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Congoid Space Fantasies

by David Sims

WHY DO Africans confuse astronomy with spaceflight? A telescope is not a spaceship. You would use a telescope to look at something in space. But a spaceship carries you into space so that you can get close to what telescopes can only look at. It takes more intelligence to fly in space than it takes to use a telescope. I think that this is probably why Africans want to conflate them: so they can seem to be smarter than they really are.

My commentary at the YouTube video posted above generated quite a debate, and I thought it was worth sharing.

As a response to my commentary, SB stated:

Waw, what a racist comment. Don’t forget we have pioneer scientist worked in NASA.

In the United States, there are laws that require government agencies like NASA, and also contractors who do business with them, to hire Blacks, whether they are qualified or not. Because putting Blacks into critical mission-planning roles would probably get astronauts killed, they are mostly used for public relations tasks. The public sees Blacks speaking for NASA, and so the public gets the simple-minded idea that there are a lot of smart Blacks working in NASA.

In fact, however, the difficult work is done by Whites or by Asians almost exclusively. The astrodynamics. The engineering. Blacks are left with the aforesaid public relations jobs and, sometimes, tightening bolts (under supervision).

Racism by a more capable race, with respect to an inferior race, is sensible and, usually, defensive. Racists have learned a lesson about slavery — namely, that it doesn’t last; the slaves eventually are freed, and that is when the trouble begins. So today White racists don’t want any slaves. They just don’t want to have any other race around them, so they can be in their country all by themselves.

And space exploration is a good field in which to judge the relative quality of the races. As we can all see, Whites can put satellites into orbit.

But Blacks cannot do this. Or, at any rate, it has never happened.

Several African countries have legal ownership of one or more orbiting satellites. But they didn’t launch any of them. Instead, all of these African countries hired someone in a White country or in an Asian country to do the launching for them.

GhanaSat-1 was launched from the United States aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that carried out the CRS-11 mission to the International Space Station. It was not launched from anywhere in Africa.

South Africa’s SUNSAT was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, United States, aboard a ULA Delta 2 rocket, on 23 February 1999. It was not launched from anywhere in Africa.

Kenya’s 1KUNS-PF satellite was launched from the United States aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It was not launched from anywhere in Africa.

Nigeriasat-1 was launched from Russia aboard a Dnipr rocket on 27 September 2003.

NigeriaSat-2 was launched into orbit from a military base in China.

NigComSat-1 [Yes, that is its real name! — Ed.] was launched on 13 May 2007, aboard a Chinese Long March 3B carrier rocket, from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in China — as was NigComSat-1R in 2009.

None of Nigeria’s satellites was launched from anywhere in Africa.

No African country has ever launched anything into space. That has never happened. Any news source or pundit who says otherwise is lying.

If I hire someone to build a house for me, I do not go around telling people that I am the house-builder. If I hire someone to paint a painting for me, I do not go around telling people that I was the painter. If I hire someone to write a song for me, I do not go around telling people that I am the composer. If I hire someone to write a story book for me, I do not go around telling people that I am its author. Saying such things is dishonest. To say such things is to tell lies. Just because I own the house, the painting, or the copyright for the song or for the book does not mean that I am due the credit for creating them.

Likewise, if you were to say that Nigeria launched a satellite, you would be telling a lie. All of Nigeria’s satellites were launched from Russia or from China. I will repeat:

No African country has ever launched anything at all into space.

It has never happened.

All of the satellites that African countries merely happen to own were launched by Russia, by China, or by one of the rocket companies in the United States (the two biggest are United Launch Alliance and SpaceX).

Likewise, nobody in Africa has ever built a satellite from basic electronic components. Instead, Black African space enthusiasts have bought them (or had them gifted) from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, or Japan. When the African press says that someone in Africa “built” a satellite, what they really mean is that he assembled prefabricated cubesats into a frame designed to hold them together.

Blacks are forever trying to get credit that they do not deserve.

