War Is Ugly

by David Sims

MSN has released propaganda that gives viewers the impression that the Honduran caravan moving through Mexico is primarily composed of women and children, and that armed US citizens are heading to the US-Mexico border to shoot cute, little Honduran girls.

The “mainstream” media don’t do much anymore except try to deceive people. The truth is that 85% of the people in the caravan are men under 35 years of age (i.e., fighting age), and these are the targets for patriotic US citizens who will defend their country, even if the government decides not to.

Now, there are indeed some women and children in the caravan. These will be used as human shields by the invading males. It’s an old trick. The Israelis occasionally grab some Palestinian kids and tie them to the front of their jeeps or tanks to discourage Palestinian men from attacking those vehicles.

If it happens, then defending forces will have little choice other than to shoot through the human shield to eliminate the invading forces. They won’t like doing it. But they will have to do it.

During the Vietnam war, the Communists would sometimes use children to deliver bombs to US soldiers and US materiel stockpiles. The American troops would have to shoot the child to save themselves and their military supplies. They didn’t like it, and it’s one of the reasons some of our men came back from the war with psychological troubles. But they had to shoot the little boy who was approaching them with a hand grenade, or whatever, in order to stay alive.

Think about it: 85% of the “migrants” are men under age 35. Clever trick. Send enemy forces into the targeted country unarmed. They get guns after they arrive and begin murdering the citizens of that country. The 15% of the caravan who are women and children are window dressing, subterfuge, human shields — nothing more.

But the logic remains the same as it was in Vietnam, now, with this caravan. If our soldiers have to choose between 1) protecting their country by shooting through women and children in order to kill the enemy, and 2) doing nothing while the enemy enters the United States — then I want them to shoot.

War is ugly. But if you don’t do what must be done, then your side is going to lose.

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18 November, 2018 5:34 am

Includes nice photo of Mestizos with guns ostensibly purchased here.

Audio version

18 November, 2018 5:56 am

Apparently the some 6 thousand already deployed regular troops are only supposed to provide “logistical support” to processing immigrant applications:‘this-would-be-a-very-good-time-to-do-a-shutdown’-trump-says/ar-BBPOgnt?ocid=spartandhp

18 November, 2018 10:48 am

We have women soldiers willing and able to defend our borders, too.