The Pyramid (Part Two)

IN PART ONE, I introduced the concept of “The Pyramid” — a worldwide, debt-based, pyramid scheme (also known as a Ponzi scheme), reliant for its continued existence on perpetual economic growth fuelled by money printing, unfunded liabilities and endless supplies of new consumers, debt slaves and cheap labour extracted from the Third World. The Pyramid’s raison d’être is to enrich a privileged few within its higher echelons even as it destroys the civilisation upon which it gorges itself.

The elites who occupy the positions of power and influence within The Pyramid couldn’t care less if the mass movements of people from the Third World are radically transforming the demographics of Western nations and effectively facilitating a kind of ethnic cleansing by stealth of the White indigenous populations. Propelled along a trajectory of demographic self-destruction, which was never consented to and would certainly have been vigorously opposed if ever it had been put to a vote, White Europeans now face the prospect of becoming minorities in their own countries within the next two generations.

It makes little difference to The Pyramid if the new Third World recruits are, on average, significantly below Western levels of intelligence. In many ways it’s a bonus. A dumbed-down electorate is more compliant, less given to subversive thoughts and critical thinking, easier to distract and to propagandise, and thus easier to control.

It doesn’t matter if these alien peoples bring with them Islamic terrorism or disproportionately higher rates of crime, or if a significant proportion of the Muslim contingent end up inflicting industrial scale rape upon hundreds of thousands of underage, native White girls while politically correct authorities, afraid of appearing illiberal or, God forbid, racist, look the other way. Once upon a time, the innocence of these young girls would have been protected and venerated with a religious zeal befitting their status as the future mothers of our nations. Now they’re deemed by our ruling class to be little more than collateral damage for greater economic concerns.

None of this abuse of the indigenous people of White, Western nations causes any sleepless nights for our disconnected, rootless, cosmopolitan elites, and why should it? Our world is entirely alien to theirs. They have no ethnic conception of a nation; no concept of a people grounded in blood and soil. Our well-being is of no concern to them because they view us as nothing more than interchangeable parts in their neo-liberal, social engineering experiment.

The adverse social side effects of mass migration are no impediment to the functioning of The Pyramid. It’s of little consequence if — given their heavy reliance on welfare, social housing and other government benefits and public services — the foreign interlopers take more, in the aggregate, from the national treasury than they contribute in taxes. GDP per capita stats become irrelevant as do the suppressed salaries of the indigenous folk who are now forced to compete with the working classes of the rest of the world. Overall productivity and wealth creation is all that matters to The Pyramid, not average standards of living or the net fiscal burden of the various non-White races who are subsidised by their White majority hosts. As the White share of the population in the Western world continues to decline, Whites find themselves digging their own graves and paying for their own tombstones.

Hopes of political change also look grim. The power of the native vote has been considerably weakened by multiculturalism as competing groups clamour for the attention of politicians who, recognising the power of the bloc vote, seek the approval of the minorities at every available opportunity and at the expense of their own ethnic stock. Our politicians got the message a long time ago that the best way to keep their jobs is to appease the bloc-voters of non-native tribes. A thousand non-Whites who think, act and vote as an ethnic collective are worth a million Whites programmed to vote as unique individuals. At the ballot box, the non-White collectivist will vote as though the survival of his race or his religion depended on it while the atomised White individualist will vote in accordance with ideological, left-to-right predispositions.

The game is rigged against the individualist who swears his allegiance to the ideals of classical liberalism and the concept of the ‘proposition nation’. Those who cleave obsessively to this notion of individual liberty at all costs will be condemned to find out the hard way that the individualist strategy will always be outcompeted by the collectivist one, at least where the ballot box is concerned. In the struggle for existence, the stakes are far too high for indigenous White Europeans to remain devoted to the anachronistic principles of radical individualism that our philosophically-minded forebears had the luxury to ruminate over in centuries past when their ethnic sovereignty was neither in question nor threatened the way it is today. Our crisis is an ethnic one and a collective one. And it will require all of us to come together as an ethnic collective to solve it, peacefully if possible.

