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“Of Course We Have to Politicize the Pittsburgh Bloodbath. That’s What Jews Do.”

American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 3, 2018

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

We will resume our important series on the ADL shortly, but first I wanted to devote some air time to the Jewish reaction to the attacks at the synagogue in Pittsburgh this week. I’m indebted to the insights of Mark Glenn, editor at The Ugly Truth, for the insights and analysis in the first part of this broadcast, which I’ll paraphrase here.

* * *

THE HEADLINE — the very headline, mind you — of Tuesday’s piece in The Jewish Daily Forward is the same headline, word for word, we used for this broadcast today:

Of Course We Have to Politicize the Pittsburgh Bloodbath. That’s What Jews Do.

The writer, a Jew named Raphael Magarik, goes on to say: “We Jews have always politicized tragedy, as politicization is the engine of Jewish survival and the process by which we take responsibility for our destinies.”

There are two things about this that need special consideration.

If a White man or woman — or a Gentile of whatever variety — were to write an op-ed piece in any publication with the title “Of Course the Jews Have to Politicize the Pittsburgh Bloodbath. That’s What Jews Do” — wherein only two letters in one word are changed, from the subjective, first person plural “we” to the definite article “the” in the third person singular — the Jews as a group, whether they call themselves right, left, or anything in between — would engage in one of their made-to-order screeching campaigns alleging that an “anti-Semitic canard” was being introduced into the discussion by a “racist hater.”

The obvious point to this is that the Jews — in addition to many other markets — have monopolized that particular corner specializing in using even the tiniest real or imagined loss or slight for political gain and enhanced “specially protected victim” status — a corner where they are knee deep in hypocrisy and double standards, too. The only sane reaction to this is that non-Jews also be permitted to — or, better, demand to — do the very same thing: that is, “politicizing” every damned thing that organized Jewish power has done throughout history that has had negative or deadly results for Gentiles: How about the Jewish-led starvation of tens of millions of Ukrainians — for starters? How about the Jewish-instigated deaths of millions of the best Russians during the early decades of the Soviet Union? How about the millions of White Europeans and Americans dead during the Second World War, which was fought for the interests and advancement of the Jewish power structure? How about, after that war, when the Jews held the whip hand, the millions of Europeans “repatriated” to a certain death in the Soviet bloc or slavery in its gulags? How about the millions of German prisoners after the war left to starve and die in open-air killing fields? How about the dozens or hundreds of millions of White children slain in the womb or never conceived because of the horrific, Jewish-led holocaust of feminism? How about the ongoing murder campaign targeting White farmers, happening as we speak, in Zimbabwe and South Africa after the Jewish power structure engineered the anti-White revolutions there? How about the ever-rising death toll and epidemic of rape caused by the Jewish-led open borders policies that made the migrant invasion possible in America and Europe? How about the decades-long campaign by Jewish academics and media bosses to inculcate White guilt and self-hatred in our people? How many suicides? — how much childlessness? — how much racial mixing has that genocidal campaign caused?

I could go on, and on, and on — all day in fact. We need to relentlessly — and righteously — politicize all of these things and more. For we are in the right.

The other item that needs special consideration is that this Jewish politicization of every tragedy, of every insult, of every failure to venerate, and practically of every hangnail, is a form of theatrics. They love being center stage where the limelight is upon them and them only. They want all eyes on them. The talented Mark Glenn has coined a word for these Jewish theatrics. It sounds almost like the word “drama.” But it starts with a capital “j” instead of a “d.” Jrama. They engage in all the Jrama necessary to achieve a “climax” — which always is intended to further the backward, theocratic agenda which their forefathers began thousands of years ago and which has been the real source of all “anti-Semitism” since the very moment that Jews first made their fatal appearance in human affairs.

At least the author at the Forward gets one thing (partly) correct, even if only by accident and without realizing it, to wit: “Anti-Semitic violence does not descend from the heavens mysteriously, or rise without warning from the sea. Such violence is the result of specific historical circumstances, of concrete decisions by particular actors…”

Indeed, indeed. Such violence is the result of “specific historical circumstances” and of “concrete decisions by particular actors,” and those actors are none other than the Jews themselves and their history of anti-White, anti-Gentile, bigoted, supremacist, and oftentimes criminal behavior, all of which are the unavoidable outcome of those Judaic protocols found written in black and white within the pages of the ultimate book of hate — what the Jews call the Torah and what we call the “Old Testament.”

