Please Stop Clapping: The Idiocy of Police and Military Worship

“Hold up . . . are you talking sh** about Amurrica, dude?

by Blake Hood

IS IT Volkish to criticize our own working class? Yes, because we do it with the desire to see them be stronger and better than they are now. We know they have the potential to become Volkish and live good, fulfilling lives once again. With this in mind, it’s time to address the biggest failing of the working class; their ostentatious support for the DC regime’s global empire and local “law enforcement” outfits.

The military and police enjoy almost uncritical support and devotion from a large segment of our people — especially those who consider themselves ‘patriots’ and ‘conservatives.’ Every year they are taxed egregious sums of money to fund these mercenary outfits, and yet they receive no protection whatsoever from these armed men (quite the opposite in fact).

Why do people join these outfits? The main reason is money — these jobs can pay a pretty comfortable salary. Taking the regime’s money is one thing (Hell, everyone does it) but ingesting the System’s poisonous, self-flattering lies is another — especially when it results in you training a gun onto the Volk for the Jew-dominated regime in Washington. And sadly, it is often the sons of Mittle Amerika that fill out the ranks of the guard-dog class. They are the ones who administer a rifle butt to the forehead, so that you may better understand “equality.”

Forced “integration”: Wait, some of those soldiers look a bit dusky . . . .

Of, course it’s an easy sell for the System; young men have a healthy desire to be protectors. And they also have a natural desire to exercise violence in socially approved ways. But considering the who, what and why of their protective violence is usually less important for these men than mere fact that it does get expressed — regardless of the consequences.

Even though the System has successfully wrangled and contained these virile impulses for a long time, young men who know how to exercise force will always be the biggest threat to any state. How does the System keep a leash on these guys? Ryu from Eradica explains how it works;

So, you’ve got a group of kids who want to be heroes. You’ve trained them how to kill, torture, and blow sh** up. But now there is a danger: They might use those skills against you. How to keep them loyal? Hold back a portion of their earnings. The Americans call this system “pensions.” It keeps their men quiet, no matter what they are ordered to do. When ex-cops and soldiers finally do speak up, it tends to be during middle age, when they are no longer capable of fighting. All slick employers use the long con. They promise that if only the employees will stay loyal, the long money/the big score will come . . . in just a few short years. Pimps in the past used this on their whores, promising that carefree and prosperous future if the whore kept [whoring].

The American way of war is not possible for most men over 30. Long marches, carrying 75+ pounds of kit, on little sleep and poor food is something only kids can get away with. And most of them have to use stimulants like Ripped Fuel to get up from lack of sleep and then alcohol to turn down the adrenaline at night. Similar with cops. After about 10 years working, the job loses its shine. Injuries add up. One drinks more. It becomes a countdown to retirement. Cops and soldiers cannot be considered good or bad. They simply obey whoever holds the money.

Oftentimes people in our cause look to the police and military as some kind of potential ally in the fight against the System. They imagine cops and soldiers sympathize with our anti-System views and will spontaneously exercise independence from the hand that feeds them. This delusion results in tragic/hilarious situation of our guys screaming ‘we support you!’ to the cops as they get bashed in the face with riot shields.

If you think these men won’t shoot you dead when ordered, simply because you’re ‘right wing’ or ‘pro-White’, then you don’t know anybody in law enforcement. The System’s enforcement gang has always and will always do exactly what they are told to do — no matter how horrible the orders are.

Reflexively “supporting the troops” and slathering them with unearned praise is not ‘trad’ or even necessarily patriotic. Throughout history, normal people have always hated soldiers, who were usually nothing more a pack of vaguely organized criminals. If the army was coming through town, and you didn’t have the money to buy them off, you better find a good place to hide because they might start raping. The British military used to simply kidnap children to serve on ships for the glory of the (((empire))). In truth, the military was probably second only to the Church in amount of misery it inflicted upon the common man.

But what about our “boys in blue,” you might ask, don’t they protect us from non-White criminals? Hardly. The police are merely there to make sure the Jew regime’s sick social experiment doesn’t get too out of control, too fast. Next time you see a video of the cops wrestling with one of our beloved African-American equals, remember; you don’t have to pick a side in this comedy of errors. The real truth is that the police don’t protect us from Congoids . . . they protect the Congoids from us. Think about it: If all the police magically disappeared tomorrow things would be bad for a few months, assuredly. But by the end of the year the ‘Black crime’ problem would no longer exist at all.

This is all to say that we, the Volk, need to get in the habit of taking our own side. We need to stop identifying with the institutions of the System and understand ourselves as an imprisoned nation struggling for freedom. Right now we are being played for suckers, tricked into supporting the very people who oppress us. It time to start being free men again — and stop being CRAP (“Christian Right-wing American Patriots).

* * *


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Johnny Walker Read
Johnny Walker Read
17 October, 2018 8:31 am

Great article. I think this short video goes hand in hand with the message Blake is trying to get out here.

18 October, 2018 4:49 pm

Shoot up everything in blue — N.B. Forrest.

Weirdly Gruesome
Weirdly Gruesome
21 October, 2018 2:58 pm

It is sickening to hear it crammed down our throats that these goons are heroes and defending our freedoms and all that other crap they spit out. Hero is a word I especially hate as it now has no meaning. Cops alone are not to be trusted and should be avoided at all costs. The military, I just don’t know what to say but I believe that to be a hero you have to do something heroic. You know, like York or Murphy, capture an enemy nest of bad guys or something. Definitely not get captured and spill all the beans while balling your eyes out.

Alex J. Murphy
Alex J. Murphy
23 October, 2018 10:54 am

“If you think these men won’t shoot you dead when ordered, simply because you’re ‘right wing’ or ‘pro-White’, then you don’t know anybody in law enforcement. The System’s enforcement gang has always and will always do exactly what they are told to do — no matter how horrible the orders are.” Although I agree, would we expect anything less from our WN Police, were we in possession of a white nationalist country? Hardly. In truth, we would expect and demand total obedience from a member of a WN police force. If we told them to kill, we would expect them to carry out our orders. That’s because the police (and military) are simply tools of the ruling order. Yes, they may well have personal beliefs that deviate from the ruling… Read more »

Emilio M Sanzano
Emilio M Sanzano
28 November, 2018 7:13 pm

This is why the Founding Fathers wanted a militia rather than a standing army. A militia would fight to defend the country from invasion or their community from Indian attacks, whereas a standing army, loyal only to the federal government, could be used against the people as was the case of the British Army against the colonists. As for police forces, there were none at the time of the founding. Today’s police are becoming increasingly militarized, with most new officers drawn from the ranks of the military. It is more common to see cops wearing “tactical” vests and BDUs instead of the traditional uniform. In leftist-controlled cities like Portland, OR they are ordered to not bother Antifa, even when they are breaking laws. The police will, however, harass anyone who… Read more »