The Third World pets of these transnational elites have been brought to our lands to paper over the cracks of a debt-based system which relies on endless economic growth. That’s all the global architects of this system and their obedient, career politicians care for. The slightly less unscrupulous brand of politician who voices concerns will soon find himself removed from his position. Those unwilling to faithfully serve the bureaucratic apparatus of The Pyramid will very soon find themselves demoted or replaced altogether by those with no compunction for selling out their co-ethnics for personal wealth and status.

The gated, mansion-dwelling, decision-makers who operate from behind the curtain do not have to live with the consequences of the policies they advocate and the ensuing social havoc which they unleash. To them we’re nothing more than inanimate, soulless units and abstract numbers in their ledgers. Our job is to consume their products and shoulder the new debts they wish to rack up so that they can go on living the high life at our expense a little bit longer. Dispensable cattle are all we are to these “economic men”.

Race realism is clearly a topic which greatly unsettles The Pyramid’s agents because it undermines the hippy propaganda they like to espouse about a happy, multicultural future, free of all conflict, where we all hold hands around the campfire and sing, ‘Kumbaya, My Lord’. The evidence for human biodiversity, albeit suppressed, is overwhelming and incontrovertible, and we now see very good, biologically-grounded reasons why the diversity of peoples living in close proximity has so often led to conflict and war throughout history.

But the truth cannot be allowed to get in the way of this lucrative, worldwide racket and so inconvenient truths about race must be censored wherever and whenever they venture too close to the mainstream. To those tasked with keeping the global scam of The Pyramid going, the truth is not nearly as useful as what the majority of the public will believe is true after seeing it endlessly repeated in the highly-artificial mass media, and in the eyes of the public, the reality of race and human biodiversity has been superseded by the myth of racial egalitarianism. Armed with their egalitarian myths, those who profit from The Pyramid are able to proceed apace with their “great replacement” project. The object of the myth of racial egalitarianism is to mislead us into believing our future replacements are “just like us” even when every hard-coded, kin-selected cell in our bodies cries out to the contrary. If The Pyramid’s propaganda arm can convince the natives that this disconcerting ethnic replacement they witness with their very own eyes is merely a like-for-like replacement of one set of humans with another, and therefore nothing to worry about, then what does it even mean for the native English, Germans, French and Swedes to protest their impending minority status? Furthermore, what’s to stop them race-mixing themselves out of existence altogether?

The Pyramid has also benefited greatly from all the confusion and conflict which has been introduced by the importation of all these incongruous peoples, cultures and religions. So much of our time and energy is now taken up by identity politics, political correctness, radical feminism, Islam and neo-Marxist drivel about intersectionality — all concepts which were once so alien to the European mind-set in days of old when we were ethnically homogeneous. Now we’re too busy fighting over gender pronouns and who gets to go in what bathroom to glance up and notice the puppeteers pulling the strings.

The Pyramid is like a wild tiger which has gotten too big and too out of control for any individual politician with a conscience to dismount and go up against without being devoured. And so the people are locked in a death spiral with their rulers where only one of two outcomes is possible: Either the people will replace their rulers or the rulers will replace the people. So far it is the rulers, the great betrayers of the people, who have the upper hand.

What we desperately need are wise, educated leaders of men; men of thought and of action; men possessed of vision, integrity and moral fortitude; men unafraid of violating politically correct norms or of choosing the difficult and strenuous life of the path less travelled instead of the well-worn path of least resistance, obedient conformity, conflict avoidance and personal enrichment; men who can steer our politics and our culture in new directions which serve the well-being and the flourishing of our European-descended people rather than the interests of oligarchs and outsiders. Such leaders would stand in stark contrast to the “misleaders” of today whose high time preferences leave them ill-equipped to see beyond the next election cycle let alone imagine or care about how their policies might adversely affect future generations twenty, fifty or one hundred years from now.