The ADL,  by the way, tells us that the recent synagogue attack is the “worst anti-Semitic attack in the history of the United States.” Eleven Jews were killed there. The ADL and their friends in the media have printed millions upon millions of words, mostly lies, on the death of a single Jew, convicted sex killer Leo Frank, the only Jew ever to be lynched in American history — and 103 years after his death, the words are still flooding the media. We can expect many, many more millions of words, then, politicizing what happened in Pittsburgh. It’s already begun. In a series of articles designed to politically use the Pittsburgh attack as a pretext for online censorship of criticism of Jews, the ADL just published a list of what they call “White Supremacist Terrorist Acts, Conspiracies and Plots against Jews.” It’s an interesting list. It catalogues, presumably exhaustively, acts against Jews since 1994. You need to read it carefully, though. In more than twenty years, they could find in their massive files only twelve incidents worth mentioning. In most of those incidents, zero Jews were killed. One case involved a couple of deranged carjackers half of whose victims were their own family members. In the entire list, one Jew was killed. In a country of 300 million people, one death in 20 years. If they extended that 20 years to 200 years, I doubt that the total would be more than two, and that’s just because they’d naturally include Leo Frank. What an unsafe place hateful racist America is for Jews. Time to abolish freedom of speech; Those Who Must Be Venerated say so.

Perspective. You need perspective. Compare those losses — two Jews killed by Jew-haters in 200 years — to the death toll caused by the Jewish policies of multiracialism and open borders.  How many hush crimes are covered up by the Jewish-controlled media? How many rapes of White women by invaders in the last 20 years? How many in the last 20 days? How many incidents like the White woman in Mississippi doused with gas and set on fire by The Content of Their Character? How many like the White mom in Virginia raped by Mestizo invaders in front of her own infant and toddler and then tortured with boiling water? — invaders who wouldn’t be here without Jewish-led open borders policies? — and then the crime is totally censored by the Jewish media bosses, so hardly anyone even knows about it? How many attacked and killed in the nationwide epidemic of the “Knockout Game”? How many White girls propagandized by slick Jewish media into giving themselves up to what amounts to sexual slavery? And what about the massive death toll caused by Jewish media and Jewish feminism inducing White women to slay their own children in the womb? Then compare the terrible Jewish loss of life in America (two in 200 years until last week, 13 in 200 years if you include Pittsburgh) with the list of mass killings orchestrated by the Jewish power structure I recited earlier — over a hundred million White people dead at least. Compare it with the number of Palestinian kids we enable the Jews to kill every single month of every single year. Compare it with the dozens of millions of killings in the Middle Eastern wars and drone attacks and siege-like embargoes that Washington has committed and is committing at Jewish insistence.

Should the resistance to the ongoing genocide of our people be in the form of what Robert Bowers apparently did? No, it should not. I find what Bowers did harmful to the cause of our people and harmful to the cause of racial separation and self-determination. And I also find it somewhat suspicious. Bowers engages in a quick flurry of friending and liking and re-posting as many pro-White people as he can find on social media, with the result that all of those innocent truth-tellers can be “linked” to a murder spree and used as a justification for more censorship. (When Timothy McVeigh was about to commit the Oklahoma City bombing, in a pre-social-media age, he bought a Liberty Lobby phone card and used it to make a long series of telephone calls to pro-White groups, some of which he just hung up on after the call was answered. The phone records were invaluable propaganda tools for the Jewish media and organizations, since they “linked” McVeigh to pretty much everyone the Jewish groups wanted to smear.)

And another by the way — Bowers had at keast two social media accounts, both Facebook and Gab. Gab, which supports free speech, is shut down and looking for a new host as a result of the Pittsburgh incident. They’ve been deplatformed. But no one is even thinking about shutting down Facebook. Facebook is Jewish owned and heavily censored.

Bowers correctly criticizes powerful and massively-funded Jewish organizations like the HIAS which facilitate the invasion of our nation and the genocide of our people. And then what does he do? He goes to a place where basically harmless and probably clueless Jews are praying, many of them elderly, and massacres them, generating the absolute maximum possible amount of revulsion, horror, and hate directed at racially conscious Whites — and the absolute maximum possible amount of sympathy, and super-enhanced ultimate victim status, for the Jewish groups.

