Last Minute Payoff: Jewish Billionaire Epstein Won’t Have to Face White Girls He Raped and Sold

by David Sims

THE NOTORIOUS Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein yesterday settled a lawsuit against him for having pursued an earlier lawsuit against a lawyer who had previously represented one of Epstein’s alleged child-victims. The settlement included an apology by Epstein for having brought undeserved disrepute to the lawyer who had sued him.

I have not heard the amount of cash involved in the settlement.

I haven’t heard any admissions of guilt by Epstein for having sexually abused any of the girls who the lawyer (Bradley Edwards) had represented. Some of those girls (now young women) would have had a chance to testify if the lawsuit had gone forward; i.e., if Edwards and Epstein hadn’t reached a settlement.

Some people in law enforcement believe that Jeffrey Epstein has received special treatment in regard to criminal indictments that might have landed Epstein in prison anywhere from 20 years to life. It contained allegations that Epstein sexually abused underage girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet Republics, including three twelve-year-old girls from France who were “given” to Epstein as a birthday gift.

Alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein say that they were trafficked internationally on Epstein’s private jet.

Reportedly, Epstein engaged in foul deeds to harass and intimidate the families of his alleged victims, including hiring private investigators (one of whom was said to have posed fraudulently as a police officer) to “dig up” (or manufacture) “dirt” on the victims, most of whom were working- or middle-class White girls, and their families, their lawyers, and the police and others who were trying to help them.

His case, if fully investigated and prosecuted, could bring down the United States government: serial child rapist and trafficker of White girls, Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

One wonders whether the victims’ former lawyer has betrayed them for money. The settlement of the lawsuit includes, or so I have heard, assurances that the criminal indictment against Jeffrey Epstein won’t be unsealed, and an agreement that a criminal case won’t be pursued against him. This not only protects Epstein, it also protects anyone who conspired with him to harm children. Such people might include certain women who recruited girls for Epstein’s pedophile business, as well as a certain former US President who is known for his inappropriate sexual behavior, both when he was in office and subsequently. [Mr. Sims is referring to Bill Clinton. Donald Trump was also a known associate of Epstein. The Epstein case, if fully explored — which it now may not be — could completely destroy public confidence in the government of the United States. — Ed.]

Had a criminal trial taken place, Jeffrey Epstein’s role as a Jewish instigator of blackmail-worthy criminal liabilities on the part of many US political figures, judges, senior cops, and rich businessmen — as part of a larger Jewish conspiracy to control the military and economic power of this country — might have become public knowledge.

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  1. Travon Martinberg
    7 December, 2018 at 4:52 am — Reply

    If the National Alliance wants to wake white people up, Mr. Williams will hold a news conference ASAP to demand that Mr. Epstein’s victims be treated as victims of civil-rights violations, under federal civil-rights laws prohibiting discrimination by race, with the US Attorney’s office in Florida having caused the injury through its 2007 failure to inform victims of the plea deal beforehand or to present investigator findings to a judicial panel in advance of it, thereby through the deal applying an unequal prosecutorial standard for sex crimes against white children that were the same as crimes against non-white children in cases that were fully prosecuted despite plea attempts, and that civil rights organizations would’ve ensured such prosecution occurred had Epstein’s victims been non-white, through media pressure. That last gobbledygook means that Epstein would’ve been hung out to dry, at least to protect him from being shot down along with his jew Manhattan lawyer, by an irate older brutha. The Acosta-Lefkowitz agreement couldn’t legally stop such a lawsuit and the media may just exploit the irony of a “neo-nazi organization” demanding civil rights. Referencing as providing the reason for Alliance interest in rectifying this outrage will give background to the unenlightened.

    • 9 December, 2018 at 11:20 am — Reply

      TRAVON MARTINBERG says: If the National Alliance wants to wake white people up, Mr. Williams will hold a news conference ASAP to demand that Mr. Epstein’s victims be treated as victims of civil-rights violations, under federal civil-rights laws prohibiting discrimination by race, with the US Attorney’s office in Florida.. .

      Travon, You are hereby authorized to hold a press conference ASAP to tell Whites how much ink the NA has spilled on this story already in the past two and a half years. White people awake! Hold your press conference in front of the U.S. Attorney’s office there in Florida for maximum effect.

      But first you’ll have to join the National Alliance, immerse yourself in NA’s ideology and its long term program, and you’ll have to use your given name. Name all of Epstein’s big shot buddies that were in his little black book, including Dershowitz, Trump, Guliani, Bolton, etc.; just lay out the facts as we’ve done here several times at for more than two years. Be sure to invite the Miami Herald since that paper is on the story. Don’t expect the Herald to mention the National Alliance positively, however.

      I’m depending on you, Travon. I have way too many more important things to do than to hold a press conference about this Jew billionaire serial rapist of nubile, barely teenaged White girls. That’s another dog-bites-man story at this point. I need to spend my time on constructive projects and find our own racially responsible billionaire who has the courage to support our cause. I’ll settle for a couple of mere millionaires to begin with. That’s all we’ll need to go up against the SPLC and its $420 million endowment to destroy the Alliance. Believe me!

  2. Walt Hampton
    9 December, 2018 at 5:18 pm — Reply

    Money talks…it always does.

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