The Decline of Western Women — On the Pink Guard of the Abortion Industry

by Dissident Millennial

ONE OF THE MORE alarming features of today’s political discourse is how completely detached it is from any kind of traditional moral compass. Perhaps nowhere is this aspect of modern politics more evident than in the debate over abortion. A recent article by one Lindy West in Salon magazine displays this phenomenon in particularly revolting fashion.

West’s column is titled “After my abortion I felt relieved — and I’m in the majority,” and her editorial is introduced as an excerpt from an upcoming book titled Shout Your Abortion, which apparently represents an organized “movement” of the same name, the official website of which advertises itself as follows:

#ShoutYourAbortion is a decentralized network of individuals talking about abortion on our own terms and creating space for others to do the same. SYA is everywhere: on the sides of buildings, in art and outfits and zines and social media.

Abortion is normal. Our stories are ours to tell. This is not a debate.

Lovely, is it not?

In West’s own abortionist morality-tale, she tells the reader:

Lindy West, moral authority of modern America

Abortion is normal. Abortion is common. Abortion is happening. Abortion is a necessary medical procedure. Abortion makes people’s lives better. Abortion needs to be legal, safe, and accessible to everyone. Abortion is a thing you can say out loud. [Ed. Apparently. . .]

. . . We cannot effectively advocate for abortion in the abstract. Abortion is good for women, families, and communities, and the proof is reflected in our own lives. Many of us have our careers or our children because of our abortions.

Really? What kind of a “career” did an abortion allow Lindy West to have? Based on her Wikipedia entry it appears West is a former staff writer for Jezebel who gets paid to prattle about “racism,” “sexism” and “fat shaming,” and in addition to being a co-founder of the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign she is a leading proponent of something called the “fat acceptance movement.”

Now who would want a child to get in the way of such stellar achievements?

West continues:

Some of us would have never survived our abusers or our addictions without our abortions. One in four of us have had lives that were determined in monumental ways by our abortions, and the vast majority of us do not regret our decisions. But if nobody will admit they’ve had an abortion, we aren’t able to illustrate the connection between having an abortion and living a better life. . .

Image result for lindy west
Lindy West: Don’t let a child get in the way of stuffing your face

Abortion as a liberal issue is not exactly truth—it’s branding. Abortion as a “debate” is not truth—it’s branding. We know, because care providers know, that Democrats have abortions, Republicans have abortions, rich women have abortions, poor women have abortions, women of faith, women with children, anti-choice women, rural women, suburban women, women in cities, the proverbial white working-class women. Trans men have abortions, and gender-nonconforming people have abortions. It seems counterintuitive, but I believe abortion has the potential to be one of our most unifying issues. It cuts through all of those boundaries: race, class, geography, religion.

Ah yes, let’s fix the fractured, multicultural disaster of modern America by uniting every demographic around a woman’s right to flush her fetus down the toilet.

Incredibly, West goes even further off the deep end:

Under the Obama administration we had the luxury of a more nuanced conversation. We could say, “Abortion is normal.” Going forward we need to say, “Abortion is freedom.” Abortion is two incomes instead of one for your struggling family. Abortion is family values. Abortion is fiscal responsibility. Abortion is liberty. Anti-choice legislation is a form of unconstitutional government intervention that undermines personal freedom.

This country is ours just like our bodies are ours. Telling our abortion stories is a form of resistance.

What can one even say to this?

Without abortion we are not free. We need to work to build a culture in which talking about abortion becomes as normal as the procedure itself. Then we can begin to communicate the truth to the people in our lives who don’t yet understand what we already know: people who have abortions are good people and abortion has helped millions of us live our best lives.

We are not sorry.

Well you will be when you burn in hell!

On a serious note, what is the best way to approach the issue of abortion from a racial-nationalist perspective?

Well, I believe we need to differentiate between how we should handle abortion in a future nation of our own versus how we should handle it now under the present multicultural regime.

In a country of our own abortion would of course be deeply frowned upon if not outright banned (except in extraordinary circumstances), and the massive abortion industry we have today would not even exist as a culture of traditional sexual mores would preclude the need for any such abomination in the first place.

However, within the context of today’s degraded sexual swamp I believe we need to be more flexible in terms of allowing (and maybe even encouraging) abortion as a means of thinning the increasingly defective herd occupying the country’s living space.

Take the case of Lindy West, for example. Just look at this pig.

Lindy West: Slurping high-fructose corn syrup is a form of resistance

Do we proud fascists and national socialists really want a specimen like her to be prevented from having an abortion? I don’t think so.

In fact, if our current tax dollars are being used to help feminists like Lindy West self-abort their bastards, then that is the one policy of the modern U.S. government I fully support.

So sure, Lindy West, have an abortion (or two or three even) at taxpayer expense. Just know that come the revolution your degeneracy will be treated as an affront to public decency and a crime against the state.

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12 November, 2018 12:12 am

Another fine essay, Dissident Millennial. The content and style of your writing is first rate. Thank you for your continuing efforts to the cause and your dedication and loyalty to your people.

12 November, 2018 1:41 am

“On a serious note, what is the best way to approach the issue of abortion from a racial-nationalist perspective? Well, I believe we need to differentiate between how we should handle abortion in a future nation of our own versus how we should handle it now under the present multicultural regime.” Three words: Love Your Race. Now I realize that writers really hate overly simplistic solutions, so to satisfy your thirst for verbiage, let me say that these words should guide us along the same lines as “do what is best for your people” in the context of our present situation (birth dearth among Whites coupled with miscegenation, etc.) I could go on and on and on like writers like, but pfeh. Just do it, Love Your Race. And pass… Read more »

ricck lineheart
ricck lineheart
13 May, 2022 11:12 am

I have a real question and I have no answer but just how doe the Pro-Abortion supporters celebrate Mothers Day ?