Ensuring a future for White people requires that we organize for our interests, become a viable organization and racial community within existing nations that successfully spans multiple generations, and, ultimately attain permanent and impregnable power over a defensible and self-sustaining territory — all while maintaining our uncompromising racial principles.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance, founded by William Luther Pierce in 1970. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your support, your inquiries, and your help in spreading our message of hope to our people. You can also help us by visiting Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

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* * *

Source: Author, The Ugly Truth, and National Vanguard correspondents

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  1. Dissident Millennial
    3 November, 2018 at 11:01 am — Reply

    Superb article.

  2. Axis Sally
    3 November, 2018 at 12:29 pm — Reply

    Read the last paragraph again–it should be engraved in granite. We should call it kamerad Strom’s Forty-Nine Words. Everything above it is merely a restatement of the obvious.

    “…attain permanent and impregnable power over a defensible and self-sustaining territory…”–this is the sine qua non of Aryan survival. The United States is an Enemy plantation, and we are their cattle. They control all the important variables: media, money, education, and above all, territory. This article serves to illustrate why we are not going to beat them working within their system. We must recognize that we are effectively a diaspora living in hostile territories, vastly outnumbered by the hostiles, and plan accordingly.

    3 November, 2018 at 2:04 pm — Reply


    Baruch Kopel Goldstein was an American-Israeli physician who killed 29 Palestinian Muslim worshippers and wounded another 125 in Hebron. He was beaten to death by survivors of the massacre. It occurred on February 25, 1994

    The Jews made a memorial to his work, and he is worshipped as a hero by Jews in Israel and abroad.

    The chief Rabbi of Israel at the time described the murder of 29 Palestinians to be no more a loss than the death of 29 flies.

    11 flies in Pittsburgh!!!!

  4. cc
    3 November, 2018 at 5:24 pm — Reply

    Interesting puzzle.

    “We” and article “the” reminded me of two popular expressions that came about in the early 1970s: African American, Mexican American. No problem. From that, I recalled what Mr. AH wrote in a letter 16 September, 1919. Note the Jews go in the opposite direction.

    “The Jew himself never describes himself as a Jewish German, a Jewish Pole or a Jewish American, but always as a German, Polish or American Jew.”

  5. Disgusted
    3 November, 2018 at 10:25 pm — Reply

    A neighbor who has an empty, currently unlivable home into which he plans to retire near Pittsburgh sent me the following link with the comment that he knew I wouldn’t understand but this is why he wants to retire there:

  6. 5 November, 2018 at 9:08 am — Reply

    They do not report that Bowers once had a Palestinian girlfriend whose relatives were killed by Jews in Gaza.

  7. Gerald Goldberg
    11 November, 2018 at 5:45 pm — Reply

    “The truth must be repeated over and over again, because error is repeatedly preached among us, not only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every- where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
    feeling that it has a decided majority on its side.”
    ~ J. W. v. Goethe
    B’nai B’rith Magazine, May, 1925, vol. 39 :


    Rastus: Whuffo’ yo’ ‘jeculate yoself to me in dat onery manner?

    Cicero: Whoffo’? Nigguh, who do yo’ calkerate yo’ is?

    Rastus: Yo’ nigguh! mah family am quality folks an’ ahm a pusson of rank.

    Cicero: Huh! ah’ll have yo’ triflin’, Rastus, to know that ah’m ranker than you is.