The kind of leaders we need would no doubt be informed by the wisdom of antiquity. In the classical tradition, they would remind us that money is a useful servant, but a terrible master and that although economic concerns are not insignificant, they are merely a means to greater, more important ends rather than ends in themselves. They would steer us away from the folly of worshipping the false gods of consumerism and materialism, recognising that a nation which prioritises the acquisition of material wealth above the intellectual, physical and spiritual development of its people is doomed to face an existential crisis of the sort we find ourselves facing today. These hypothetical leaders would remind us of that all-important pact we are called to honour between the past, the present and future, and the disaster which will inevitably befall a people who fail to act as the responsible custodians and torch-bearers for the descendants they leave behind.

It’s been said that a society grows great when men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. This would be the central ethos of a society correctly oriented and led by wise men. Above all, a legitimate ruling class would recognise that ‘Being’ precedes ‘well-being’ and that any government that professes to care for the latter while neglecting, or not even acknowledging, the former is disingenuous and illegitimate.

Alas, we do not live in such an age where we can boast very many leaders such as those I have described, although I have no doubt there are many potential candidates out there awaiting their opportunity to step up and do their duty. In the meantime, what we’re stuck with are “misleaders” and managerial types who appear content to oversee our ethnic and cultural decline as long as it means not rocking the boat, not jeopardising their well-paid jobs and not being branded a social pariah for defying long established practices, norms and values put in place by The Pyramid’s architects and maintained by the Pyramid’s insidious propaganda.

Rather than lamenting the age we live in — a largely fruitless and unproductive exercise — we should remind ourselves that we, as a people whose lineage stretches back thousands of years, have faced much more difficult times before and will no doubt do so again. It’s not given to any of us to choose the age into which we are born, and I for one, would not choose to live in any other. All it’s in our power to do is to change those things that can be changed and alter our perceptions and attitudes about those things that we cannot. We will need to foster an indomitable will to face the adversity which lies ahead, and accept — with a degree of stoicism — those things which are, for the present time, beyond our immediate control.

We will need to continue changing as many hearts and minds as we can. This will mean reminding our people firstly, that they are a distinct people, secondly, that taking their own side in this fight against their own ethnic dispossession is the supremely moral thing to do, and thirdly, that there is nothing that we want for our own race that we wouldn’t grant every other race upon the face of the earth.

It seems absurd to have to point out the essential morality of the fight for self-preservation, but that should remind us how effective The Pyramid’s propagandists have been in psychologically disarming the great masses of our folk. Our propaganda needs to become more effective than theirs. For now, what we lack in institutional power and audience reach, we will make up for in the undeniable truth and morality of our message. Those who fully wake up to our message will stay awake with very little additional effort required on our part. This will be our great advantage. On the other hand, the enemy we’re up against has to expend endless amounts of energy working against the natural order and keeping our would-be converts asleep with lies and distractions that delay them from discovering the answers we can give them.

The time will come, and sooner than many of us think, when the fog of liberalism will clear and enough of our people will be awake so that we can organise collectively to take back our countries from their foreign occupiers. When that time comes, we will throw off the shackles of decadent modernity and reshape our society and our culture to reflect our own essential nature as a people instead of adapting it, as we have been doing, to accommodate the alien races who have no historical roots in our lands and absolutely zero claims on our birthright. When that time comes, we will no longer be ruled by political prostitutes who trade their dignity for minority votes in humiliating displays of grovelling and pandering. When we have taken back control, we will reassert our dominance over our own societies and over our own destinies. We must be ready for that time when it arrives.

* * *

Source: Morgoth’s Review

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15 December, 2018 9:40 pm

Too status quo for me. No novelty. No such thing as hippie multicultural propaganda. Their generation was White and stayed that way. Popular multiculturalism belongs to the open-ended wigger generations.

If you want to know who promotes multiculturalism — draw a straight line to Washington city. They use guns and everything…

16 December, 2018 2:48 pm

It’s interesting that White youth from the 2d half of the 1980s to present have earned the reputation as the most populous race mixers in the history of North America. Contemporary racialists who became of age during this ongoing era dare not mention it. They want to criticize those who had the courage of their conviction.