Cultivation of Courage Versus Impulsive Violence

Robert Bowers doesn’t seem to have thought about how to influence people without firearms.

by Hadding Scott

IN THIS audio excerpt I discuss with Matt Heimbach and Christopher Cantwell what Robert Bowers could have done that would have been more useful than hoarding guns and shooting up a synagogue:


Here Zan Overall, the “Wise Old Man,” exhibits the steady self-control that Robert Bowers lacked. There is another video wherein he stands outside a synagogue declaring that the Holocaust is a hoax, and is confronted by angry Jews:

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Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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  1. 21st Century WN
    20 November, 2018 at 10:32 am — Reply

    A wife-beater like Matt Heimbach (who had sex with his father-in-law’s wife) should not be showcased on a National Alliance website. Either we hold “family values” in high esteem, or we do not. Either we value the sanctity of marriage and children, or we do not. And Matt Heimbach valued neither.

    • 20 November, 2018 at 1:35 pm — Reply

      I don’t know anything about Heimbach except that he once said that he put his Christian church higher in his scale of values than his race. But I do trust Hadding Scott. Probably Mr. Scott had no control over the guest list — it’s not his program — and had no intention of promoting Heimbach. The show is likely simply a vehicle for getting his ideas out to an audience. Dr. Pierce was interviewed by racemixer Art Bell and the Jew Mike Wallace, among many other similar examples, and the interviews weren’t endorsements. I myself was interviewed by the New York Times yet promoting them was certainly the farthest thing from my intention. It’s good you brought the issue up, if those allegations are true, so that everything is clear.

    • 22 November, 2018 at 11:52 am — Reply

      21ST CENTURY WN: A wife-beater… who had sex with his father-in-law’s wife should not be showcased on a National Alliance website. Either we hold “family values” in high esteem, or we do not…

      Who’s “we,” Mr. 21st Century Man? What’s your association with the National Alliance that you’ll say something as stupid as “NA is showcasing” some low life because Hadding had, to his misfortune, a recorded, impromptu dialog about the points he wanted to make, with that low life individual. Not good “optics,” as they say.

      Some missed Hadding’s points because of the “Movement” drama of false associations made. Blame the Internet show’s host for giving up his mic to the lowlife. Hadding’s post-show assessment of the tag-team as questionable role-models seems too kind to me. But that’s Hadding. I’d rather have one of him than 100 of the others on that 8-minute audio clip.

      The National Alliance has no association with Spencer, Anglin, Enoch, Heimbach, NSM, NF, or any of that crowd, and doesn’t seek “unity” with any of them, but the purpose of White Biocentrism is not to criticize others’ efforts but to stay on our own course and use the forum as a mentoring tool for Alliance-building. source (10/9/2017):

      TED TRUEWIL: When our enemies see this infighting, they GLOAT. Present a united front.

      Who’s infighting? The National Alliance is the “ingroup” here at We pay the bills and take the heat. National Alliance members do not “infight.” Those in the outgroups — everybody else — can feel free to come to and tell the National Alliance, usually anonymously, how they think we must conduct our business, whose podcasts we can appear on, and how we must be “united” with the “Movement.”

      This is a good time to remind folks what the National Alliance’s policy is toward uniting with the “Movement”:

  2. 21st Century WN
    20 November, 2018 at 4:36 pm — Reply

    My comments were not intended as any reflection on Hadding Scott or Christopher Cantwell, since I am only familiar with their public personas. Their personal lives are not known to me. On the other hand, Matt Heimbach’s indiscretions were widely documented by both ally and enemy alike, so these charges are not a “smear job” by the leftist media – even though they did make hay with it.

    Up until Heimbach’s implosion, he had a loyal wife who supported his views and his activism. What she got in return for that loyalty was Heimbach jumping into bed with his father-in-law’s wife while her back was turned taking care of their children. And he jumped into that other woman’s bed not once, but multiple times. As a result, he destroyed not one, but two marriages.

