Don’t Be An Indoorsman

by Blake Hood

THE MODERN White American is a fat, soft, domesticated animal.

Those who want to be Volkish must be the complete opposite — they must be strong and fit and wild. One cannot be a proud member of the Volk if one is fat and weak. Beyond that basic principle, you need to remember two thing in regards to proper fitness practices:

  1. Gyms are toxic, exercise outdoors
  2. Exercise with a friend(s) and in public

No More Gym

Gyms today are unbearable. There are 101 things to distract you from what you are supposedly there to do – exercise. The people milling about and standing around, the giant mirrors, the television blaring its stupidity…all these things work against you.

Gyms also play obnoxious ‘popular music’ (aka Negro babble with a bass track) which means you are forced to bring a phone (another distraction) and wear headphones (a hassle). Something else to consider; think about the hundreds of people who sweat on the benches and machines at the gyms. Those have to be constantly cleaned with toxic chemicals that you will absorb through your skin — and that’s if they get cleaned.

Finally, gyms cost money. You don’t need 90% of the stuff they have in there unless you are a serious body builder. You can get fit and in shape with body weight exercise and a few dumbbells (or with rocks and logs!)

Volkish Exercise

Routine workouts should ideally be done outdoors unless it is pouring rain or freezing cold. We spend too much of our life sealed up in temperature controlled rooms. We can all do without the recycled musty gym air and florescent light. Go get some fresh air and sunlight instead.

Alone we are weak, together we are strong. Truly Volkish exercise routines should be done with a friend — and later on with a group. Everyone knows the benefits of a ‘workout buddy’ and since Volkish living is all about working together, this is a natural requirement. Go to a local park to do your exercises and occupy the public place. It is a perfect opportunity to communicate the Volkish message to anyone who wanders by and wonders why half a dozen fit young White people are squatting with massive rocks and hitting rubber tires with sledgehammers to the sounds of Viking music!

We recommend trying the Centurion Method (CM). This primal outdoor exercise plan relies on basic body weight moves and uses rocks and logs for weight.

Here are the CM intro pages

The main section of the workout plan: CM Main Workouts

And finally: CM Primal workouts

* * *


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Michael Dean Miller
Michael Dean Miller
10 November, 2018 10:42 pm

What I did:
Tuned in to things,
Turned on to Life,
Dropped off the Grid.
Moved to Tennessee from Florida, cleared 2 acres, lost weight, put up some cabins (okay, Amish built sheds, large, comfortable).
Chopped trees, moved rocks from the brook, built stone walls, stacked firewood. Listen to lots of old classic country and some good rock.
This article has the good advice I took years before I read it.