“Anti-Semitism” Is Often the Purest Form of Truth-Telling

by David Sims

ALTHOUGH THE Jews like to propagandize for the notion that the word “anti-Semitic” is more or less equivalent to the word “false,” nothing of the kind is true. Many, perhaps most, “anti-Semitic” statements are true statements… which, however, the Jews don’t like to hear, and which, moreover, the Jews don’t want anyone saying whether any Jews hear them or not.

However, it is important for us to remember, as we are a fair-minded people, that not all “anti-Semitic” statements are true. There is indeed such a thing as a false “anti-Semitic” statement, rare though they might be.

The union of false statements and “anti-Semitic” statements garner the preponderance of mainstream media attention regarding “anti-Semitic” statements, which creates the illusion that such statements are, in general, false. That illusion can be created because the Jews control the mainstream media.

The statement “the Jews control the mainstream media” is a true “anti-Semitic” statement. The important thing to the Jews is that it is “anti-Semitic.” The important thing to us is that it is true. We must overcome the conditioning, which is largely the result of media indoctrination, that we have some sort of obligation to respect the Jew’s interests more than we respect our own.

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  1. Mr. Hilter
    29 November, 2018 at 5:52 pm — Reply

    There would be no so called anti-Semitism if there was no anti-gentile behavior on the part of the jews. Jews cannot help their behavior; they are the seeds of satan, it is the brutal naivete of white people that lets this outrageous “anti-Semitism” nonsense continue.

  2. Sethmoto101
    5 December, 2018 at 2:54 am — Reply

    David’s last sentence is vital. From limited experience, if you point out that nearly half of all jews carry a gene for a crippling genetic disease (per, jews will not consider it anti-semitic (despite of the idiocy it exposes of those claimed as chosen to lead a religion in thrall to an all-powerful supernatural leader). If you did similar analyses revealing jews as disproportionately wealthy, liberal-authoritarian (i.e. pro-internet-censorship), disinterested in military service, present in television media, present in law – your results will most likely NOT get an complaint of anti-semitism – such results are known by jews themselves.. But if you point out the *consequences* of jews’ disproportionate influences in these areas on non-jews, then you get howls of anti-semitism. Past examples of such triggers might be revealing the lack of media coverage on AIPAC’s influence on Congress, or on domestic spying by Israel, or currently, on the degenerative effects to white families from feminism, pornography, normalization of homosexuality, or miscegenation made out as commonplace; jews want no causality publicly implied or documented relating their influence in the MSM to its avoidance of topics that jews find embarrassing or that reveal causes of the diminishing white percentage of the US population. Again, idiocy revealed; people are going to blame the coy messenger regardless of his intentions. Just watch a few episodes of any show Wolf Blitzer hosts and it is all quite evident.

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