    These are the kinds of things we condemn people like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein for doing, but not our own. That’s got to stop and consequences must follow in cases like this. Heimbach, in the view of some, has forfeited any right to speak out on behalf of either white nationalism or Christianity, since he betrayed someone who supported both: his soon-to-be ex-wife.

    • 21 November, 2018 at 3:59 am — Reply

      Neither Heimbach nor Cantwell is an ideal role-model, but that’s beside the point.

      • 21st Century WN
        21 November, 2018 at 3:50 pm — Reply

        21st Centurey WN: “Up until Heimbach’s implosion, he had a loyal wife who supported his views and his activism.”

        Hadding, in response to the above: “Neither Heimbach nor Cantwell is an ideal role-model, but that’s beside the point.”

        And that’s one of several reasons why our efforts at recruitment have stagnated – precisely because loyalty to family, marriage, and children in the WN movement has become “beside the point”. Whether it’s Matt Heimbach beating up on his wife or Richard Spencer (allegedly) beating up on his, it’s “business as usual” because “the show must go on”, right?

        How about this: if it’s proven that you’ve done what Matt Heimbach has done, then you’re not invited to appear on a WN podcast ever again? In other words, you’re finished. Over with. Done.

        But people like Heimbach (Glenn Miller, others) just keep f@&king up and just keep coming back. And this breeds cynicism, because there are no consequences for irresponsible behavior, is there? Just an attitude that sweeping the misdeeds of people like Matt Heimbach under the rug with a curt, “that’s beside the point” is okay.

        Only, it isn’t “okay”.

        Matt Heimbach should be denied a voice from now on, on all respectable pro-white websites and podcasts. Nor should any respectable WN appear on a podcast if he’s also a guest. Again, there must be consequences for one’s actions. Thus far, Heimbach has suffered none.

        But his wife and children sure have.

        • 22 November, 2018 at 2:01 am — Reply

          Since you have crossed all the imperfect people off of your list, who remains that is fit to converse with you?

    • 22 November, 2018 at 3:58 pm — Reply

      I think that there must be more serious accusations than marital infidelity, to be made against Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Conservatard media like to stir outrage about peccadilloes instead of the offenses that really matter. Bombing Serbia into the stone age is fine, but we’re going to obsess over Monica Lewinsky. You show yourself as a smallminded noob by talking this way.

      Heimbach and Cantwell are both intelligent guys with drive, who are capable of doing things and have dared to do things in a milieu where not many people are doing much. I also see no reason to doubt their sincerity. They were good interlocutors for what I wanted to discuss.

      If anybody is in a position to persuade large numbers of people within or on the fringes of White Nationalism to participate in a peaceful demonstration instead of resorting to desperate violence, it’s Heimbach and Cantwell.

      • 23 November, 2018 at 9:57 am — Reply

        I don’t follow the so-called alt-right and don’t know the first thing about Cantwell except that he values Heimbach’s opinions, and yours.

        I do not value the Heimbach’s opinions whatsoever, having met him several years ago and witnessed first-hand his overweening arrogance and confident, glib line of scripture-citing patter.

        ‘Toward the Stars’ had this to say about him, here, 3 and 1/2 years ago, and those words still ring true today, as far as the National Alliance’s position with these “movement” characters goes:

        Sun Jun 28, 2015
        Heimbach has jumped around to different esoteric philosophies in his short period in the spotlight. This is dangerous for any young person to do, since they may end up regretting having made certain public statements later in life. He is much too young to be a credible leader in most disciplines in life, leave alone as a credible leader in the greatest cause there is. The most competent leaders are those who have expertise in a field separate from white nationalism. It’s not a good idea for our leaders to have no other life experience besides being in the movement. Dr. Pierce, Will Williams, and Kevin Strom were all well established in areas outside of our cause, and their unique skill-sets made the National Alliance stronger. The National Alliance is for competent men and women whose knowledge and commitment benefit the community.

        Check out those photos of the knucklehead WN leader in that thread, Hadding. You’re right that he will attract certain numbers of marginal folks on the fringes of White Nationalism. That’s good that he will attract those people away from the NA. Good for him. NA is not interested in attracting people from the WN fringe that he might attract.

