No One Trusts the FBI

The FBI has always been a tool of political suppression.

WHEN THE FBI came out with a report on Hillary Clinton weeks before the 2016 election, Democrats were livid.

But so were Republicans… The report said that even though she had committed a crime by negligently using a personal computer for state business, she would not be charged.

Democrats later cheered the FBI as the Mueller Probe began investigating Trump. Investigations are the same thing as a guilty verdict, right?

And Republicans fumed when it surfaced that two agents exchanged anti-Trump text messages. They even discussed ways to subvert the presidential election and choose the winner.

And now Democrats are back to accusing the FBI of being a partisan tool used by whoever is in power. That’s because an FBI investigation could not prove a 36-year-old sexual assault accusation true.

Clearly, no one feels super confident in the FBI. And of course, we shouldn’t. They’re sketchy as all hell.

J. Edgar Hoover set the tone when, as Director of the FBI, he compiled a list of supposedly disloyal Americans. [He fingered a few Communists — and even wrote a bestseller about them — but never once criticized or mentioned the group that created and funded Communism. — Ed.] He’s famous for his enemies lists, in fact. But you didn’t have to break any laws to be considered an enemy.

Let’s not forget that the FBI murdered Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge. And they probably assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. — they definitely blackmailed him and encouraged him to kill himself.

More recently the FBI spent three years covering up evidence that they sent snipers to surround Bundy Ranch. They conspired with the Bureau of Land Management to suppress evidence favorable to the Bundy’s.

The FBI also performs warrantless searches of computers using paid informants on The Geek Squad.

This looks even sketchier in light of their standard operating procedure for entrapping would-be terrorists. They usually provide the plot, equipment, and fake explosives, and then arrest the suspect at the scene.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh also has an interesting relationship with the FBI…

He helped cover up for the FBI’s intimidation of his own witness while investigating the “suicide” of Clinton aide Vincent Foster.

So just consider how untrustworthy the FBI is. And consider how deeply the FBI has infiltrated every area of politics.

The FBI is rotten. And they spread that rot to everything they touch. And they touch everything in the US government.

Therefore, the entire US government is rotten.

You can’t trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the top law enforcement agency in the USA. And you can’t trust anything that comes out of the government they have infiltrated.

And we know that it was standard operating procedure from the FBI’s inception to amass damning dossiers on politicians. Then they used blackmail to control them.

Now they can simply make some accusation up and investigate it… which people will assume means guilt.

But the best thing that could happen to America is that we utterly and completely stop trusting this government.

They have proven themselves to be manipulative liars time and time again.

It is impossible to separate the truth from the lies, the real investigations from the political hit jobs.

Lack of trust, lack of faith in this government is a good thing. It brings the responsibility back to you and me.

* * *

There is a dangerous myth that permeates the political arena that government agencies and bureaucrats can somehow be non-political and independent.

How absurd. On the one hand, there are obvious political appointments, like Eric Holder as Attorney General under Obama, or Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State under Trump. Each was clearly chosen to advance the interests of the President, Holder for his radical leftist views and Tillerson for his business ties.

And then there are scarily independent agencies like the CIA and NSA who pretty much do whatever they want, regardless of who heads the Department.

But the FBI is a sketchy mix of independence and politics, and it always has been. From its inception, the first FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover made the agency a hotbed of political suppression, with arbitrary arrests and warrantless searches — all “good” if you didn’t like the people being targeted, like commies, right? But a little different when your friends and family and political allies are the victims, as many people have discovered. But, oh, what precedents were set back in the good old days!

But that’s not how the mainstream media are selling it. Will Trump Be The First to Politicize the FBI? asks Politico Magazine. Their concern is that Trump might appoint someone to the position with a political background, rather than a law enforcement background.

From its founding over a century ago until Tuesday afternoon, when James Comey was summarily fired as director, the FBI has been led exclusively by nonpartisan career law enforcement professionals with no background in elected politics.

The bureau, in fact, has been perhaps the last bastion of nonpolitical leadership in Washington—an agency whose powers are so extensive and potentially damaging to American citizens that it has been kept clear of direct political influence.

Of course, this statement is ridiculous; you cannot separate a government agency from politics. They are conflating not having been elected with being nonpartisan or apolitical. Nonsense.

But really Politico inadvertently touches on the main problem with the FBI: It was created to target Americans domestically. The FBI was given broad powers that were not just “potentially damaging” to American citizens — that is exactly who they targeted.

Hoover had a plan, which was never put into practice, to suspend habeas corpus and detain thousands of Americans for not being loyal enough to the United States government. For being a “nonpolitical” leader, he certainly did a lot to suppress political opposition to those in power.

But Hoover was just doing the only thing he knew. That is how he started in government, during WWI.

President Woodrow Wilson created the political monster, appointing Hoover to the War Emergency Board during WWI and tasking him with arresting dissidents and foreigners without trial who “seemed disloyal” to the United States. The raids took place without search warrants, and even though Hoover was the man behind the “Palmer Raids” he escaped the political backlash and was even appointed to clean up the agency — which would soon come to be known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

J. Edgar Hoover shaped the FBI to be the organization it is today.

…he created the Counter Intelligence Program, or COINTELPRO. The group conducted a series of covert, and oftentimes illegal, investigations designed to discredit or disrupt radical political organizations…

Hoover also used COINTELPRO’s operations to conduct his own personal vendettas against political adversaries in the name of national security…

In 1971, COINTELPRO’s tactics were revealed to the public, showing that the agency’s methods included infiltration, burglaries, illegal wiretaps, planted evidence and false rumors leaked on suspected groups and individuals. Despite the harsh criticism Hoover and the Bureau received, he remained its director until his death on May 2, 1972, at the age of 77.

