France’s White Working Class in Revolt: Les Gilets Jaunes

The struggle of the French people against “Jewish France” is an old one.

by Hadding Scott

ON THE SURFACE, the Yellow Vest movement in France is about a fuel-tax, inadequate wages, and a cut in pensions. This kind of economic complaint is still allowed in France.

Under the surface, it is a revolt against the destruction of France’s White working class by haughty (of course, largely Jewish) globalist plutocrats whose puppet is Emmanuel Macron. The racial importance of the movement is something that most French people are afraid to state openly.

The narrator in the video embedded below emphasizes that the Gilets Jaunes are essentially a movement of France’s White working class.

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Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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  1. cc
    20 December, 2018 at 9:27 pm — Reply

    France has always been a wild card in Europe. White insurrection is most likely to initiate in their portion of the continent first.

    The French supplied more volunteers to the Waffen-SS than any country in Europe.

  2. JM/Iowa
    23 December, 2018 at 2:14 am — Reply

    While the video showed working class Whites in the streets of France, nowhere did I see that there’s some sort of “revolution” or “movement” in the works as the narrator suggests. Consider: what body of thought guides them as would a true revolution or movement? None, so far as this video reports.

    What I saw was a mass of Whites that were reacting as a mob (though peaceably I admit) to current conditions. Sure, they made demands of the government–but aren’t they petitioning their enemies for relief? How far will that take them? Gas tax reduction–ok. But the organized and forcibly imposed conditions for White genocide continue on. No one was demanding a reversal of non-White immigration into France—and since demography is destiny, these protests haven’t brought any real change.

    Conclusion: this particular incident acts as a heat sink to attenuate White action away from any real revolution. I’d be glad if the French people proved me wrong.

    • AdamNoman
      24 December, 2018 at 4:10 am — Reply

      What I see is
      1. That NA doesn’t have the resources, and perhaps not the will, to put together a meaningful report on the current events in France (nor probably anywhere else in the European diaspora);
      2. a once-over lightly report from an AltRight-ish YT vlogger who also doesn’t have the resources to make a meaningful report to global White diaspora;
      3. A spontaneous and self-organizing expression of White class (group) consciousness and solidarity that is unlike that of a rioting nigger mob (e.g., Minneapolis, Charlotte) and has historical parallels with the the insurrectionay anti-tax protests of pre-Revolutionary America, as well as of the nationalist spirit of the early phase of the Paris Commune of 1870.
      4. As in both of these historical situations, what one does not see is the ideological coherence and vanguard leadership necessary for a successful revolutionary outcome. In the American colonies, that was a 20-year-long process. In the case of the Commune, it was utterly crushed by the proto-globalists of late 19th-century France.
      5. We can also see the lack of ideological coherence in the dissident Right: the French Revolution was the beginning of J-wish collectivist strife, but the French revolutionary spirit may signal the end of EU crpto-collectivism!

      • JM/Iowa
        25 December, 2018 at 11:35 pm — Reply

        Adamnoman, in response to your points:
        1. If you believe there’s a lack of resources and/or will, I’m sure the NA will be glad to accept new contributions of both. I’ve added my strength to ours, feel free to do so as well.
        2. It appears we’ll have to take what we can get here until this v-logger can provide updates.
        3. Where did you see any sign of raised White racial consciousness in this? Indulge me, I’m curious.
        4. What point are you trying to make here?
        5. Is this to imply that these Frenchmen are aiming to take down the EU? It still appears to me that these protests are just about letting off a bit of steam over taxes and whatnot.

    • Hunter
      27 December, 2018 at 5:44 am — Reply

      Hi comrade !

      I’m wrtiting from France, and you are right, but……

      you must take into consideration one very important thing in my country :THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH !

      Second element to integrate : ALL FRENCH MEDIA ARE CONTROLLED BY (((WHO YOU KNOW))) !

      As a result, you will never hear on a french media reporting, what people ( I mean wearing yellow vests and protesting), really think, because they simply cut the sequences !

      Moreover, even people from this movement, perfectly know that there are a huge series of laws here, which can send anybody to jail and go bankrupt because of the fines inflicted by courts, if ever the person really says directly something like ” we’re fed up with your migrants and their islamic shit, we don’t want them here anymore !”

      I’m not kidding, this is reality !

      Absolutely no right to say so here, if someones does it, well, immediately, you have legions of “politically correct” people [ ((( intellectuals))), ((( media people))), ((( artists))), ((( searchers in social sciences)))….], who rush on TV and radio sets, to explain that these people are racists, antisemitic, and homophobes…….

      Apart from that, the video is just excellent, and is a good sum-up for English-speaking patriots, to understand what’s going on here.

      For the moment, the movement is paused, but you all have to know that the government sent a few days ago, thousands of cops, to get rid of the gilets jaunes who were protesting !

      The rebirth of this movement, will surely come back soon, but it faces a difficult issue : how to include the migrants issue, as part of the fight, and how to express that indeed, more than 80% of the french population as the video explains it, is totally fed up with migrants, violence and islam, without being sent to court, and receive huge fees and jail ?

      This is the problem we face, in a country which has dedicated itself to “the others” ( those coming from “shit hole countries”, as Mr Trump said), with their “cultural habits” ( we are told to accept them..if not, court, fees, jail !), their islam, and all these things !

      Just to illustrate this :

      That was in 2008, Sarkozy was president ! you may see behind him, the name “CRIF” : it’s the equivalent here of your AIPAC, and I know you probably don’t speak french, but he explains we have to face an important derogatory (“obligatoire” in french), and we must do it :get mixed ( “métissage”), with other races !