        • 23 November, 2018 at 4:49 pm — Reply

          I see your photo of Heimbach from his Trad Youth days holding his homemade Orthodox cross and a placard that says “Jesus loves you.”

          That is a somewhat one-sided representation.

          There is also a photo of Heimbach holding that Orthodox cross with one arm, while he holds an antifa in a headlock with the other. While I find his judgment about some things questionable, Heimbach is no wimpy Christian. That guy fights.

          From what I know of Traditionalist Workers’ Party, it was a remarkable project that Heimbach and Matt Parrott put together. They took young White men who had problems like drug addiction and helped them to fix their problems and gave them a sense of purpose, which was expressed in demonstrations of courage amid public events. TWP was a form of therapy, but it was also valuable in facilitating Richard Spencer’s public appearances. I think that the nature of the organization was such that they needed to keep moving forward to maintain morale and purpose. I think that the cessation of public demonstrations was a big problem for them.

          TWP collapsed following Heimbach’s sexual indiscretion, and he now affiliates with National-Socialist Movement. NSM is an organization with a bizarre history and a lot of baggage, including that carnivalesque flag that they use. I wonder how that is going to work out.

          • Travon Martinberg
            24 November, 2018 at 3:37 am

            There is need for new leadership in White Nationalism, and it will have to come from the young (with their past indiscretions and daliances with multiculturalism and Christianity) who can speak to others of their age-group to change the direction of the movement that is now dependent upon getting rid of the jews. As I’ve said, climate change is the monster that WN ignores, but may be a means to achieve its goals. Today’s federal report at predicts a northern migration, indirectly, saying “While some regions (such as the Northern Great Plains) may see conditions conducive to … crop productivity over the next few decades, overall, yields from major U.S. crops are expected to decline.” Bad news when migrant and illegal immigration rises too. As you know, at least 95% of US farm and ranch managers and owners are white. The means of restructuring society when food is at stake has to be prepared for now, by people active in the movement now who will be active in it 40 years from now, when the true effects take hold. The future freedom of the growers to control their own means of production is at stake, especially as a racial minority, when a non-white majority is demanding nationalization and crop seizures to feed its babies.

          • 24 November, 2018 at 10:56 am

            I see your photo of Heimbach from his Trad Youth days holding his homemade Orthodox cross and a placard that says “Jesus loves you.” That is a somewhat one-sided representation.

            That’s the side of your unwimpy Christian fighter that gets me, and is enough for me to discount him.

            [He] now affiliates with National-Socialist Movement. NSM is an organization with a bizarre history and a lot of baggage, including that carnivalesque flag that they use. I wonder how that is going to work out.

            It should work out fine for NSM and for him. They’ll remain on the fringe together and attract defectives away from the National Alliance. NA will be Heimbach-proof as best it can be. Never again Hal Turners, Frank Weltners or others of their ilk speaking for the organization. We’ll send their type to the NSM, thanks. Maybe they’ll give some of those troubled young White drug addicts purpose enough that they can one day join NA, rehabilitated.

          • 24 November, 2018 at 6:03 pm

            I appreciate Dr. Pierce’s idea of keeping his organization separate from the false ways and defective personalities of the “patriot movement” or other racial organizations.

            But I don’t think that it’s realistic to say that the National Alliance is not affected by what these other organizations and personalities do. If one entity makes a colossal blunder, it has ramifications for the others. The fact that there is no formal connection whatsoever doesn’t prevent this.

            For example, Dylann Roof’s spree shooting has had bad consequences for Jared Taylor and the CCC, just because Dylann Roof had read their materials.

            Robert Bowers’ spree shooting had bad consequences for Gab, which Gab now seems to be overcoming.

            Regarding the National Alliance, the Oklahoma City Bombing had a big effect, because McVeigh had once phoned in to listen to a recorded message and had supposedly read The Turner Diaries.

            The failure of Ben Klassen’s successor as PM of the COTC to answer the SPLC’s civil suit against that organization had bad consequences for Dr. Pierce, simply because he had bought COTC’s property.

