair? Hell no, but when has war been otherwise? Just accept that the SPLC tossed a figurative “hand grenade” into your employment foxhole that maimed and crippled you for life. Again, that’s war, Mr. Allen – and you were a casualty.

    Finally, I read Mr. Allen’s legal complaint. One nauseating detail stood out: Mr. Allen going on and on about how he’s “helped African-Americans” with pro bono (free) legal services. In other words, in order to gain courtroom “sympathy” Mr. Allen is telling us that he’s “helped” the very negroid animals who have destroyed not only his city (Baltimore) but America at large. The instant I hear that kind of defensive tactic used by a white man I’m done with him. You do not make your case by admitting you’ve actively helped our enemies and then expect the victims of those enemies to help you.

    • 12 January, 2019 at 4:53 pm — Reply

      Sir, when it comes to your understanding of “the war,” your understanding of who we in the National Alliance are, our goals, who our enemy is, and knowing how to fight that enemy goes, especially in the government’s courts — whether in the twentieth century or the twenty-first — your reach far exceeds your grasp.

      If you want to further disparage plaintiff Allen, and discourage our visitors from supporting his lawsuit, it won’t be here at

    • 13 January, 2019 at 10:14 am — Reply


      Thanks, James. That’s the one. The hyperlink to plaintiff’s claim is in the third paragraph of Kevin MacDonald’s piece about it. Like I told Kevin in the interview, every serious White loyalist should read all 82-pages for the important understanding they’ll gain about our self-appointed, perfidious watchdogs. Know Your Enemy!

      The likelihood of my being deposed in this case (mostly having to do with what’s claimed in paragraphs 54-85, or so) is something I relish. That is, if it gets that far before SPLC throws in the towel and settles, like they did with that Muslim complainant last year.

  2. Albert Pike
    13 January, 2019 at 11:11 am — Reply

    Good cause that needs to be and will be supported

  3. Servenet
    13 January, 2019 at 7:02 pm — Reply

    ¨…its fundamentals are preposterously untrue….¨

    Some context: I am a fiercely pro-White (WN or ethno-nationalist) Bible believing evangelical, but here is another ¨take¨ on the implied reference to (the religion of) Evolutionism –

    It is absurd for the Evolutionist to complain that it is unthinkable for an admittedly unthinkable God to make everything out of nothing, and then pretend that it is more thinkable that nothing should turn itself into everything.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton

    • 13 January, 2019 at 11:12 pm — Reply

      Welcome. I like both Chestertons, A.K. and G.K.

      You don’t have to believe everything we believe here. Everyone has his own spiritual path.

      But I do want to point out that Cosmotheists aren’t atheists. And we do know that evolution is part of the Creator’s natural order. Everything is evolving, always. Nothing is static. That doesn’t mean that “everything came out of nothing,” though. There’s a lot we don’t know — yet — about the beginning of the Universe. It’s pretty safe to say, though, that Jehovah is a Jewish fable and nothing more. Read Seneca and Epictetus and you will know with certainty that White people had God, high morality, deep wisdom, and a beautiful grasp of Divine Providence long before they ever heard of the Bible.

    • James Clayton
      14 January, 2019 at 9:12 pm — Reply
  4. Sethmoto101
    16 January, 2019 at 10:18 pm — Reply

    The MLK flyer needs two pages. It’d be simpler to use a few bullets summarizing the article’s points to dispel common myths, then reference the ADV broadcast url, to fit on one page. The classic “The Beast as Saint” audio has been practically public domain – minus the NA info (which may’ve helped dissemination in youtube’s earlier years). I’d reclaim the audio as an original NA product now, on the flyer, especially if copywrited. Despite AI stamping out copies as soon as posted, it lives on in the video soundtrack:

    There are many more mp4 sources of it on Russian and Polish domains, so youtube banning these three accomplishes nothing. How does that make you feel, SPLC?

    • 18 January, 2019 at 9:55 am — Reply

      SETHMOTO101: The MLK flyer needs two pages. It’d be simpler to use a few bullets summarizing the article’s points to dispel common myths, then reference the ADV broadcast url, to fit on one page. The classic “The Beast as Saint” audio has been practically public domain – minus the NA info… I’d reclaim the audio as an original NA product now, on the flyer, especially if copywrited. Despite AI stamping out copies as soon as posted, it lives on in the video soundtrack:

      Seth, I only viewed your third link, then posted the following comment there. I don’t know who AI is, but this seems like a simple way to reclaim NA’s product in this case:

      The source: Printable flier of Kevin Alfred Strom’s “No King Over Us,” 2-page, tri-fold flier, just in time for distribution across America on MLK Day this year, here:

      • Sethmoto101
        18 January, 2019 at 10:16 am — Reply

        Sorry, AI is artificial intelligence that will soon (if not already) be scanning social media posts and media files for comments its operators feel are inappropriate.

  5. James Clayton
    17 January, 2019 at 8:58 am — Reply

    © 2000 Kevin Alfred Strom, All Rights Reserved.

    The Beast As Saint
    The Truth About “Martin Luther King”
    by Kevin Alfred Strom

    (the text of a speech given by Mr. Strom on the nationwide radio program, American Dissident Voices)

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