    “Jokes” like these appeared regularly in the B’nai B’rith Magazine even as the ADL fought this kind of defamation of Jews.
    Louis Epstein, author of Sex Laws and Customs in Judaism:
    “The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves. To attain that purpose, the master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans. The master himself and his sons and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as well as for satisfaction of their extra-marital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to that luxury.”
    “They came with ships carrying AFRICAN BLACKS TO BE SOLD AS SLAVES. The traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the JEWS were often appointed as AGENTS OF THE CROWN in their sale….[They] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business WAS MAINLY A JEWISH ENTERPRISE….
    New World Jewry 1493-1825: Requiem for the Forgotten (KTAV, New York, 1982), pp. 170, 183. [Liebman is an attorney; LL.B., St. Lawrence University, 1929; M.A. (Latin American history), Mexico City College, 1963; Florida chapter American Jewish Historical Society, 1956-58; Friends of Hebrew University, 1958-59; American Historical Society Contributor to scholarly journals on Jewish history.
    “It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so….Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless Blacks.”
    “Jews and Negro Slavery in the Old South, 1789-1865,” in Abraham J. Karp, The Jewish Experience in America: Selected Studies from the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society (Waltham, Massachusetts, 1969), pp. 184, 189. [Dr. Korn is a rabbi,
    historian; A.B., Cincinnati, 1939; Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, Ordination M.H.L. 1949; Sr. rabbi, Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, 1949-; Chaplain, USNR, 1944-; Visiting professor, American Jewish History, Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York, 1962-; Honorary Overseer Gratz College of Pennsylvania; visiting professor, American Jewish History, Dropsie University of Pennsylvania; 1970-; Recipient Merit Award, American Association for State & Local History, 1969.]


    “The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payment. It happened that cash was mostly in the hands of JEWS The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always JEWS, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there also was no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers, and most of them purchased on credit payable at the next harvest in sugar. Profits up to 300% of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates….If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed. This occurred on Friday, October 21, 1644.”

    Jews in Colonial Brazil (1960), pp. 72-3; [Note: Wiznitzer, Arnold Aharon, educator; Born in Austria, December 20, 1899; Ph.D., University of Vienna, 1920; Doctor of Hebrew Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Emeritus research professor, University of Judaism, Los Angeles; Contributor to historical journals in the United States and Brazil including the Journal of Jewish Social Studies and the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society. Former president, Brazilian-Jewish Institute of Historical Research.]

    The American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society Report of 1853
    “The Jews of the United States have never taken any steps whatever with regard to the slavery question. As citizens, they deem it their policy to have every one choose whichever side he may deem best to promote his own interests and the welfare of his country. They have no organization of an ecclesiastical body to represent their general views; no General Assembly, or its equivalent. The American Jews have two newspapers, but they do not interfere in any discussion which is not material to their religion. It cannot be said that the Jews have formed any denominational opinion on the subject of American slavery….


    “The Christian inhabitants [of Brazil] were envious because the JEWS owned some of the best plantations in the river valley of Pernambuco and were among THE LEADING SLAVE-HOLDERS and SLAVE TRADERS in the colony.”1

    “Slave trade [sic] was one of the most important JEWISH activities here [in Surinam] as elsewhere in the colonies.”2

    1. , “A Study of Brazilian Jewish History 1623-1654, Based Chiefly Upon the Findings of the Late Samuel Oppenheim,” Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, vol. 33 (1934), p. 63.
    2. The Economic Activities of the Jews of Amsterdam in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Port Washington, New York/London: Kennikat Press, 1937), p. 159.
    [Bloom is a rabbi; B.A., Columbia University, 1923, Ph.D., 1937; M.H.L., Jewish Institute of Religion, 1928, D.D., 1955; rabbi, Temple Albert, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1928-31. President Kingston Ministerial Association, 1945-46, and 1959-60; B’nai B’rith; Zionist Organization of America; vice-president, National Prison Chaplain Board, since 1962; Social Action Committee of Central Conference of American Rabbis, since 1947; Author: The Jews of Dutch Brazil, 1936; The Economic Activities of the Jews of Amsterdam, 1937.]


    “[I]t remains a fact which cannot be gainsaid that in his own native home, and generally throughout the world, the unfortunate Negro is indeed the meanest of slaves. Much had been said respecting the inferiority of his intellectual powers, and that no man of his race has ever inscribed his name on the Parthenon of human excellence, either mental or moral.”


    Canaan is identified as a black man and blacks as in inferior people, only in the Gemara, which is to say the latter part of the Talmud, the Midrash and later writings of the rabbis. This invective, this racism, is not anywhere in the bible concerning the black race.

    The rabbinic account of the malediction against Ham stipulates that his son Canaan, and all Canaan’s offspring, are to fated to suffer perpetual slavery and black skin without the chance of their condition being ameliorated. It is this anti-Old Testament, Rabbinic gloss that influenced those fifteenth century Renaissance humanists who had crossed over into the forbidden territory of the Talmud, the Midrash and the Kabbalah as part of a supposedly enlightened act. It is an irony of history that as a result of this supposedly progressive development, the abominable view of blacks as a perpetual race of slaves became entrenched among the western liberal intelligentsia for at least the next three hundred years.