            The National Alliance as I understand has also suffered problems with payment-processors due to the false propaganda about the first Unite the Right rally. If somebody had counseled the planners of that event to discourage participants like James Fields from arriving and departing Charlottesville individually and unaccompanied, perhaps some inconvenience for the National Alliance would have been prevented.

            So, it seems to me to behoove the National Alliance to take SOME interest in what these other entities are doing, at least to the extent of wishing them not to commit massive blunders, because, although the immediate legal consequences may affect only them, there are other effects that are much broader.

            Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers will be punished, but so will, to some extent, everybody that seems to have vaguely similar views. So, it is worthwhile to prevent such desperate acts, to the extent possible.

  3. Travon Martinberg
    21 November, 2018 at 9:11 am — Reply

    The recording’s content brought up a contradiction. White nationalists consider all jews to be the enemy, regardless of any jew’s age or ideology, sharing the guilt of working ruthlessly toward white genocide. But when a violent defense against the jews’ plan is attempted, such as the Pittsburgh synogogue shooting, the targets individually turn out not to be actively employed agents of white genocide. Of the 11 people Bowers shot, none had any direct control over US foreign and immigration policies or their media support, or key roles in lawsuits legalizing pornography and miscegenation, or in lobbying for the 1965 civil rights laws, etc., other than their stupid election votes and political donations to the Democrats. Their deaths were pointless. Bowers did nothing to help the WN cause; he completely bypassed an educating process that could’ve helped. You can bet that the jews actually in the power structure live in gated communities with 24 hour security, and have better security at their synogogues than the one in Squirrel Hill had (which was none), if not then, then by now. Generally, violent people are not trustworthy. A based WN who’s been in-and-out of prison and assaults jewboys will likely be a loose cannon that brings heat onto any organization he claims to represent. The instigators of violence in a WN organization are likely to be the federal law enforcement under-covers. Therefore the goal of white nationalism now is still to educate whites to the jews’ intentions and duplicity as well as whites’ own lack of resolve, as exposed by this website and the NA, so that we can stem abominations like the migrant flood into Western Europe and illegal immigration into the US, by embarrassing politicians through exposure of what they support and have caused. Educating includes handing out or posting leaflets, such as the “Love Your Race” and “It’s OK to be White”, in public squares. What’s important with that is it shows that whites are willing to stand up against the hate and even violence that is thrown their way in response, discrediting the enemy and its proxies in the process – let them be the ones to trigger wasteful police investigations. The only defense to this response is strength in numbers; no WN should do handouts in a group of less than 6 individuals, with 4 at four corners simply observing outwardly from several feet away from the person doing the hand-outs, and one recording video of the process from a higher vantage point, such as from a park bench. That display of courage is more important than the leaflets themselves. And that’s the step that hasn’t been exploited anywhere near to what it needs to be, and could’ve been where Bowers would’ve been useful, instead of using his gun.

  4. Ted Truewil
    21 November, 2018 at 4:03 pm — Reply

    When our enemies see this infighting, they GLOAT. Present a united front.

  5. cc
    21 November, 2018 at 6:13 pm — Reply

    Modern day racism is covered with dissension on the national level. Different feuds in religion and politics.

    As a teenager, I cut my teeth on southern racism in the 2d half of the 1960s. A very tumultuous time. We were cut from the same bolt of cloth — same culture — perfect communication. I don’t remember any arguments. Everything was reduced to its lowest common denominator. Southern down-homers contended for White separation only. That’s all nature requires. We attracted the attention of the Federals. Those people reinvaded southern soil.

  6. cc
    23 November, 2018 at 4:10 pm — Reply

    The Alt-right and Daily Stormer are joined at the hip. From day one, both outfits received preferred media attention. No merit; no experience. Federalist/
    republicans promoting the party. The title ‘Alt-right’ has a Jewish ring to it. Stage managed. The Daily Stormer compared Trump to Hitler during the campaign.

  7. Sethmoto101
    23 November, 2018 at 9:17 pm — Reply

    Bower’s gab pic says “my glock family”. He would’ve accomplished infinitely more if he had a real family with several kids, instead.

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