[You’d be a fool t0 believe that such techniques aren’t being used right now against American dissidents — especially White nationalists and others who have figured out (((who really runs America))). — Ed.] So what’s all this silliness from Politico claiming that the FBI has never been a politicized organization?

Politico actually recognizes the fact that Hoover abused his power at the FBI, but still, goes on to say the organization has never been political.

The FBI’s power over the life, freedom and liberty of the American people is unparalleled in U.S. government, and at key points in the bureau’s history—from Hoover’s attempts to blackmail Martin Luther King Jr., to its pursuit of political activists in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s —we have seen the cost of the FBI’s abuse of Americans’ civil liberties…

In the FBI’s entire centurylong history, it has never had an expressly political director. Hoover, for all his machinations as director, had actually spent his career at the Justice Department.

Politico talks about finding a director who is above reproach, who has a stellar record, and who will keep the agency independent and trustworthy. Their solution is to simply find someone who is non-partisan, and who has always worked in the Justice Department… just like J. Edgar Hoover.

If a political organization requires the “right person in power” in order to not be corrupt, then it is a bad organization. It is dangerous, and should not exist because it is impossible to find angels to put into those positions of power. [I would put it somewhat differently: As a very wise man once said, there is no substitute for honorable men. And the American political System rewards and advances only the most dishonorable kinds of men (and women). — Ed]

Perhaps the mainstream media are more concerned over who will be targeted by the FBI. Maybe Politico is really not afraid of the FBI targeting innocent Americans. After all, it has always done that, and who cares.

But what if it turned into a tool of one political faction to be used against another political faction? That’s what they’re really afraid of.

It would be more honest if Politico’s article was summed up like this:

The FBI has long been an enemy of the citizens of the United States and abused their authority by suppressing dissent and intimidating political opposition to the System. But now, the FBI might start to be used against us in the elite political class. That’s totally unacceptable. The only proper targets of the FBI are peasants who don’t know their place.

* * *

Source: based on articles at The Daily Bell and with additional notes from National Vanguard correspondents

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10 October, 2018 7:40 pm

I believed from day one that the Las Vegas massacre was carried out by a deranged communist zealot…aka, leftist. As soon as the FBI began making everyone, aside from themselves, step aside from public comments they basically confirmed my theory. They are corrupt from the top down.

10 October, 2018 9:45 pm

A biker at the Waco shootout in 2015 told me of the 9 killed, FBI agents killed at least 6. Some of the killed and wounded were hit by shrapnel — military weaponry. The Federal assassins fired at the bikers from 2 elevated positions. The agents were seen on the roof of a local motorcycle shop too. Looking for blood all over the place.

Why did they descend on Waco? There was more city and county cops than you could shake a stick at.

This is why killing Federal agents on Southern soil is a law of nature.

13 October, 2018 8:05 am

The FBI is a police state agency who’ve now become a threat to American civil liberties and particularly to white people who don’t hate themselves and worship Jews and non-whites. The Peter Strzok and Lisa Page incident proves that the FBI and its agents clearly take sides in the day’s political battles and use their positions within the agency accordingly. Those two are just the tip of the iceberg and the FBI is clearly an asset to the (((radical left))) in this country especially judging by the unwillingness to investigate left wing and black supremacist organizations like antifa and BLM, both of whom have called for violence, attacked people and destroyed property. Jewish influence within the FBI cannot be disputed as new agents are required to visit the holohoax memorial… Read more »

Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver
1 November, 2018 10:12 am

And the discredited FBI is nowhere to be found in regards to left-wing domestic terrorism. They have the resources to arrest white men for defending themselves against Marxist street thugs (Antifa) but won’t arrest Hillary Clinton for her numerous felonies. Someone needs to investigate (((them))) for their acts of documented domestic terrorism Lavoy Finicum,Waco, and Ruby Ridge for starters. Local Sheriffs have the jurisdiction to arrest these tyrannical tyrants for breaking the law and their utter contempt for our Constitutional rights. The FBI has become the Stasi of the Jewish oligarchs that rule America and Europe with a iron clad fist. George Orwell’s prophetic 1984 is coming to pass. The Jews know that the internet has the potential to become their Achilles heel unless it’s censored. Observe closely. Our enemies… Read more »

1 November, 2018 11:22 am

Hoffman and Rubin operated in the North — their territory. The disastrous effects in the South that we see today is not from the so-called counter culture; it’s from the 2d Federal invasion into the South. Those people destroyed our White establishments/White separation. It’s all about Federal tyranny down here.

The monstrosity on the Potomac ‘aint worth a plug nickel’.

jerry hoekstra
jerry hoekstra
12 July, 2021 5:56 pm

In Minnesota, today’s FBI got its start by the collection and burning of NPL Lindberg’s books (the book against getting in a European banker’s war.) A book burning led by Hoover the Mulatto.

Listen to free pdf, search for Your_Country_At_War.pdf