    The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion refers to Moses Maimonides as “THE SYMBOL OF THE PURE AND ORTHODOX FAITH.”
    The book GUIDE TO THE PERPLEXED is considered the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy, but his view of BLACKS was pure evil:

    “[T]he Negroes found in the remote South, and those who resemble them from among them that are with us in these climes. The status of those is like that of irrational ANIMALS. To my mind THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RANK OF MEN, but have among the beings a rank lower than the rank of man BUT HIGHER THAN THE RANK OF APES. For they have the external shape and lineaments of a man and a faculty of discernment that IS SUPERIOR TO THAT OF APES.”

    “Those who are incapable of attaining to supreme religious values include the BLACK coloured people and those who resemble them in their climates. Their nature is like the MUTE ANIMALS. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.”

    (Maimonides, Guide To The Perplexed, Translation from the Hebrew Version)

    Here is what Schorsch writes in his book, JEWS and BLACKS in the EARLY MODERN WORLD:

    “Few Jewish thinkers understood Ham’s curse to initiate his or her progeny’s blackness.”

    That is an out and out prevarication. The classic rabbinic texts hold that the punishment visited upon Ham was the transformation of his son Canaan, and all Canaan’s progeny, into BLACKS.

    Rabbi Hiyya said,

    “Ham and the dog copulated on the ark. Therefore Ham came forth dark skinned.”

    Jonathan Schorsch is Professor at Columbia University and is the author of the book “Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern World.”

    The most notorious anti-black racist in Judaism happens to be Judaism’s most influential and revered sage, Moses Maimonides, who taught in his book “Guide of the Perplexed,” that blacks are subhuman.

    Schorsch has written 546 pages on the relationship of JEWS AND BLACKS. One would think he would be able to explicate Maimonides’ teaching about BLACK PEOPLE at length since it forms the heart of Judaism’s attitude towards Blacks. Since Maimonides is indefensible, Schorsch dares not. Hence, like any propagandist, the Columbia University Professor buries the inconvenient Maimonides in his footnotes where we find the offending statement quoted in small type with no comment or exegesis of any kind — as if it were the doctrine of some long ago forgotten village rabbi instead of the major Halakic authority in Judaism.

    Neither can he bring himself to quote the Talmudic and Midrashic accounts of the CURSE OF HAM which form the canonical Judaic understanding of BLACK PEOPLE. By shying away from a confrontation with these texts, he does little to dispel the critique of Tony Martin and others. Professor Tony Martin quotes these anti-black rabbinic teachings you are about to see. How can Schorsch claim to debunk the Martin’s of the world when he can’t even bring himself to confront the problem’s sacred Judaic texts?

    The Talmud’s creators, first of all, were lawyers. Let’s observe lawyer Schorsch in action. In his book on page 139 he says:

    “Seeing a Jewish curse of Ham behind every English notion of Black accursedness will not do. If one looks carefully, the explicit citation of Jewish authors remains extremely rare in early modern writings. Some of course did indeed cite Jewish authorities. Overall, the curse of Ham seems to comprise a case of intra-Christian discursive influence. The Jewish having the Bible being claimed as a Christian text already long before the mediaeval period, early modern Christian authorities continued to make use of it as a component of the Christian canon.”

    Well, nice try Professor. The fact is the Israelite Bible was misappropriated by the Rabbis, not the Christians. Furthermore, Schorsch misleads readers into thinking that it is the biblical teaching about Blacks that is the pivot of anti-Black racism in the West when he knows very well that the anti-Black rabbinic dogma is diametrically opposed to the Old Testament. Therefore, citing the Old Testament in a racial context as the curse of Ham’s “intra-Christian discursive influence” is nothing more than a lawyer’s trick with a fifty dollar phrase.

    The mendacious chutzpah represented here is truly audacious. Such a gambit can only be sustained before an audience that is almost totally ignorant of the relevant foundational rabbinic texts.

    The curse of Ham, as taught by the Rabbis, is what Avraham Melamed rightly terms, “the locus classicus” of Judaism’s historic antipathy toward Black people and the exegetical source of its racist teaching from the Amorim of Babylonia to Moses Maimonides.


