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Remembering Walter Plecker

Walter A. Plecker

by David Sims

WALTER ASHBY PLECKER is a little known American hero. He lived from 1861 to 1947. He was a medical doctor by profession, earning his MD degree from the University of Maryland. He served as the first registrar of Virginia’s Bureau of Vital Statistics.

With John Powell and Earnest Sevier Cox, he wrote the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, the same year that the Jews’ first attempt to open America’s gates to the Third World failed. It was a good year. Unfortunately, America wasn’t going to have many more of them.

Dr. Plecker had a special interest in obstetrics, and he worked with women of all races. He invented a baby incubator, educated midwives, and prescribed remedies for the ills of pregnant women that actually worked. His efforts led to a 50 per cent. decline in birthing deaths for Black mothers. He was a talented physician who saved many lives.

However, he was also a White racialist, or as our enemies would say, a “White racist” in the sense that he believed that the races should be kept separated geographically, that different races should not interbreed. His Racial Integrity Act lasted only 43 years, until the US Supreme Court tragically overturned it in 1967.

Note carefully that being a “racist” in this usual sense isn’t a bad thing. It only means that you disagree with the political Left about the wisest policy in regard to the arrangement of people of different races. The policy of allowing each race to have its own society is wise for this reason: Before the differing races are actually forced together, when they are still in their natural state of separation, nobody really wants to hurt anybody else. It is only after they are forced together when racially motivated hostilities rise.

Here we see an excerpt from the foul, dishonorable notice of Dr. Plecker’s death in the Richmond Afro-American of August 23, 1947. The pro-racemixing position taken by the paper would tend to the destruction of the Black race as well as the White.

On 2 August 1947, Dr. Walter Ashby Plecker was run down by a car while he was crossing a street in Richmond, Virginia. A Black-owned newspaper, the Richmond Afro-American, headlined his obituary with the words: “Dr Plecker, 86, Rabid Racist, Killed by Auto.” Blacks celebrated his death throughout the state of Virginia.

Another newspaper, the Virginian-Pilot, reported:

In 1935, Plecker wrote to Walter Gross, the director of Germany’s Bureau of Human Betterment and Eugenics. He outlined Virginia’s racial purity laws and asked to be put on a mailing list for bulletins from Gross’ department. Plecker complimented the Third Reich for sterilizing 600 children in Algeria who were born to German women and black men. “I hope this work is complete and not one has been missed,” he wrote. “I sometimes regret that we have not the authority to put some measures in practice in Virginia.”

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