A comparison between Black and White achievement makes Blacks look inferior. That’s why they tell so many lies about “Black inventions,” most of which are easily debunked, and it is why this African news program leaves out the important detail of which countries really manufactured and launched the orbiting satellites that some African government merely happens to own.

Blacks don’t have this…

…and they never will.

Blacks haven’t made anything like this…

…and they never will.

Blacks can’t do this…

…and they never will.

SB responded:

That is why NASA never crossed beyond moon with maned missions. Because, you think you are better than blacks, ignoring the fact that all mankind is the same in every sense except the difference due to environmental factors and nutrition. Whites are just mutated to adapt the environment they live in as are blacks. Or, even if you fail to admit your skin is just lower level of Albinoism. If environmental (education, technology etc) and nutritional differences are corrected, all human beings have the same intelligence level. Do not fool yourself and don’t forget you collected a lot of technologies and methods from other countries you think you are better than. You used to think you even better than Mongolian (Japanese, Chinese etc), but now you afraid of them. We Ethiopians, we just don’t have good hearted leaders. Otherwise we will beat you to it. Wait for it.

What you said is funny. “That is why NASA never crossed beyond the moon with [manned] missions.”

Nobody else has ever landed men on the moon. All of the men who have ever walked on the moon, or even orbited the moon, have been White men. All of them.

And you hasten to point out that White men have not, so far, done even more? Listen to me, because I will give you good advice. Before you may criticize us, you must first catch up with us. And this you will never do. Blacks will never land on the moon by their own efforts. Why, they can’t even launch a satellite all by themselves. They need White people (or Asian people) to help them with doing this.

In fact, no Black person has ever flown into space by the efforts of Black people to put him there. No, instead all of the Blacks who have been to space were put there by White people. White people can put dogs or monkeys into space, too, but nobody thinks that the dogs or the monkeys are smart enough to accomplish this on their own. It is the same for Blacks.

As for our not having gone farther from Earth then the moon just yet, all you need to do is wait. We will go to Mars. We will colonize the solar system. It is even possible that Whites will bring some Blacks along for the ride. I hope not, but it is possible.

The point, however, is that the superior races (Whites and Asians) are the key to getting these things done. The inferior races (Blacks and most Browns) aren’t necessary. If the inferior races were to disappear entirely, the superior races would still go into outer space. If the superior races were to disappear entirely, the inferior races would be stuck on Earth, with crumbling infrastructure that they don’t know how to fix or to replace, and within a few generations they would be back in the Stone Age.

When you look around the world at the White race, you don’t see us at our best. That is because, just now, our powers are being limited and suppressed by Jewish-controlled banking and media institutions. What you see us do is what we can do despite those limitations and that suppression. We have begun working to throw off those controls and return to our normal effectiveness.

Take a look at this video:

Around three minutes into the video, the Black man at stage left attempts to sneak into discussion an implicit claim that an African country launched something into orbit. No such thing is true. Although something made in Africa might have been pushed into Earth orbit from the International Space Station, that thing (whatever it was) had to be carried to the ISS by a country that actually does have space launch abilities. In this case, the most likely carrier was Russia. We are shown a Russian Soyuz spacecraft while the Black man at stage left is speaking.

(You know, I think that the producer of that African news program is hoping that we will think that the Russian Soyuz spaceship is the Nsight 1 thing.)

African news media make these deceptive claims frequently. They’ll tell you that, say, Nigeria has satellites in space. Which is true. But Nigeria neither manufactured nor launched any of them. Typically, the satellites that African countries own were made in China or in the United Kingdom, and they are usually launched on either Russian Dnipr rockets or on Chinese Long March 3 rockets. No African country has ever launched anything into orbit. And, probably, no African country ever will. Their brains are too small. Their IQs are too low.

There have been men smart enough to be rocket scientists who were born in Africa, of course. But all of them that I’ve ever heard about were White. For example, Elon Musk came to the United States from South Africa, but Elon Musk is White.

Someone calling himself “Benny Mc” responded:

you’re brainless like your Father?

Nope. I’m right. However smart I might be, or not be, my statement in that original comment was true.

I’ll say it again.