      And the little Rothschild bankster Macron is ten times more “others-inclined”, than Sarkozy was !

      Thank you all of you for reading me !
      Thank you to the whole National Vanguard teams, to allow me to write here and exchange with American patriots !

      sometimes we dream here you know ( some of us), that a new liberation will take place, but with patriotic soldiers, ( from the proud US WHITE people), coming back on this land, to help us get rid of the world wild shit we are importing, getting rid of islam, getting rid of all this plague !

      And not just in France….also in Germany, UK, Sweden….a giant broom, chasing back this plague to their lands, setting ours free, and rebuilding in complete cooperation, our respective countries, freed from islam, freed from all these foreign diseases, that kill us all !

      Keeping our technologies for us, without sharing, no more modern medicine for all these parasites…Mother Nature will quietly regulate their populations !

      As it used to do, centuries ago, before some lunatics here, started to believe we could “help” this people ! separated development, they will evoluate at their own speed.

      They must keep their traditions, and we’ll keep ours ! they must go back to their lands, and work, instead of coming here, in quest for subsidies and blond girl to rape !

      Yeah, it’s a dream….may be…

      I hoped you all had a merry Xmas, with your non-mixed families, in the veneration of our traditions, not in those coming from abroad !

      Take care, all of you !

      Adishatz ( means good bye, in an old language of my country, names Occitan)

      Hunter /

      • Axis Sally
        28 December, 2018 at 4:04 pm — Reply

        Hunter, your post is the most moving thing I have read for a long while. Here in New Zimbabwe we Aryans have long grown accustomed to looking over our shoulders, but what you are facing must be an order of magnitude worse.

        I felt gratified by the Gilets Jaunes activities, first, because it was clearly an Aryan movement, and secondly, in spite of the chaos, it was organized on a somewhat orderly basis–at least to the extent of the common yellow vests and preventing it from being co-opted by the Enemy’s operatives.

        Unfortunately, it seems too little, too late. The Enemy will most likely win this round, but the important thing is you have shown the invincible Aryan Will yet lives in the hearts of true Frenchmen. I salute you for that:

        Aux armes, citoyens!
        Formez vos bataillons,
        Marchons, marchons!
        Qu’un sang impur
        Abreuve nos sillons.

        Perhaps someday soon I will find the fortitude to get off the fence and come over there and help you fight, as your predecessors helped us Germans fight for our lost cause.

        • hunter
          29 December, 2018 at 6:22 am — Reply

          Hello Axis Sally,

          Thank you for your wonderful post, and for the lyrics of our national Anthem !

          I read a french non-conventional newspaper, named “Rivarol”, still authorized to be published, but you know, I’m really not sure it will last……..the method is always the same her, it’s the soft dictatorship, it means this newspaper has few readers ( very very difficult to find in most big cities, where the ((( leftist spirit ))) is very intense ), so doesn’t have a lot of money, so it’s easy for our numerous politically-correct ((( associations))), to sue and ask for big money ….and as all judges here ( non-elected), as leftist, pro-immigration persons, the so-called ((( associations))) always win….

          This small newspaper is the only one to talk about the tragedy of white people in South Africa, since the system changed, some years ago : lands confiscated, white farmers assassinations…..

          There is a journalist who is an English-speaking person, but who writes in french better than many natives of the mainstreams, who follows the situation and has contacts, so he regularly writes papers about the terrible situation for the whites, in your area.

          I know people like you suffer a lot too, and probably soon, you will have to leave, and let these wonderful lands your ancestors created ex nihilo, to go back 500 years in the past…….what you and your ancestors built, will turn back to shit holes places……

          what a pity, and I sincerely understand how hard it must be for you all !

          I wish you could come here, where it would be a pleasure to welcome you ! We could work on the lands together, share our experiences, our old methods…..I’d 100,000 times welcome people like you, than all this muslim and black shit we are forced to ((( welcome))) !!!

          It’s quite similar to what takes place here, everyday, I see my so old country, turning into havoc, invaded by muslims, getting DIRTY, yes, dirty, everywhere, especially big cities like Paris, and probably the worst thing, french spirits being CONTAMINATED, by this third-world shit, this “way to think”, so closed to the biggest human disease of all, LEFTISM !

          I’ve read recently on some sites, that some white farmers and other qualified WHITE people from all South Africa, were offered to move to the big lands of Russia, to use their exceptional experience to work on the vast lands……that might be a solution, But I dream that my country would do the same !

          Well I know dear, that I’m a dreamer, but what do I have left ?
          May be it could take place one day….we “share the same biology” as Sting used to say ( nice song “Russians”, but quite a leftist singer no ?), you’d be welcome here, and not only by people like me, I’m sure about this !

          All the numerous NPC would rapidly appreciate what you are, in essence !

          Anyway, in a real and sincere hope of a change, a good one for us,all of us around the planet, receive for you and your family, your close friends and relatives, my very very best thoughts from France.

          Take great care, and if things change here, really, well there is no reason to lose our hopes !

          Adishatz dear !


  3. Alex Wells
    27 December, 2018 at 1:45 am — Reply

    After watching the video, I think I can safely say that Joe Biden must be the worst Vice-President of the United States ever.

    • Axis Sally
      28 December, 2018 at 3:39 pm — Reply

      Who else could (((they))) find to play second fiddle to Obama?

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