    Jews played a significant role in the African holocaust. Much is recorded in history about the Jewish Holocaust by German Nazis, but very little is said about the major part JEWS played in the African Holocaust.

    The first major role and one of the most significant, was played by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Talmudist, Halachist, physician, philosopher and communal leader, known in the Jewish world by the acronym “Rambam” and to the world at large as “Maimonides,”. He is one of the most important figures in the history of Torah scholarship and has a direct descendant of Moses through his father Maimon, that on his gravestone are inscribed the words, “From Moses to Moses, none arose as Moses.”

    The most notorious anti-Black racist in Judaism happens to be Judaism’s most influential and revered sage, Moses Maimonides, who taught in his book “Guide of the Perplexed,” that BLACKS WERE SUBHUMAN.

    Maimonides, in the twelfth-century, a Rabbi who is considered one of the greatest thinkers in medieval European thought, was one of THE MAIN ARCHITECTS OF RACISM, when through his mythological “curse of Ham” stated that Black people were “biologically inferior” and that Black Africans were “lower than the ranks of man but higher than the ranks of apes.”

    Maimonides’ Jewish tale signalled and marshalled the very beginnings of racism and white supremacy, creating much mischief and causing the shedding of much blood. It is shown to be the root justification of the slave trade and the displacement and murder of the American Indians; used also to attack the Civil Rights Movement, undermining abolitionism, to buttress the pro-slavery Confederacy, and an instrument of Jim Crow control.

    Rabbi Maimonides was considered “the symbol of the pure and orthodox faith,” and his writings are considered “the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy.” His works later wielded great influence on the scholastic philosophers of the Middle Ages, and was extensively quoted by many of them, notably Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus and Roger Bacon.

    Maimonides, who occupied a most prominent place in the annals of general theological philosophy created racism although he is considered a holy man. The Hamitic Myth is derived from the JEWISH Biblical story of Noah, taken alone as presented in Genesis 9:21-27, the characters are without a racial or geographical identity. It is the later interpretation of this race/religion/nation-neutral parable which assigned the curse specifically to the Black race such that by 1460 the institution of slavery would be universally believed to be the lot of the Africans.
    Former Trinidad-born professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College, USA Dr. Tony Martin highlighted,

    “The curse of Ham, as taught by the Rabbis, is what Avraham Melamed rightly terms, “the locus classicus” of Judaism’s historic antipathy toward black people and the exegetical source of its racist teaching from the Amorism of Babylonia to Moses Maimonides.

    The dogma that the black is a slave by nature is rabbinic in origin. Canaan is identified as a black man and blacks as inferior people, only in the Gemara, which is to say the latter part of the Talmud, the Midrash and later writings of the rabbis. This invective, and racism, is not anywhere in the bible concerning the black race. The rabbinic account of the malediction against Ham stipulates that his son Canaan, and all Canaan’s offspring, are fated to suffer perpetual slavery and black skin without the chance of their condition being ameliorated.

    It is an irony of history that as a result of this supposedly progressive development, the abominable view of blacks as a perpetual race of slaves became entrenched among the western liberal intelligentsia for at least the next three hundred years”.

    Beyond the Orthodox Judiasm of Maimonides there was also the similar racist approach taken by reform Judiasm.
    Reform Judaism was founded in America by Isaac Mayer Wise. Wise was a rabid, recalcitrant, racist rabbi who referred to Jesus as a “near lunatic,” and, like his predecessor Maimonides, considered Black people as subhuman. Rabbi Wise openly boasted that White Jews gave Christians a God and a religion.

    Rabbi Wise’s students were some of the most notable Jewish clerics in American history. Among them were Max Heller, Morris Newfield, Isidore Lewinski, Max Raisin, David Marx and Moses Jacobson, all of whom served in the south.


    A troubling alliance developed between racist rabbis and members of the Confederacy. This alliance led to a symbiotic relationship between and among members of the southern slavocracy and the Jewish religious leadership. Rabbi James Gutheim, the New Orleans Rabbi and ideological student of Rabbi Wise, in 1862 encouraged Southern Jews to support the Confederacy, and prayed to God to bless the Confederate slaveholders. When desegregation of the New Orleans school system was proposed, Rabbi Gutheim came up with an alternative: he founded a Hebrew school in protest.
    Among the Jews and southern slave owners, it was an open secret that rabbis owned and rented slaves. Rabbi Morris Raphall of New York, the nation’s highest paid clergyman, defended slavery and like others of his coreligionists claimed that God had sanctioned it.