No African country has ever launched anything at all into space. Much less into orbit. You do know the difference, don’t you? (In case you don’t, I’ll tell you: The difference is about 7,844 meters per second of transverse velocity.) Outer space begins above the atmosphere at about 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. No African country has ever sent anything, not even a child’s toy, to that altitude. Never in all of history.

Chris Nsamba, a Ugandan man who likes to do a lot of posturing and pretending, once lofted an aluminum rice cooker with a mouse inside to an altitude of 30 kilometers by using a helium-filled weather balloon. And to this day, that is the extent of Africa’s (ha ha) “space program.” Meanwhile, the same or similar things are done in Western countries by White children for their school science projects and by White men who think that sending their beer into the stratosphere is a fun way to cool it off before they drink it.

A comparison between Black and White achievement makes Blacks look inferior. That’s why they tell so many lies about “Black inventions,” most of which are easily debunked, and it is why this African news program leaves out the important detail of which countries really manufactured and launched the orbiting satellites that some African government merely happens to own.

Think about it, and then consider who is “brainless.” It isn’t us.

Then a commenter called “RihannaIsIluminati” chimed in:

You do realize that this distinction is meaningless, right?

Only a handful of countries, namely The US, India, China and Russia, have the capability of launching rockets.

The satellite was still made in Africa by Africans. The fact that you felt the need to make this stupid point is a clear indication of your racism, which is a bias that renders your “analysis” useless.?

That only a “handful of countries” can launch rockets into space is the entire point, Rihannalslluminati. Spaceflight makes a good index of the human quality in a race. The superior races can figure out how to achieve space flight. The inferior races cannot. It’s the classic example of separating the high from the low, the good from the bad, the men from the boys.

No, GhanaSat-1 was not built in Africa by Africans. GhanaSat-1 was an assemblage of five prefabricated cubesats into a metal frame designed to hold them together. The cubesats were gifted to the All-Nations University in Ghana by Japan. The three students in Ghana, who presently are being given way too much credit, merely inserted these cubesats into the frame and then mailed it off to the United States, where it was launched aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that carried out the CRS-11 mission to the International Space Station.

It is time that you learned that racism isn’t a synonym for “false.” Much of what racists say is perfectly true, including the claim that the races are certainly not equals, the claim that most of the differences are genetic, and the claim that the White race has a higher frequency of the premium-quality alleles for intelligence than the Black race does. All of those claims are both true and important.

From 3:50-4:20 in the video, the Black news anchorman speaks as if Ghana launched into Earth orbit a satellite made by students at a university in Ghana. (Apparently, this satellite takes photographs and broadcasts music.) That satellite’s name is GhanaSat 1, but Ghana did not launch it.

GhanaSat 1 was launched by the American space exploration company SpaceX on its CRS-11 cargo mission to the International Space Station. GhanaSat 1 got a ride on the American rocket like a hitchhiker bums a ride from a passing car. When it arrived at the ISS, GhanaSat 1 was received by a Japanese astronaut, who put it into orbit as part of a project for the Japanese space agency JAXA. So, once again, we see how Black African news commentators omit details inconvenient to the myth of Black technological prowess.

Let me illustrate how African news agencies lie about African achievements in space. At 3:45-3:50 in the video the Black anchorman says: “South Africa launched its first satellite in 1999.”

No, it didn’t. South Africa acquired its first orbiting satellite in 1999, but it didn’t “launch” it. The name of that satellite was the “Stellenbosch UNiversity SATellite” or SUNSAT. It was launched into space (free of charge) on a Delta 2 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA, on 23 February 1999.

NASA also upgraded the sensor hardware on SUNSAT, again free of charge.

But this Black liar on African television news has picked his words in such a way to mislead the listener into the false belief that Africans launched this satellite themselves. No such thing happened.

The technical paper describing SUNSAT and its launching can be found at:


* * *

Source: Author

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
29 January, 2019 2:23 pm

“Negroes discover MOON! According to records
written on stone tablets in Mali, 18th century,
mali-moo-moo-ga-goobie astronaught, launched
himself to moon on huge spear using powerful
warriors to do the intraplanetary spear chuck,
book to be released sometime! Be sure to get it! “

Shawn Green
Shawn Green
30 January, 2019 3:55 am

Obviously, you’ve forgot the Wakanda, Mr. Sims.

