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Homeless Jack Says Whitey Is Evolving Fast

Epiphany I (Adoration of the Magi) by Gottfried Helnwein

by H. Millard

MAN, IF YOU DON’T understand a little about evolution and jumping genes and all sorts of other stuff, you may be in the dark about how fast Whites are evolving.

Now, I ain’t gonna give you all kinds of links — you can do your research on the Internet — but what I’m telling you here ain’t just a figment of my imagination.

I saw an article the other day about the co-evolution of female and male genitalia in fruit flies, and it struck home, man, because there are principles involved that apply to all life including my favorite form of life, White humans.

Anyway, here’s the gist of the article that I just mentioned. It has been found that some female fruit flies have evolved a different type of genitalia; this required males to also develop a different form of genitalia in order to mate with them. As a result of the differences, these fruit flies are unable to breed with other types of fruit flies and this has set these modified ones on the track to becoming a separate species.

Now, here’s what we can take away from this and as I’ve written many times before, and this is a fact, White human skulls are getting longer rather than wider.

And this is happening rapidly. Why? Because White brains are getting larger and the larger brains need more skull space, but Nature’s Plan A, to simply give Whites wider skulls is not good, because White female reproductive systems including the birth canal, their hips, etc. have not co-evolved with an increase in White brain size to accommodate wider skulls.

So, Nature’s workaround is simply to make White skulls longer instead of wider to accommodate the additional brain material and to allow White females to birth White children without dying in the process.

Eventually, White female reproductive systems may co-evolve to accommodate wider skulls, but then again, maybe not, at least if the present solution with longer skulls does the job. Nature is a frugal engineer and doesn’t over-design things. If something works and is the best fleshly engineering solution, then no further change is needed.

What do White humans with longer White skulls look like? Just look at the typical Aryan head as the Germans described them and of which there are many photos on the Internet.

So, are the larger White brains growing taller in longer skulls, instead of growing broader if the skulls were made wider, any good? Consider the German reputation for engineering. Those long Aryan skulls and taller brains inside seem to work pretty well, man.

* * *

©2018 H. Millard

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