    Rabbi and historian Dr. Bertram W. Korn, an acknowledged expert on nineteenth-century American Jewry, was not shy in stating that:

    “Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless Blacks.”

    Wise, Maimonides, Raphall and other Jewish rabbis used the Talmud to justify their concept of racial superiority over Black people. In the southern Jewish ethos Blacks were scapegoated and demonized so that Jews could develop without the impediment of racism. The rabbis played a crucial and strategic role of supplying “spiritual air cover” for racist Jewish and Gentile slave owners to justify their dehumanization of Black people in the institution of American slavery.

    History shows that Rabbis have benefited financially from the enormous profits gained from African enslavement. It was the Rabbis who invented the Curse of Ham Myth, which enabled and facilitated the enslavement of the Black man. Therefore, this conspiratorial relationship between the rabbis and their slave-dealing co-religionists benefited the entire Jewish nation in America and throughout the world. A part of this conspiratorial relationship included the deafening silence of those Jews who knew what was happening to the Black man was wrong but remained silent, especially since the question of what accounts for the entire absence of Jews from the abolition movement is yet to be answered.

    They were said to have participated in the Civil Rights Movement whenever their self-interests coincided with Black interests. More important, however, is Jewish control of the Civil Rights Movement through their control of the civil rights organizations.
    Jews used their wealth, power, and influence as board members, board directors and presidents of Black organizations to steer these organizations in the direction they desired, not in the direction Black people wanted.

    With the documented historical past of hundreds of years of discrimination against Black Americans and African people, there is great reluctance to openly discuss these issues.


    “Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade; indeed, the bylaws of the Recife and Mauricia congregations (1648) included an imposta (Jewish tax) of five soldos for each Negro slave a Brazilian Jew purchased from the West Indies Company. Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.

    “This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750’s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760’s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760’s and early 1770’s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.”


    “In Charleston, Richmond and Savannah the large majority (over three-fourths) of the Jewish households contained one or more slaves; in Baltimore, only one out of three households were slaveholding; in New York, one out of eighteen….Among the slaveholding households the median number of slaves owned ranged from five in Savannah to one in New York.”

    “The Jewish Population in 1820,” in Abraham J. Karp, ed., The Jewish Experience in America: Selected Studies from the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society (Waltham, Massachusetts, 1969, 3 volumes), volume 2, pp. 2, 17, 19.


    “The Jews of the Joden Savanne [Surinam] were also foremost in the suppression of the successive negro revolts, from 1690 to 1722: these as a matter of fact were largely directed against them, as being the greatest slave-holders of the region.” History of the Marranos (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1932), p. 292.


    “All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantations owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 75 percent of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South, where they were always outnumbered at least 100 to 1….But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.” United States Jewry, 1776-1985 (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989), p. 586.

    Marcus describes the mockery of the Indian by Hyam Myer’s “Wild West Show” in his book, The Colonial American Jew:

    “[Myer sought] formal permission to exhibit some Mohawks in Europe. Myers sailed with the Indians before the proper certificate was forthcoming from the Indian Commissioner, and had already begun to parade them in Holland and in the taverns of London when the Lords of Trade urged Lieutenant-Governor Cadwallader Colden in New York to have Johnson put an end to the undertaking. From all indications Myers made no money on his grand European tour, for he ended up owing the Indians money – or refusing to pay them. Then, as now, there was “no business like show business!”

    Isaac Mayer Wise, the leader of the American Reform Jews, wrote of the California Indians:

    “…though not total savages, [they] are very primitive and ignorant….[They do] nothing besides loafing and begging….They catch trout in the river, and then sell them to buy ammunition, shoot rabbits, birds, eat various roots and wild plants, also snakes, frogs, dogs, cats, and rats, and say, ‘Me work no.’ In conversation with several of them I found that they have no particular home and are heathens.”


    In turn-of-the-century San Francisco the 12-term Congressman Julius Kahn was a Jew who was affiliated with Temple Emanu El.

