A Volkish Take on Sex Relations

by Blake Hood

“Woman lives more in being, man more in consciousness. To woman belongs the present, to man the future or the past. Masculine logic corresponds to woman’s feeling for measure. Man strives, but woman lives. Man is the centrifugal force, but woman is weightier. Woman is short-sighted regarding the far, man regarding the near. Man always sees aims and, thus, the abstractions at hand; woman first teaches him the joy in the real world.” – Ludwig Klages

THE PROPER ATTITUDE towards sex and the relations between men and women is one that is both natural and social. Despite all of the grandiose words that have been written about our ‘higher natures’ we are still animals and therefore we retain our primal sexual instincts. We do not deny this biological reality, but rather we seek to express these primal drives in healthy ways that can benefit the Volkish community.

Currently, our people are encouraged to adopt lifestyles that pervert or exploit their natural sexual instincts. The normalization and promotion of these anti-social, deviant behaviors has corrupted our society and pitted the men and women against each other. This must come to an end.

Lesbianism, homosexuality, and transsexuality are not something of which one should be proud. Inter-racial sexual relationships will no longer be tolerated. No serious man aspires to live the ‘player’ life. Likewise, the ‘feminist’ attitude and ideology that many of our women have taken up must now be put aside. We cannot afford this nonsense anymore.

All of these ‘lifestyles’ tend toward sterility, lonesomeness, resentment, and disease. Which is, of course, why they are promoted by a system that wants to weaken and isolate us. Their ultimate goal is to make it as hard as possible for our people to form normal families that can produce lots of healthy White children. And, as we have said before, without children, we are all as good as dead.

* * *

Source: Volkish

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21st Century WN
21st Century WN
28 November, 2018 5:06 pm

“And, as we have said before, without children, we are all as good as dead.” I agree; but what is the answer? After all, we’ve had more than half a century of lamenting this problem but can we not also agree that little to no progress has been made to alter course? Websites and essays and articles only do us so much good. Same for books. Same for dues-paying organizations. Real world results are starkly absent, from what I can see. There was the “Unite The Right” rally and we all know what resulted from that. In recent years, the most optimistic effort was “Cobbsville” (Leith, North Dakota) but although the concept was good (taking over a small town by pro-whites) its execution was little more than a Keystone Kops… Read more »

Blake Hood
Blake Hood
Reply to  21st Century WN
28 November, 2018 11:08 pm

Organize as spiritual communities–which is what we actually are.

Organize in every single city in the county.

Don’t worry about politics, elections or even location. Focus on meeting up as much as possible and building trust with a group of local people. Everything springs from that.

28 November, 2018 8:52 pm

Tough for people to win a war when they don’t even realize there’s a war going on. No way to win this war until some solution to this problem. Once this problem is solved, the numbers will solve the greater issues.