Robert Mueller: The Quintessential Psychopath

WITH THE Mueller Report on alleged Trump-Russia collusion about to be released I’m reminded of an article somewhere which questioned his suitability due to the number of previous investigations he had ‘botched’. Numerous scathing reports throughout his career were cited. And Mueller has indeed got form. First and foremost of course is 9/11. It was noted that the FBI under his direction failed to pick up on numerous leads, leads important enough to have thwarted the attack. An attack into which he ran the FBI’s investigation which in turn lead to more scathing criticism.

In fact, if you think about it, Mueller seems to have been involved in almost every ‘botched’ FBI operation going back to the Waco massacre: the BCCI banking scandal where the real perps walked free, the bogus information in support of the Iraq war, the FBI report on the anthrax attacks which even the US Senate thrashed as ‘flawed and inaccurate’, the Uranium One deal and God knows what other evils lurking in the murky depths of The Swamp.

Those opposing Mueller for these reasons completely miss the point, though. He was selected [by the Jewish power structure] not despite his record but because of it. As a premium-level psychopath bereft of a moral compass, and knowing where — literally and figuratively — the bodies were buried he was the ideal man to ‘investigate’ in a way which punished the innocent and exculpated the guilty. And that’s why Rosentstein appointed him.

Mueller is the poster child for everything that’s bad about America’s rulers. A traitor of the first order, a perjurer and war monger. If we lived in a just society he’d be writhing in the electric chair. But we don’t.

* * *

Source: Irish Savant

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5 December, 2018 12:01 am

AMEN, brother! I couldn’t have described that traitorous piece of s**t any better myself. As a believer in the universal law of karma, this cretin will surely endure a penitence of everlasting agony.