Michael Dean Miller
Michael Dean Miller
30 January, 2019 10:32 am

An excellent article but a bit harsh.
Truth is like that.

Jungle Lips McGee
Jungle Lips McGee
30 January, 2019 10:45 am

Mr. Sims, any idea if Golden Oldies 105.3 can be picked up on the NigCom satellite?

Malik Tous
Malik Tous
30 January, 2019 11:10 am

Coming up for failed species month Black Panther will return to theaters for one week, tickets will be free. This is the story that Africans are well advanced and the only reason they are not in space is because we stole all their crap.

Seriously, quit giving these apes praise and worship, they do not earn or deserve it and it only makes their behavior worse.

Honestly, in all the years I was ever in school the only and I mean the only people who ever excelled in class were whites and Asians, blacks were never even a blip on the radar.

30 January, 2019 8:04 pm

Talk about putting the cart before the ass. Have negroid Africans ever constructed a clipper, steamer or modern ship that has crossed the Atlantic? I don’t mean under construction contract to European, white S. African, or Asian firms that did the design and engineering.

Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
31 January, 2019 8:34 pm

I’ve read that during the Apollo moon landings, blacks said that the money used to send “whitey” to the moon should be used to feed blacks receiving welfare. In other words, they wanted the white man’s tax dollars, which whitey worked for, to be given to unemployed, alcoholic or drug-addicted blacks so they buy more booze and drugs. And of course, they wanted whitey to pay for their ghetto dwellings, as well. This is the difference between the two races: while white men built and flew the spaceships to the moon, blacks just wanted whitey’s tax dollars to provide them with a place to live, food, and some spending money for booze and drugs. How far have we been held back by the inferior races that our short-sighted ancestors foolishly… Read more »

Reply to  Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
1 February, 2019 1:03 am

Congoid coconut heads can’t advance technically, but when they hold back anyone else attempting to do so, they need to be stopped. But by the Civil Rights movement’s apogee, that could not be done. To wit, from https://www.dw.com/en/of-white-guys-on-the-moon-and-black-america/a-44034246 : quoting historian Neil Maher, “Civil rights leaders, like Ralph Abernathy, who was Martin Luther King’s right hand man, organized many protests against this misallocation [really?] of funds – many protests against NASA and against the Apollo program” and “There are two issues here. One is this issue of discrimination within NASA itself, and, at first, the agency not hiring many African-Americans. Yet by the mid-1960s, NASA responds and tries to hire more minorities through its Equal Employment Opportunity program, which they created within NASA to try to correct that problem. But… Read more »

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
31 January, 2019 9:33 pm

I’ve been to Stellenbosch, back in the bad old apartheid days. Great wine country then—better than anything emanating from California. Nowadays probably all that is produced there is sewage. Progress. “For example, Elon Musk came to the United States from South Africa, but Elon Musk is White.” I see that Musk’s latest 1950s sci-fi comic book property rocket ship was blown over and wrecked by a gust of wind the other day. Heh heh. Resembles something that might happen in the Ghana or Nigeria space programs. Perhaps he has a little congoid blood from behind the woodshed. Still want to claim him as white? Ditto the vacuous Millenials jumping up and down while hollering in the SpaceX P.R. video. I especially like the simulation sequence where the two auxiliary boosters,… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
31 January, 2019 10:59 pm

I remember this from somewhere…put Caucasians
on an island and you get Great Britain. Put Asians
on an island and you get Japan. Put Negroes on an
island and you get Haiti.

Reply to  Walt Hampton
14 June, 2020 11:37 am

Good one. It would be a good idea to put all Afros on an island, though, where they could eat each other extinct and do us all big favour, though the Juden and their Shabbos goyish catamites would be short of Orc stooges.

Steve Sandin
Steve Sandin
2 February, 2019 2:28 am