    “The oath to the Japanese,” he said, “would be but a hollow mockery, an empty formality signifying nothing. We do not want that kind of citizenship, and we do not intend to have it, if we can prevent it.”

    He spoke vehemently against Japanese immigration and naturalization even as Jews pushed mightily for Eastern European immigration. The early 1900 saw passage of the Chinese Exclusion Acts which were enthusiastically supported by Kahn and his constituents. He was such an advocate that the Acts were called the Kahn Exclusion Acts.


    W.E.B. DuBois, future NAACP leader
    “The Jew is the heir of the slave-baron in Dougherty [Georgia]; and as we ride westward, by wide stretching cornfields and stubby orchards of peach and pear, we see on all sides within the circle of dark forest a Land of Canaan. Here and there are tales of projects for money-getting, born in the swift days of Reconstruction-‘improvement’ companies, wine companies, mills and factories; nearly all failed, and the JEW fell heir.”

    The Souls of Black Folk (1903) note: When DuBois tried to republish the book in 1953, he succumbed to pressure to replace the word “Jew” with “foreigner.”

    Philadelphia Jewish weekly The Jewish Record of January 23, 1863:

    “We know not how to speak in the same breath of the Negro and the Israelite. The very names have startlingly opposite sounds; one representing all that is debased and inferior in the hopeless barbarity and heathenism of six thousand years the other, the days when Jehovah conferred on our fathers the glorious equality which led the Eternal to converse with them, and allow them to enjoy the communion of angels. Thus the abandoned fanatics insult the choice of God himself, in endeavoring to reverse THE INFERIORITY WHICH HE STAMPED ON THE AFRICAN, to make him the compeer (equal), even in bondage, of His chosen people.

    “There is no parallel between such races. Humanity from pole to pole would scout such a comparison. The Hebrew was originally free and the charter of his liberty was inspired by his Creator.

    The Negro was never free and his bondage in Africa was simply duplicated in a milder form when he was imported here….The judicious in all the earth agree that to proclaim the African equal to the surrounding races, would be a farce which would lead the civilized conservatism of the world to denounce the outrage.”


    He was considered the most distinguished Jewish layman in his time. He was such a prolific proponent of slavery, that the first Black American periodical, The Freedom’s Journal, was launched in response to Noah’s racist propaganda. He actually defended slavery by calling it liberty:

    “There is liberty under the name of slavery. A field negro has his cottage, his wife, and children, his easy task, his little patch of corn and potatoes, his garden and fruit, which are his revenue and property. The house servant has handsome clothing, his luxurious meals, his admitted privacy, a kind master, and an indulgent and frequently fond mistress.”

    He argued that “the bonds of society must be kept as they now are” and that:

    “To emancipate the slaves would be to jeopardize the safety of the whole country.”

    The Freedom’s Journal called Noah the Black man’s “bitterest enemy” and William Lloyd Garrison, the leading White abolitionist, called him the:

    “lineal descendant of the monsters who nailed Jesus to the cross.”

    Zionism is Judaism and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.

    Bolshevism and Communism were Jewish created, Jewish proposed, Jewish financed, Jewish led and Jewish operated. The most murderous regime this planet has ever known, was Jewish through and through.

    The Jew is an inborn communist. Otto Weininger

  8. Walt Hampton
    11 November, 2018 at 6:45 pm — Reply

    Just for the record: Hadding wants
    to “document” this as another “random
    shooting.” Also for the record, I
    believe Hadding is a great National
    Socialist in the making and will be
    remembered after the two of us are
    long dead. However, that does not
    play well for me in calling the
    Pittsburgh event as another
    “random shooting.” Put me
    down on the record that most
    of these “random shootings”
    are anything but “random.” The
    Jewish monster has just about
    taken control of that entity which
    we know as the USofA, and that these
    “random shootings” are designed
    to do away with the 2nd Amendment.
    Once they do that, the 1st Amendment
    will not be far behind. Get with the
    f****** program, Hadding. I’ve already
    had FBI agents here at my residents
    back in ’12, and the first and foremost
    question they had on their minds was
    how many firearms I had in my possession.
    Wake up and smell the coffee, Hadding.
    Realize that personal possession of
    firearms are the last and only defense
    against a Soviet-styled USofA. You only
    serve the interest of the Jews by
    dismissing it all as “random shootings!”

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