More Anti-Natal Propaganda: “I Prefer to Welcome Migrants Than to Have Children”

PUSHING WHITE PEOPLE to have fewer children to “help the environment” is a meme that has been around before. But it looks like they’re giving it another whirl.

Here’s Friday’s front page from the French newspaper Libération.

“Fewer children to save the planet?”

“Diapers or the ozone layer, do we need to choose?”

This is a pun in French. It’s also complete nonsense, since the ozone layer problem has already been solved.

The article references a similar piece in the New York Times.

It’s accompanied by personal commentaries like this one, from Gaëlle.

Personally, I don’t plan to have children in my life. I don’t like them but I don’t detest them either. The environment is a factor that reassures me about my choice. There are so many people emigrating because of climate change and, in parallel, they tell us that we need to continue to procreate, particularly for retired people. I prefer to welcome migrants than to have children with an uncertain future who will go on consuming ever more. They tell us: between now and 2040 it could all fall apart. Children are a chasm for finance and energy. When I meet people, I try to make the situation clear quickly by saying I don’t want them. I don’t see myself changing for anyone, nor putting my career in parentheses.

Of course these messages are only ever pushed upon White people, despite White birthrates being below replacement level in virtually every country where White people live. And White people will be the only ones who can come up with technological solutions to whatever problems exist. Are the teeming hordes of Africa going to help with environmental engineering?

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Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
1 December, 2018 7:12 am

This is all propaganda for the White Genocide Project by the usual subjects. Rest assured that that “French” newspaper Libération is owned by the same subversive ethnic Mafia that also owns the New York Times. That comment by “Gaëlle” sounds too good to be true. She wants no children because : 1) “I don’t like children”. (very unusual for normal women). 2) “The environment” (as if the high birthrate of non-Whites is not a greater threat to the environment than the sub-replacement birthrate of Whites). 3) “Climate Change”. (another Jewish scam). 4) “I welcome immigrants”. (Mass non-White immigration is a major part of the White Genocide Project). 5) “Children cost money and energy”. (So do non-White children). 6) “My career”. (A major part of the White Genocide Project is to… Read more »

1 December, 2018 10:57 am

“Children are a chasm for finance and energy”. White children are the bridge across that chasm, meaning that without them here as adults to out-engineer your “climate change”, finance becomes meaningless and insufficient energy exists to survive it.

1 December, 2018 6:43 pm

Whoever is still hooked to this propaganda deserves what he gets.

2 December, 2018 9:57 pm

She/it is not the only one to welcome migrants. In the US, it’s a cash cow for those who know how to milk federal grants for supposed non-profits to feed, clothe, shelter and educate little wandering wonders – and have the correct racial profile to fit the cause. Yet another shakedown for which whites will be disproportionately billed, is born! And not from the genetically inferior impulse-control and dearth of empathy as found in the students that fulfill the Special Education shakedown, but out of a simple lack of border control. From: : “Juan Sanchez earned $1.5 million last year as Southwest Key’s chief executive.” “Southwest Key has collected $1.7 billion in federal grants in the past decade, including $626 million in the past year alone. But as it… Read more »