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Charlottesville: Expect More Punishment of the Innocent

by David Sims

THE POLITICAL left, including Antifa, heavily influenced by Jews and in collusion with corrupt judges and political leaders in the state of Virginia, have already imprisoned four White men who were wrongly convicted after they came to the defense of a middle-aged White man, Harold Crews. Crews was attacked by two Black males, Corey Long and DeAndre Harris, because he was carrying a Confederate flag during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on 12 August 2017.

Although DeAndre Harris was arrested for assaulting Harold Crews with a metal flashlight, an assault in which Harris hit Crews on the left side of his head, Charlottesville General District Judge Robert Downer Jr., after examining video evidence, chose to misconstrue what it revealed about the attack. He let Harris go free, even though the video clearly showed that he was guilty.

There is simply no possible way that a reasonable person, after carefully examining the video evidence of DeAndre Harris’ bludgeoning attack on Harold Crews, could believe that DeAndre Harris was aiming for the flagpole when he swung that flashlight. In relative terms, the flashlight came nowhere near the flagpole. Harris probably did hit exactly what he was aiming to hit, which was Harold Crews’ head.

There is simply no possible way that a reasonable person, after carefully examining the video evidence of Corey Long’s attempt to steal and/or destroy Harold Crews’ Confederate flag, could believe that the tip of the flag pole was ever a threat to Corey Long. As the videos show, Long had sneaked up from behind Harold Crews, while Crews was looking in another direction, and grabbed the top end of Crews’ flag pole. Subsequently, Corey Long kept the flag pole pinned with his left hand against his left hip. Harold Crews was merely struggling with Long in order to get his property back.

Other judges pretended to find guilt in the four White men who came to Crews’ defense, sending them to prison even though they weren’t guilty of the crimes with which they were charged:

• Daniel Borden (sentenced by judge Richard E. Moore)
• Tyler Davis (sentenced by judge Steven Martin)
• Jacob Goodwin (sentenced by judge Richard E. Moore)
• Alex Ramos (sentenced by judge Richard E. Moore)

Now comes the trial of James Alex Fields, who came under attack by Antifa as he was trying to find his way out of Charlottesville, which was a city unfamiliar to him. A leader in a Marxist group that likes to portray themselves as “good ol’ boys” or Southern rednecks, pointed a rifle at Fields. Fields turned away from this hick Marxist leader onto a one-way road. On that road, his car was attacked by bat-swinging Antifa members. The crash happened because Fields didn’t see the stopped cars ahead of him because his view of them were blocked by massed Antifa, who were still illegally gathered in the city. (It is also possible that for a moment Fields wasn’t looking where he was going.)

When the car crash happened, Heather Heyer was already lying on the street by the curb having the heart attack that killed her. She was receiving chest compression CPR from a blonde woman in a blue shirt, while another blonde woman, wearing a “white stars on black cloth” blouse and light colored pants was loosening Heyer’s lower clothing, and while a third woman, with brown hair and wearing a black backpack, was squatting and looking on.

James Alex Fields’ car never touched Heather Heyer. Someone who was referred to as an “Antifa researcher” (by someone else, who should know better) is trying to convince anyone who will listen to him that a different woman, who was during the collision thrown across the car that Field’s car hit, is Heather Heyer. That is not true. That woman was a different fat woman. Although both Heyer and that other woman were mostly dressed in black, the other woman was wearing a green or turquoise undergarment that Heather Heyer didn’t have. Also, that other woman’s hair was loose, while Heyer’s hair was tightly bound in a pony tail.

I think that James Alex Fields will probably be railroaded into prison, just as those other four White men were treated. The presiding judge will probably be Richard E. Moore.

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5 December, 2018 2:12 pm

Any attempts to raise funds for James Fields defense were blocked and he has to rely on a public defender.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
5 December, 2018 3:11 pm

This is shaping up very badly.

Is Mr. Fields out on bond? If he is, I would advise him to go to France, as did Jim Morrison when he was kangaroo-ed.

6 December, 2018 2:58 pm

Don’t worry the Gilets jaunes will come to your rescue, they at least know how to help themselves.

8 December, 2018 10:05 am

James Fields has been convicted and is headed for a permanent negroid rape cage. He will never get out.


8 December, 2018 11:34 am

Fields was already railroaded for first degree murder but I could have told everyone that was going to happen. If the previous four did not receive fair trials while the two judges blatantly favored the prosecution and left wing terrorists I don’t know why anyone would think Fields would get a fair trial and only get convicted of manslaughter.

This is the first that I heard that Heather Heyer had already suffered a heart attack before the car collision. Any source for that? If true then the defense attorney for Fields never brought this up and bungled or threw the case.